I’ve been doing Stand up and Acting for over 10 years now. My comedy is mostly about the Ups and Downs of being an extremely short physically disabled man living in a world of giants!

My Demo Reel

A true story of me getting hit by a car on the way to go see Iron Man BTW The Fortress is the name of my scooter. Not Rascal!

My Twitter Page

Last Month Double K of KeyForkTV offered to secretly follow me around to document the kind of response I get from people when I am alone in public. Harassment Video

The Video to my surprise, attracted so much attention. Media outlets from Print, Radio and Television requesting interviews has been mind boggling to me! And hearing hundreds of similar accounts from disabled people all over North America, and some from Europe, in comments and e-mails was so overwhelming and in most cases heart breaking! The video has created a lot of discussion and opened eyes to people who would never even think that it was an issue.

Most People are often afraid to talk about disability in public. We’re taught from a very young age to ignore or sometimes mock what is different from us. We grow up feeling that asking questions will hurt and embarrass those who we think are worse off then us. So instead we whisper behind thier backs, laugh or feel sorry for people we don’t understand. I know I can’t speak for all disabled people but from my perspective and those I know personally, we don’t want special treatment. For the most part, we wan’t to be acknowledged, understood and heard, like any other group of people. Be it Race, Gender or sexuality.

This whole thing has inspired me to start a series called #AskAntigiant where I encourage people to ask me anything they want, from the most serious to the most silliest questions they can think of. Check out the link for more details #AskAntigiant

Shout out to Marie N @karmacakedotca of Nat&Marie @natandmarie (www.karmacake.com) For getting me in touch with Victoria to set up this AMA. Hopefully this can encourage more people to ask the questions they were always too afraid to ask. Lets keep this dialogue going!

PS. Apologies(I am Canadian) in advanced, my grammar is not the greatest and Spell Check can only take you so far!


This has Been so much Fun Thanks Reddit! Here's a special V-log for all of you Thanks Reddit!!!!

If you Have any more questions for me I'll answer in my web series coming out in 2015 #AskAntigiant

Just Tweet @Antigant with #AskAntigiant or e-mail me [email protected] with #AskAntigiant in the subject line.

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heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey100 karma

What have dating and/or sex been like for you?

Antigiant166 karma

HAHA complicated! Its tough finding a girl who's cool with dating a much shorter guy. But I'm fortunate to have met a few open minded ladies who aren't bothered by it. The tallest Woman I've ever dated was about 5'10.

But when you think about it, Horizontally we're all the same size!

Zombie_Lover230 karma

When you're nose to nose, your toes are in it. When you're toes to toes, your nose is in it.

Antigiant148 karma


3AlarmLampscooter32 karma

But when you think about it, Horizontally we're all the same size!

Unless you're with a morbidly obese chick...

Antigiant82 karma

Been there and Survived to tell the tale!

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey22 karma

Thanks for the response. And 5' 10"? I honestly have to say I'm surprised, because that's pretty tall even for average-height guys. Props on making it work no matter the circumstances. I'm sure you whip out some witty wordplay.

Though I have to say that definitely not everyone is the same size horizontally.

Antigiant74 karma

Hehe true enough.

I have never had a problem talking to women. I just talk to them like they're human beings. Why? And this surprises a lot of guys, because they are!

Essar16 karma


Antigiant74 karma

Definitely taller. As a comedian I'm not afraid of public speaking and as a lover, I'm not afraid of hights.

PSU1942026 karma

What's the highest altitude that you've had sex at?

Antigiant34 karma

That made me laugh!

NicolasGuacamole-12 karma

I hope this doesn't get ignored for being a serious / personal question. The original post called for an open and frank discussion - I would think comment screening somewhat mitigates this aim.

Antigiant7 karma

I'm not sure what you're talking about...?

NicolasGuacamole-4 karma

At the time if posting I just noticed most other questions were answered yet this was at the top. I was just hoping that it wouldn't be one of those AMAs where the questions which get answered are cherry picked. Thanks for taking your time to do this.

Antigiant8 karma

I'm trying to answer every question I can.

No problem!

Cannedbeans84 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing this, I'm really looking forwards to the answers. I'm a gal that's 5'8. Say I wanted to have a conversation with you, and there were no equalizing chairs or sitting space to use. I'd imagine you have a sore neck after a while. What is a way that I could reduce this without making you feel like a child? I dated a little guy when I was a teen, but he was 4'3, and it never came up. Thanks again. :)

Antigiant180 karma

Hey! Thats a great question. I actually prefer it when someone crouches down or grabs a chair to sit next to me. I'm hard of hearing so I prefer it when people get closer. I know I'm not a child and I'll only feel that way if someone were to speak to me as if I were one.

