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Nacho is my new favorite character from this universe.

I love how he has arched from being a mysterious and intimidating figure into being totally lost and vulnerable and dwarfed by the cousins, which leads to my question: do you feel like Nacho’s story goes through a redemption after this? How is he going to take control back of his own life ?

PS you’ve done an incredibly superb job playing Nacho. You’re right up there with Bob, Jonathan, Giancarlo and the rest. Keep up the great work man!

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Man, 153k didn't pay off at least the Student loans?

TIL I'm never buying a decent sized house or going back to school.

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Dude congratulations and thank you. I hope your continued service ends up helping many others down the road.

Here's a slightly off topic question: have you heard that any other substances are being tested in this manner? I feel like LSD needs to be researched in the same way, so far it's only been researched for mind control purposes ie MK ultra.

Also did use of MDMA have an effect on your cultural tastes like music, etc?

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Ketamine and it's relatives to me seem like a black hole for the people who use it regularly and insist on it's positive effects. There is a much higher potential for abuse but not only that, those who abuse it tend to be the enthusiastic promoters of it. If you are doing ketamine daily you are losing touch with reality at some point and becoming alienated from the people around you.

I mean just some examples of people I know who claimed to be "seasoned" ketamine users; one dude was seemingly okay with injecting ketamine into impressionable young women half his age who he met through the EDM scene, like he was doing them this favor. Another guy was a self-proclaimed "shaman" who in one breath went on rants about how in control he was of his drug use and in the next bragged about doing rails of K at a red light.

Just my experience. It's worth experiencing but proceed with caution people.

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There is no limit to your wisdom