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I went to an exhibit like this in Ohio a handful of years ago, and there were a few things that were very close to the glass case on the inside. It was very slow, so I got down on my knees and inspected it. I could see individual strike marks from the chisel, and one where there was a slip, taking a chip. This is where I imagined an Egyptian man going at it, and was like 'Shit. Well, shit.' after his mistake. I won't fib, I was overwhelmed, and a tear came to my eye. I felt like a time traveler.

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Hi there! Thanks for doing this, I'm really looking forwards to the answers. I'm a gal that's 5'8. Say I wanted to have a conversation with you, and there were no equalizing chairs or sitting space to use. I'd imagine you have a sore neck after a while. What is a way that I could reduce this without making you feel like a child? I dated a little guy when I was a teen, but he was 4'3, and it never came up. Thanks again. :)

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Hi there, and thanks for doing this, it's very interesting. My question is about odd sensations. I had a large scale surgery done on my upper chest, that left very long, pronounced scars. Sometimes, when I have an itch and I scratch it, I actually reach for another spot to relieve it. As in, I feel the itch on the third rib down, but must physically scratch the fifth rib to get it! Do you have anything like that?

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No, you're not. It was so raw, and he was so vulnerable. I felt like I literally saw a man snap. I don't hate on people who find it funny, (not that you are) but personally, it touched me emotionally.

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I hit the steering wheel in car accident in 2007. As soon as I realized what had happened, I remember hearing a sound, like someone plucked a cello string really hard...WONNGGG. The back of my head got really hot, and then spread down my back. I went to the hospital and had every scan under the sun, and all was negative. Now I have migraines no medicine will touch, and a very, very short memory. Sometimes I say the same thing over and over again, like asking the kids to brush their teeth, maybe 5 times, and not recall. Thank goodness they take it in stride. There is definitely something wrong with me, and most people don't believe me, so I don't mention it anymore. I know how you feel. :(