Besides how else would I be able to hit on a woman who's 5'8 unless they come closer? :)

Cannedbeans21 karma

Thanks for the answer! I know it's probably a personal thing from individual to individual. I figured if it ever came up, I'd just say something like 'Would you like to get comfortable?', and then let him do whats best for him.

Antigiant43 karma

'Would you like to get comfortable?'

Is that that like when a woman takes you back to their place and they say "Let me slip into something more comfortable" and then they come back wearing sexy lingerie? 'cause yes that definitely makes me more comfortable.

sliinky79 karma

Did you know Verne Troyer is an avid redditor?

Antigiant187 karma

I didn't and if he is reading this.... Verne I don't hate you like I said in my Iron Man stand up video. Austin Powers 2 came out when I was in Highschool and I have been taunted by being called Mini Me by strangers ever since. It's not fun to be constantly associated to a clone of something evil.

I know it's not your problem, I don't blame you, work is work. I understand.

JohnQZoidberg81 karma

Hey, you're a comedian... it's your job to poke fun at yourself, others, & life. I'm sure he gets it.

On the plus side, I'm sure he feels your pain. Just a few weeks ago he posted a picture some paparazzi took of him trying to get his frozen turkey inside (Thanksgiving maybe?) with a title along the lines of "No, paparazzi, don't offer to help... make sure to get your pictures instead".

Or you feel his pain? Or pain is equal? Who knows... life is a struggle everywhere.

Every single person you meet knows something you don't. And every single person you meet is going through something that you don't know about.

Edit: someone has taken my gilding cherry! What sweet bliss!

Antigiant22 karma

That's Fucking horrible!

Tohac73 karma

Is the word midget really offensive or was that just an insanely successful PR stunt?

Antigiant131 karma

I don't understand why people hate 'Midget' so much. Yeah theres some history involved but I think 'Little Person is more offensive and condescending. But I can only speak for myself.

suaveitguy68 karma

Peter Dinklage is killing it career-wise. Do you feel the impact of the doors he has kicked down yet? How exciting is it to watch him the last fifteen years?

Antigiant112 karma

Oh Man, I love Peter Dinklage! He's an amazing Actor!

He's had roles that I have only dreamed of doing ever since I was a kid. He always plays human beings with human problems, I admire him for turning down shitty Elf roles. I have done the same for the most part but sometimes you gotta pay rent.

I hope I get a chance to work with him some day!

Antigiant40 karma

Hey Everyone! I'm loving these questions, even the dumb ones. Keep them up! I can stick around for another hour or so, but if you missed out you can always ask me something for me to answer on my Vlog series #AskAntigant that's going to premier in 2015. Check out the video for the details!


ComputersByte21 karma

even the dumb ones.

A true AMA must be both entertaining and informative. The dumb questions ones are the things that keep people reading.

Antigiant7 karma

The dumb ones have kept me entertained the most!

Rocketfromthecryptic35 karma


Antigiant139 karma

Tell me they know what my life is like because they have a family member in a wheelchair. Thats like me saying I know what its like to be a husband and a father cause my brother is married with children.

suaveitguy34 karma

Your video of Toronto sort of flies in the face of its reputation as the diverse city at the heart of a tolerant nation. How much do you think the city and countries' reputations are overstated? Ever travel Canada? Do you experience different things in the north?

Antigiant51 karma

Ive traveled to many different cities in Canada.Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax ST Johns Nlfd... More or less I get treated like a second class citizen almost everywhere I go. It seems like it's more so in Toronto but that's only because its where I live and it has about 6 million people.

Assholes are everywhere but for the most part, they are the minority.

wordzjunkie9 karma


Antigiant29 karma

Most of the time. If you don't say anything you'll never be heard and thus problems will never be fixed.

JEWCEY29 karma

I love hearing about Canadians being normal assholes. there's this annoying misconception that all Americans are assholes and all Canadians are nice. Fuck that. (i'm american of course) (and not sorry)

Antigiant121 karma

Canadians are polite. And people confuse Politeness with being Nice all the time.

And yes Canada does have Assholes in it. After all, this is the Country where Justin Bieber comes from.

ocr10 karma

I would feel much more empathy if the video about discrimination didn't assume people were talking about him in "there" language.

Antigiant8 karma

Haha yeah I know... Kivork, The guy who directed and edited the video, is good guy but English is not his first language. So lets cut him some slack. Cool?

trai_dep31 karma

There's a man I've met at clubs who enjoys dancing as much as I do on the floor (Deep or Progressive House, thanks!)

When we're chatting, I tend to kneel beside him rather than looming over him. Instinctively, it seems to work better and this way we are eye-to-eye.

He's in a wheelchair, by the way. He's fine with that (I asked, later).

