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Would Liberland recognize Taiwan, if Taiwan offered diplomatic recognition to Liberland?

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Isn't tinder a dating app? Do you pick up girls with the intention of using their shower?

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What are your thoughts on Denis Hof? I know he is somewhat controversial within the industry and among sex workers in general.

Do you support the brothel model of Nevada to legalize sex work OR a decriminalization model, such as what New Zealand has?

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How did you decide to go Southbound instead of Northbound?

How often did you encounter others on the trail? I mean at shelters or people who you had an extended conversation with, not just a "Hi!".

People going northbound talk about a "bubble" of hikers that all start about the same time. Anything similar going southbound - are you aware of others moving around the same pace you are?

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Very good advice. The few decisions I have made in life that I regret were made in fear.