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How many customers do you need to break even?

A year from now, if a customer was going through some hard times, and was two months late on payment, what would be your policy on cutting them off?

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What is the ratio of time between being actively deployed helping somewhere, and just being in port?
Have there been times when the ship was needed in two or more places at once?
What does the crew do when not deployed?

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Have you read the original Nazi hypothermia experiments data? What do you think about the ethics of using it? http://articles.latimes.com/1988-10-30/news/mn-958_1_nazi-data-issue

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There's been some proposals to combat the "revolving door" of corruption that occurs when regulators get high paying jobs in the industry they had regulated. Would you support a law that for the decade after a regulator leaves office, any compensation (including stock options) at over 200% of their government salary would be taxed at 100%?

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What are your bandwidth costs?

What is preventing you from servicing more people on your waiting list?