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I've had Crohn's for over 30 years.

Tried everything under the sun, except remicade/humera.

Crohn's is a shitty, horrible, humiliating, potentially life destroying disease that often doesn't have any visible symptoms prompting schools, work and strangers to make stupid comments like "oh, you are just lazy".

Fuck Crohn's.

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Good question.

I have tried. I was prescribed it for pain, nausea and mood. Tried a few delivery methods, strains, and preparations including pills.

It helped with the regular pain, but not with the severe pain. Crohn's makes you achy all over, mostly joint pain. The only thing that even puts a dent in severe obstructive type pain is morphine which I refuse to take unless I'm in emerg.

It helps with nausea and mood but not consistently. Sometimes marijuana makes nausea worse. Sometimes it makes anxiety worse. Go figure.

Crohn's can really play a number on your emotional state. When the disease is bad, you are weak, fragile, and the fight or flight reflex is strong. Herb helps with that.

All in all, I'd highly recommend it, especially as it can replace the nasty prescription drugs, like narcotics, cortico steroids and mood pills. Being on steroids for a long time is just plain bad news; as is prolonged narcotic pain killer use.