A couple friends have said it's improper. I kind of shrug and say, it feels more comfortable for us both and he's fine with it.

Thoughts? I don't want to be offensive to people I'm just meeting, and think maintaining the same eye level is better, but now I'm worried some might take offense.

PS: do you like House music and if so, do you tear up the floor?

Antigiant39 karma

It doesn't bother me either. I prefer it when people crotch down to talk to me. I'm hard of hearing to so it's just easier when people come closer. I guess it depends on the individual. And no, I'm not really into house music. I'm a Rock and Roller at heart. And prefer singing to dancing.

StandingByToStandBy24 karma

Serious question. Is there a way to keep looking up at an angle that wouldn't put too much neck strain on you?

I do elevated work for a living and I spend quite a bit of time looking up.

Antigiant23 karma

Thats a good question and I honestly don't know the answer. If you find out please let me know!

StandingByToStandBy20 karma

Well, shit.

Antigiant16 karma

Sorry Dude!

saliczar22 karma

How do you feel about someone like Kevin Hart (5'4") making short jokes?

Antigiant48 karma

I laugh harder then most people at them but its more like a mocking laughter, like yeah buddy you're so short but I can't reach the freakin light switch!

A lot of times when I'm on stand up shows with comics who are 5'3-5'4 they try to go on before me 'cause once the audience sees me, it makes their short jokes obsolete.

Mekebra19 karma

How do you turn the light on/off?

Antigiant44 karma

With my cane.

Yimmy221 karma

I'm sorry for making this the first question, but what was it like working on Kenny VS. Spenny? How did the guys treat you off camera? Are you still friends with them?

In general, what's it like being a little person and entertainer? Performing comedy? Touring? Do you get treated with respect and equality by the industry?

What can the average person do to make a person with disability feel like they're not getting special treatment?

Antigiant22 karma

For the most part I am respected by fellow comedians. A few might see me as a gimmick but I win most of them over once they see what I can do, on stage or on camera.

When it comes to the Acting world, fairness and equality is not always the case. I find myself having to prove to directors and producers what I can do, more so than then no disabled, regular hight actors.

The Average person should treat me as if I were another average person... Unless the Average person is an asshole. Those guys can treat me better than they would another average person... does this make sense?

Yimmy211 karma

Thanks so much for your response. I looked into you a little more… how is your campaign to get on Ellen going? Has she responded?? I'd love to see that episode.

Antigiant14 karma

No unfortunately, not yet! I really Hope Ellen Degeneres's people do respond to it. She's hilarious and has such a good heart. I would love nothing more to appear on her show!

PirateShow20 karma

Are you single?

Antigiant69 karma

Yes I am Single but sorry, although Pirates are cool, I'm not attracted to them

I have had a crush on Emmy Rossum since Shameless premiered 4 years ago. And I'm not just saying this because she’s doing an AMA later today. I just think talent is sexy and let me ask you Reddit. Is it more romantic or creepy for a stranger from one AMA to propose marriage to another stranger doing an AMA?

PirateShow55 karma

All the best serious long-term relationships start with AMA cross-pollination.

Antigiant37 karma


maskedme20 karma

That's awful to hear about what you saw in the harassment video. You mention that people are basically trained at a young age to ignore or not ask questions to someone who is different or disabled and its true and sad.

How would you feel if a Child came up to you and asked about your height? Had it ever happened? Is explaining the medical reasons something you are comfortable doing to educate?

Antigiant52 karma

I love it when kids ask me stuff like that! Thats the best age to teach them. My nephew Jacob turned 4 last year. He is about an inch taller than me now. We were all leaving my aunts house and when his Mom was putting on his shoes, he said "Mommy, put uncle Dre's shoes on next"

My Sister in law almost burst out laughing and said Andre can put his own shoes on.

Jacob paused and replied so innocently "Cause he's a Man?"

It was amazing watching him process that! Because my Nephews know me, they'll grow up to not think that hight matters.

maskedme13 karma

That's a fun story thanks for sharing and responding. With little steps we can help make some change. Knowing your stories and perspective I am happy to teach my children (future kids) in a different way to ask questions to understand and not talk behind someone's back or treat them differently

Antigiant10 karma


floppybunny2619 karma

Is everything on your body.. proportional?

Antigiant40 karma

No it is not! ;)

And as to what I'm talking about is for me to know and those who are lucky enough to find out.

Legface18 karma

Is that a fedora you're wearing?

Antigiant18 karma

Yeah, I love Fedora's!

suaveitguy16 karma

What challenges does the scooter create? I know it will eliminate many, but does it run out of juice or not fit in certain buildings, etc...?

Antigiant19 karma

I have two scooters.

The Fortress -Its the big road worthy one. I use that in the city. Unfortunately its very heavy and tough to get in buildings.

