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Hey Joel, two questions:

1.) Dan Harmon credits you as being the one who was directly responsible for his return to the show. Can you shed some more light on how you managed to pull off this seemingly-Herculean feat, considering how no other show in television history has ever had a showrunner be asked to return after being previously let go?

2.) After four seasons it felt like Jeff had essentially completed his character ‘arc’, having made peace with his father, become a better person, found true friends, and graduated from Greendale. Obviously a lot of this immediately falls apart come Season 5, but could you describe what kind of place Jeff is at mentally when Season 5 begins, and how he develops throughout the rest of the season?

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Were there any benefits of being able to (from your perspective) abruptly skip four months into the future?

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If I recall it was button vs SB as well, which makes it even more pukeworthy

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Hey Maz, you were hilarious on 'Better Off Ted' - what was the experience of working on that show like?

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Which celebrities/famous figures looked nothing like you you imagined in your head?

What kind of hobbies/activities, new or old, have been the most gratifying to finally experience with sight? (God knows if I was in your position I'd be knee-deep in the past twenty years of pop culture thoroughly enjoying the process of catching up)