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Nice guy Tinder upgrading every Olympic Villager so they can all return to their home countries announcing, “I got gold at the Olympics!”

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I realize the AP is a large organization and that you didn't have a role in the story, but what was your take on your AP colleagues “announcing” Clinton’s “win” as the Democratic nominee, timed to hit the national press one day before the CA (and other major) primaries?

The “hook” for this was unsupported since the AP story’s basis was also counting the Super Delegates, who readers have always known favor institutional candidates, and whose votes aren't tallied until July. Having several of them prattle off-the-record that these party insiders would support the institutional Democratic nominee was expected, thus hardly a scoop. Thus hardly news. That these AP reporters allowed them to speak anonymously compounds this journalistic sin.

There are some who think this affected turnout for Sanders voters and that the story and its writers’ choices were unprofessional.

What are your feelings on this?

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Has Neil considered getting two cats, one black and one slightly-not-black, to provide an optical illusion that his slightly-not-black shirts are, in fact, black?

Both cats would need to be trained to perch on either/both of Neil's shoulders. Obviously.

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Us Yanks are informed on how the British police operate based on many of the fantastic TV series by the BBC and Channel 4. But given the creative license taken by American TV producers in American cop shows, I'm sure these British shows aren't completely accurate.

What do these shows get wrong? What do they get right?