The other is what I like to call The Dre-Pod. Like the Bat-Pod from The Dark Knight. It's much lighter than the Fortress and can be taken apart to fit inside cars. I use it for traveling to gigs in other cities. Unfortunately its tires aren't that great for out door use.

Antigiant16 karma

This has Been so much Fun Thanks Reddit! Here's a special V-log for all of you Thanks Reddit!!!!

If you Have any more questions for me I'll answer in my web series coming out in 2015 #AskAntigiant

Just Tweet @Antigant with #antigiant or e-mail me [email protected]

Earfdoit15 karma

Does your digestive system work a lot faster since there is less of a distance for poo to travel?

Antigiant21 karma

This is the greatest question of all time!

And no.

jimmcnugget9 karma

Do you have any super tall friends that you go out with? If so, are people more likely to make comments when there's a big height difference?

Antigiant21 karma

All my friends are what I call Tallys, that's my word for people over 5 feet.

People usually only make comments to me when I'm by myself. But when I'm not alone they talk to the people I'm with like I cant speak for myself.

OMFG-TR8 karma

What's your hobby?

Antigiant14 karma

Besides Acting and Stand up comedy. I love to sing. I used to co-host a Karaoke night in Toronto and sometimes I'll sing with my friends Band 'Nerds with Guitars.' They're awesome. Check them out!

PirateShow8 karma

What businesses or organizations in Toronto are doing the best and worst at mobility device accessibility, in your opinion?

Antigiant13 karma

Most of them are terrible. What annoys me most is places with a step that can easily be fixed with a ramp. Theres a restaurant in Toronto called "Signs" They put in a big ramp to accommodate people in wheelchairs. But someone complained about it for god knows who and now the city is threatening to fine the owner of the restaurant if they don't take it down.

I like Toronto but sometimes it can be really shitty. I hope they continue to fight it!

NorbitGorbit8 karma

As an actor do you find getting parts in general easier even if the range of parts are smaller? Are their agents/publicists that specialize in repping shorter people? (Also what is the preferred term now?)

Antigiant20 karma

Yes and No. I often go to auditions for where short people are on the call list, but those are mostly roles like Elves/ Leprechauns or ridiculous one dimensional sight gags that I try to avoid. My Agent and I have had long discussions about this and she understands and Always makes sure I'm comfortable for the roles. Im her only Actor that is under 5 feet tall and submits me for every role she hears about. The best parts I've had are ones where the director doesn't care about my height, only about what I personally can bring to the role.

About the prefered term... I never understood this. I personally don't like all labels. I guess the majority says 'Little Person' is prefered but personally I find it to be just as offensive as 'Midget' Don't get me wrong, organization like The Little People of America and Ontario have, and continue to do wonderful things, but they don't speak for me.

My Nephews, who are 5, 3 and 6 months, are Little People. Their average height body's are little as well as their minds. I may have stopped growing at 5 but my mind didn't stop. it's still growing with the more I experience in life.

I don't like Dwarf either, because Pop Culture (The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit) Has redefined it universally to mean a fictional species that is not human. I may be 3 foot something, but I assure you I am every bit Human!

jimmcnugget8 karma

Hey Andre

I've seen you around TO a lot and of course on Kenny Vs. Spenny.

How was your time on the show? In the episode Kenny obviously tried to make Spenny feel like he was exploiting you, but how much truth was in that?

Antigiant12 karma

Kenny and Spenny are both good guys. He was exploiting me though but that was the point of the scene. I had some great lines unfortunately they were cut out.

bowtieshark8 karma

What are some of the low hanging fruit when it comes to making things more accessible? I feel like our built environment could be much accessible with just some changes in design.

Antigiant13 karma

A lot of simple things can be done. Most store/restaurant entrances have one or two steps. A simple ramp could easily be built.

Just because the bathroom is big doesn't mean its wheelchair accessible. They need buttons to open the doors. One Bar I go to can't afford one at the moment so they at least have a kickstand on the door that I hit with my cane to keep the door open when I go in. It's not the best solution but its good temporary one.

And did you ever go to a public bathroom where there are two doors to get in? I've never used a bathroom that smelled so bad that it needed an airlock!

All door nobs should be replaced with handles. Some people have trouble gripping them. I know I do. Also light switches don't need to be so high? Its easier for tallys to reach down than it is for short people like me to jump.

Antigiant15 karma

Also, can there be a law where all public toilets have lids? Or at least design one where short people like me doesn't have to lean over the bowl to flush the damn thing?

Automatic flush toilets are the worst. Sometimes they don't detect me and on more than one occasion I'm peeing in the toilet while the toilet pees on me!

mizmoose7 karma

Disability Inspiration Porn - the idea that we should be SO INSPIRED by some disabled person doing something able people do with no second thought given.

