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How sensitive is your skin? Does it hurt to touch something that doesn't have a smooth surface?

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How difficult it is to maintain short term memories? How much do you forget on a daily basis?

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You guys against the new dinosaur they cooked in that lab in the new Jurassic Park movie...

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Could you imagine Chris Pratt on Game of Thrones?

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See, I don't mean to sound negative or anything, but you're closer to the end of your life than most of us are, and you have lived more than most of us will ever do. My question is regarding the perspective of not existing anymore.

A lot of people say very nice and inspirational things about death and nothingness, but I don't care, my feelings don't change. I am completely terrified and I am only 26 years old. The only thing I really care about in my life is this very fact: the end. I don't even live a very incredible life, I'm mostly alone, spend my time doing nothing but watching different kinds of TV show and I feel no pleasure whatsoever when it comes to my professional or social life. It is as if everything is just static.

How do you feel about it all? I figure you feel like you have lived a very good life and you have enjoyed your time here, but do you really feel like that's it? Like it's okay? Like the nothingness of not existing isn't the worst thing that could happen to a someone who used to have endless possibilities ahead?

EDIT: For all the people who are kind of attacking me as a person for feeling like I am feeling, I am just trying to say that I love my life and I wish it never had an end. I know it does not and will not happen, and I am not arguing otherwise, I just wanted to express my wishes and hear what a 90-year-old person feels about it.