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Motion vetoed by reddit president of emergency medicine /u/3AlarmLampscooter, OP declared super freakin' awesome by executive order.

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I guess you could say OP is... puts on sunglasses...

Legally blind

No question, but wanted to say keep up the good work with with ADA!

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During the RAID I provided my 20+ character system encryption password, my Keepass password, the location of my keyfiles, and a full description of everything. I basically "confessed" everything to the FBI already.

This is absolutely terrible legal advice. To anyone else, you should not do this under any circumstances until having consulted with a competent lawyer. Pretend the contents of encrypted files will get you the death penalty. Refuse to answer any questions, but remain polite. Do not fall for any "we want to help" tactic in interrogation and repeatedly ask for a lawyer.

If charged, the court cannot compel decryption unless it is a foregone conclusion that there is incriminating evidence on the encrypted volume. If you were smart, you had deniable encryption and can always give them the second partition.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_disclosure_law

My stance is that I did nothing "morally wrong". My attempt the entire time has been to help the university improve their security.

You honestly believe any of this is about morals on their end? Sorry, but I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you if you think this is like 1994 when doing the right thing prevents you from getting charged.

As far as being "guilty", I assuredly did have more access into their systems then I should have been able to have, but some of this they were fine with and I told them about freely before the RAID.

Which probably helped give them probable cause for the raid.

Whether or not I broke any laws, I am uncertain of. I have and will repeatedly apologize for any wrongdoing I may have done, and I will simply continue to reiterate that I was only trying to help.

Which is exactly why you need to shut the fuck up about this case for the next two years from the date of breach disclosure, and read previous CFAA caselaw a lot.

Read about weev specifically, you're shaping up to get fucked every bit as much as he did.

There is sufficient evidence to demonstrate I mean well.

Which does not mean jack shit in a court of law for guilt/innocence, only sentencing.

Sorry if I'm coming off a bit harsh here, but you're clearly in way over your head.

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Fat loss won't help with glandular tissue though. That's where aromatase inhibitors and selective estrogen receptor modulators come in.

Edit: and I should add, just amputating moobs can cover up a continuing hormonal problem, the phrase "hormonal problem" sounds like nonspecific bullshit but in this case usually high estradiol and progesterone levels.

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What other meds did you try previously?

Is she currently on any others?