How do we stop this train-wreck? I ask people to think, "Would you think this is "inspiring" if an able person did it?" but people don't want to think, they just want to feel. Do you have any thoughts?

Antigiant12 karma

I agree with you! All my life people have been calling me a hero for the stupidest shit.

I remember in grade one my teacher called me out in front of the class, telling them I was brave for all the operations and trips to the hospital Ive had for monthly check ups. All I could think was, "no my parents make me do all that!" But I didn't say anything cause I was so embarrassed.

Heroes are Firemen or those who sacrifice their lives and well being for others.

Mings7 karma

Have you developed any "life-hacks" for dealing with common challenges that average height people take for granted? If so what are they?

Antigiant11 karma

Well I carry a cane with me, not just to help me when climbing steps but to reach things like elevator buttons. I also carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer, because I can't reach bathroom sinks. Does that constitute a life hack?

"Hack" means something completely different in the comedy world and it's not flattering at all.

robobreasts7 karma

I don't ask people about their height or disability because I figure it's rude if I don't know the person and also so many other people probably ask that they are probalby tired of talking about it.

I do have a mild curiosity but don't really consider it particularly relevant to anything because I usually see people as just being people.

How many people do you think see you as just a regular person, vs. how many people look at you and classify you as The Other?

Antigiant21 karma

Hey Thanks. Thats actually a good but very tough question.

Because when people overly stare at me, in my experience its because they haven't seen anyone like me before. Or I dont know maybe they recognize me from TV or at a comedy club.

Last year I got an e-mail from a guy who lives north of Toronto asking me to perform at his 5 year old son's Birthday than asked if he and his friends can toss me afterwards for "fun"

This kind of thing scares the crap out of me. It reminds me of Martin Henderson, a dwarf actor from London England who was tossed at a bar on his 37th birthday unexpectedly by a rugby team. It can be frightening. It's why I don't like going out alone sometimes as a result.

suaveitguy7 karma

What's a dream role? Any play/movie that's been done, you wish you were in? Any book with a character you wish you could play?

Antigiant14 karma

I don't know if there's a specific role I want to play. I hate remakes. I'd love to play someone interesting in an everyday profession, like a psychiatrist or a Scientist. Id actually love to do something like Guess Who's coming to Dinner. But instead of it being about race, it be about a tall woman bringing a very short disabled man like me home for Thanksgiving. That's never been seen before!

Anyone out there want to write that script for me?

suaveitguy14 karma

What if it is your characters' own insecurities that get in the way? Everyone else is more or less cool with it with varying degrees, but your character wrecks it because he can't accept its possibly going to work out. So instead of outward prejudice, it is internal turmoil that is causing the drama.

Antigiant11 karma

It's like you're reading my mind. Are you a writer? Send me an e-mail and we can discuss it in private?

G0PACKGO6 karma

You ever tell a heckler that you went up on his girlfriend/mom/grandma last night?

Antigiant7 karma

Not but I hit on their Girlfiends/Wives right in front of them. Its so much fun!

suaveitguy6 karma

I had a friend who was almost seven feet tall. Several times a day people would ask if he played basketball, or say 'Holy...' while looking at him, etc...
I was sad to see that he would get frustrated almost every time it happened, especially because it happened all the time. Do you find yourself able to deal with it in general without letting it eat away at you? Know anyone who it gets to?

Antigiant10 karma

I find myself having to hold my breath whenever someone says "slow down you'll get a speeding ticket", "Hows the Weather down there?" "He its Andre The Giant"

The last one is how I got the nick name Antigiant.

wanderingkale6 karma

I've been curious to ask what some disability advocates think of the disability advocates who make a living going around and suing or threatening to sue over ADA violations at businesses. The so-called 'frivilous' or 'cottage-industry ADA lawsuit' stuff.


Do you have an opinion or this type of thing? Is it helpful or harmful for people with disabilities?

Antigiant3 karma

Hey sorry for the delay, I didn't see your question till now... Thats terrible and sounds like extortion! I think it's harmful for the disability movement, 'cause we're all not all like that.

In Canada we don't sue over stupid greedy shit like that. I could be wrong but I think there is a plan to help out smaller businesses to afford changes where possible.

thatpunkguy136 karma

Being so small, how many beers does it take to get drunk? I feel like 2 beers and you would be stumbling out of the bar.

Antigiant9 karma

2 Just gets me buzzed 3 if I'm on an empty stomach. I used to be able to drink more when I was younger. But I'm a casual drinker now. so I'm out of practice.

When I was younger I theorized that the reason I could drink a lot is because My medical condition is Morquio Syndrome which essentially means my liver is 3 times the size of a liver for someone my size should be. Also, I am Portuguese so it's probably hereditary.

I should mention that I was drinking a lot when I made this theory...

thatpunkguy133 karma

If my liver was 3 times bigger I'd be drinking bath tubs full of beer. Do you have a favorite brewery?

Antigiant3 karma

Heineken is my favorite Beer.

ebz376 karma

This might be a really dumb question. But I ask only because I don't know.

When a little kid points out the obvious how should the parent act? That's the most respective way to you. Like hands down most casual way.

I cringe when parents scoop their kid in shame like they touch someone with leprosy.

But is that better for you guys? I don't know... I'm horribly nieve in this situation and my nephew is only months away from this stage.

Antigiant14 karma

Thats not a dumb question at all!

I think its important for kids to ask questions. Seeing a disabled person is a perfect learning opportunity for them. However, not everyone feels this way. I think a parent or adult figure should be respectful of the the disabled person and ask if its ok for their kid to ask them questions. If he or she wants to be left alone then let them be.

I've had many discussions with kids and their parents. I think it's amazing and brings hope to the future.

jcy6 karma

If I ever meet someone who seems to suffer from dwarfism or little people-ism or what have you, am I allowed to ask questions about it when I first meet you, or is there some mandatory waiting period before asking those kinds of questions?

Antigiant16 karma

Yeah I wouldn't go up to any person right away and start asking them personal questions. Be respectful. Ask them if its cool to do that. Offer to buy them a coffee or a beer. I like free things! They might be too busy or just want to be left alone, just be respectful of that.

Also, I don't suffer from dwarfism. I suffer from the negative perceptions of it.

mobrn6 karma

Hey! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. My question: Do you make "retard" jokes or use the word at all in your work? There's a pretty big movement in the special needs community called "spread the word to end the word" How do you feel about that?

Antigiant19 karma

I used to say the R word in my act when I first started doing stand up. Theres an old stand up video of mine online where I do say it. I don't anymore, because it does offend people and I don't feel like I have to offend people to get laughs.

CapnCJ5 karma

Most people can probably imagine that some things are more difficult for you (driving, etc) due to your height. What's one thing that most people wouldn't consider that is sort of a pain for you?

On the flipside, what's something that you find much easier?

Antigiant9 karma

Traveling can be really tough! Most cities transit is not wheelchair accessible. One of the reasons why I have never been to LA. That and an adapted van for someone like myself to drive is very expensive! I would love to one day be able to afford an MV-1 Van.

Something I find easier ironically is finding Handicapped Parking spots.

CapnCJ3 karma

Thanks for answering :) Judging by your other answers, you seem to be living the hell out of life.

I'm going to be cheeky and sneak in a second question here - Have you ever turned down an acting role as you felt that you were being considered for your stature and nothing else?

Antigiant8 karma

Yes, Ive turned down roles because they were just condescending to me because of my height and disability.

DocWiggles5 karma

Hello and thanks for doing this. If a stranger starts up a conversation with you do you feel like they are only doing it because of your disability? If you don't like that one. Have you ever tried the trench coat and stilts gag in real life?

Antigiant6 karma

I dont mind if someone comes up to talk to me when its an appropriate time and place. Id rather have that then blank stairs. When Thats happening it makes me feel very uncomfortable!

SlowSlicing5 karma

Do some dogs seem like dragons to you and are you scared of being eaten?

Antigiant8 karma

I wish they were like dragons. I'm sometimes a bit weary of Dogs that are big enough for me to ride like a horse.

'What is that a mix between a Doberman and the incredible Hulk!'

Yimmy25 karma

Ok really strange. But I was just in the bank and my teller was a midget and I really wanted to tell her about this thread but then thought that would be rude. Was I right not to tell her?

Antigiant21 karma

Personally, I wouldn't want to risk pissing off someone who was handling my money.

suaveitguy4 karma

Did you see Tiptoes?

Antigiant7 karma

I haven't, But the trailer looks so horrible that I want to so bad!

I hate how big named Movie Stars play disabled people in hopes to get Oscar Nominations.

Corrovich4 karma

Where do you do your clothes shopping? Is there a store I'm not aware of that has adult style clothing in really small sizes?

Antigiant12 karma

I wish!

Shopping for clothes is tough. Most places have kiddy logos and other crap on them that drive the price up. I hate paying an extra $20 so I can advertize for Nike or Addidas. One of the Biggest scams in the world!

A few summers ago I spent hours looking for a bathing suit but all I could find were swim suits with Buzz light year or Cars on it. I usually have to get pants made by a taylor and buy plain colored T-shirts in Chinatown.

I however have a couple of pretty cool cheap suits I get second hand from stores like Goodwill. Kids grow out of their tailored suits that they wear once at weddings or first communions.

Ben_AZH94 karma

Hey, Andre!

I imagine it must be tiring to be constantly offered (as you have stated) the roles of elves and leprechauns. With that said, do you think Peter Dinklage's emergence as an actor will broaden the available roles for people of short stature?

Antigiant11 karma

I think it has at least I hope it opens doors for actors like me.

I know my dating life has increased since GoT premiered. When a Women tells me they think Peter Dinklage is sexy, Im always going to assume they're hitting on me. :)

ewokjedi4 karma

Have you ever had an interest in martial art? Have you ever practiced one and, if so, what was your experience like?

Antigiant3 karma

Never have but yeah I thought about it when I was a kid. Like anyone would.

Barbara_Booey4 karma

What do you think about fat people taking your handicap spots?

Are they really handicap when they've caused their own issues?

Antigiant10 karma

Not all fat people can help being fat. Them being overweight isn't the issue, it's whether they can walk properly.

However, over the last few years Ive been noticing a lot of Lazy people getting Mobility Scooters, thinking its a toy. People in Mobility devices tend to nod at each other when they pass one another on the street

You can never really tell who is legitimately disabled just by looking at them. But the ones who can't bring themselves to look me in the eye and nod back. They're the ones I wonder about.

suaveitguy4 karma

Are you familiar with Eric the Actor? What did you think of his relationship with the Howard Stern show?

Antigiant11 karma

I found him quite annoying and self entitled.

redpandaeater4 karma

As much as I'd love to see it, do you promise to never have a boxing match with /u/vernetroyer?

Antigiant6 karma

I'm not a violent person. That's just a joke to talk about my frustration about always being called Mini Me. I have no Ill will towards Verne. I've never met the guy and being both very short actors, we have a lot in common and I'm sure he has a lot of cool stories to tell.

crapfoodpants3 karma

How big is your penis? Also do you like chocolate milk?

Antigiant5 karma

Whenever a woman asks me that I always answer in a sexy voice

"How Deep is your vagina?"

Antigiant3 karma

And No I dont drink Chocolate Milk.

madrinks3 karma

Tripod, amirite?

Antigiant5 karma

I shall not confirm nor Deny! WINK

LinkTheTimeHero3 karma

First I'd like to say that you sound like an amazing person, and want thank you for doing this. This may be a cliche question, but do you ever wish you were taller? I know you said you were in a wheelchair, but are you fully immobile, or can you walk but only for short periods of time?

Antigiant8 karma

Thanks! I can walk for short periods of time. I get tired and my legs get stiff after a while.

And I only wish Im taller when I'm in line at an amusement park. That damn clown loves to mock me by saying I'm too short for the rollercoaster!

LinkTheTimeHero3 karma

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I saw that street harassment video of yours at the peak of that feminist video. Was your video poking fun at the other one?

Antigiant13 karma

No I didn't make my video to put down the Feminist one, it actually inspired me to make mine. I love Women and have witnessed many of my female friends being treated horribly in public as well. Just in a different way.

ViviMan653 karma

I just want to thank you in all that you do as a disability advocate.

I am currently in law school and I am a legal intern at my state's protection and advocacy authority for individuals with disabilities. I also got involved in disability rights because my father and his involvement with advancing disability policy in the state of New York (ranging from medicaid buy-in program, changing New York election law to allow accessible polling site and polling machines, and currently advancing public policy to increase employment and decrease poverty levels in the disability community). I at least hope to finish law school, pass the bar, and keep on working in this field of disability rights and advocacy.

My question to you is: how do you see the disability rights movement--in terms of it's past, progression to current day, and it's future?

Antigiant4 karma


I can't speak about NY. Except that I've always wanted to got NYC but finding affordable wheelchair accessible hotels have been almost impossible.

But since my video went viral some members of AODA(Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) have reached out to me. They're a wonderful group of disability activists who have spent the last 20 years fight for accessibility. They have done some wonderful things and even though its a long wait they're the ones responsible for getting Ontario Wheelchair Accessible by 2025.

PayJay3 karma

What's your experience been with mobility as far as automobiles are concerned? What type of lift do you use (if you do) to get your scooter in the car? Do you drive? If so do you have a drive up and lock in system for your chair?

Another question would be do you feel there's a lot of choice out there for handicapped auto adaptations? Or do you feel there is a lack of innovation there?

Antigiant9 karma

I don't drive. I can't afford a car I do have my G1(a learners permit) From what Im told it costs 100s of dollars just to see if I am eligible to drive. There is a car company that specifically makes vehicles for people in wheelchairs called MV-1 I heard they're like $50 000 and I'm hoping if I am lucky to be able to afford a card Tesla will have an option for me. We all can dream right?

I have a travel scooter called the Dre-Pod. It can be taken apart in 4 pieces to fit in any vehicle.

tanktankjeep3 karma

Who are your comedian favorites and which are you inspired by?

Antigiant5 karma

I love Louis CK, Christopher Titus, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. Like most Bill Cosby's story telling style was a big influence on me. Richard Pryer, George Carlin, Mike McDonald, Mike Wilmot

Im so inspired by live stand up from the local Toronto scene. My peers in Comedy. K Trevor Wilson, Arthur Simeon, Dom Pare, Kate Davis, Bryan Hat, Christina Walkinshaw, Rebeca Kohler, So Many to list but watching Comedy Live is so much Better than checking it out on Netflix or Youtube. Its one of the reasons why I don't have much of my stand up online.

whiskeycats3 karma

Who have been the greatest influences for you in your life?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

Antigiant3 karma

Michael J Fox has always been one of my favorite actors The Back To the Future Trilogy, Spin City and then he was hit with Parkinsons and just went on with his life. His Book, Lucky Man, is Awesome! I hate it when people whine about what they can't do any more. Its so pathetic!

Peter Dinklage is inspiring to me 'cause Acting wise he has done everything I've wanted to do and proved to me that I can.

And Roger Rabbit. A short Funny person who Married a tall smoking Hot Red Head with an extremely sexy singing voice. Thank you Roger!

Kensoccer153 karma

Penis or vagina?

Antigiant11 karma

I like my Penis but I prefer to put it in Vagina.

Pranks_3 karma

Is it wrong that I do not see you as Disabled?

Antigiant3 karma

No. I only see myself as disabled when I'm confronted with barrier that isn't wheelchair accessible. Like a restaurant or subway station that doesn't have an elevator or ramp or a button to open doors. Or a bathroom sink that's too high to reach. Or a Women I like tells me I'm too short.

If I'm just by myself or hanging with friends. I'm not disabled at all!

jkmack2 karma

Being butt height to Tallies; good or bad?
Shopping would just be a sea of ass... Any good stories?

Antigiant5 karma

It's not stairing when they're directly in front of me. :)

Also, "Im not staring at your breasts. I'm looking up into your eyes. Your boobs just happen to be in the way." :)

dontbullshityourself2 karma

Have you ever had to punch someone in the nuts?

Antigiant10 karma

My lawyers have advised me not to answer this question.

prematurememoir2 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA!

I was wondering that in terms of comedy, do you find that your height has been a crutch or a foundation for your material?

Again, thanks so much :)

Antigiant3 karma

Its actually helped me stand out. There aren't a lot of Comics under 5 feet tall so my unique perspective tends to stand out. BUt there are other Comedians I'd love to one day meet and work with like Tanya Lee Davis and Brad Williams.

prematurememoir3 karma

That makes sense. Thanks so much for the response!

Edit: I liked your iron man story

Antigiant3 karma

Thanks Man!

suaveitguy2 karma

How strong is the local standup scene in Toronto? There is a tonne of improv, but is there an equal standup scene? Where is Toronto's Comedy Cellar, to go see regulars work out their material on a regular basis?

Antigiant3 karma

The Toronto Comedy Scene is the Best! There is so much talented hilarious people in this city and Open Mic comedy nights are run almost every night. I dont know where the Toronto Cellar is but googe Toronto Stand up and Im sure theres a listing of places. The Comedy Bar on Bloor is a great place to start.

saffertothemax2 karma

What does the underside of a chin look like?

Antigiant4 karma

the underside of a chin look like?

It looks... good?

pyrogamerman1 karma

What is the worst thing to call a short person?

Antigiant1 karma

To me its not what you call them thats bad, its how you call them.

I'm a Human Being treat me like that and we'll be fine.

suaveitguy0 karma

Say a filmmaker that's starting out wants you in a film. Its a neat role, might take 3 afternoons. They don't have money to offer you really. What is the best way to be approached as an actor with a request like that? Do you get sick of artists needing favors, or are you (and others you know) happy and open to working for free like that?

Antigiant3 karma

Well time is important. It all depends on if the role/script is good "neat" is subjective. The schedule is doable and if its Union. My Agent and I will have to discuss it first

thederke-1 karma

So is scooter like a brand name for your wheelchair?

Antigiant3 karma

Is this a serious question?

OriginalTayRoc-5 karma


Antigiant2 karma

I dont understand this question....

OriginalTayRoc-2 karma


Antigiant2 karma

Are you aerodynamic?

OriginalTayRoc0 karma


Antigiant3 karma

I know a lot of big very strong guys.

seanboxx-8 karma

Why do little people get so mad when you set your beer on their head?

Antigiant12 karma

Why do Tallys who set beer on my head get mad when I punch them in the balls?

suaveitguy7 karma

....because it hurts?

Antigiant10 karma