I am a door to door salesman. I sell frozen foods door to door, but I have done canvassing and door to door sales my whole life. Fundraising, vacuums, power generators, I've sold all kinds of things. Here's my consignment sheet from work as proof http://imgur.com/0c6eNRZ Ask me anything!

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mantenah50 karma

Can you please describe your most terrifying situation with someone? Like what is the most pissed someone has gotten at you for disturbing them?

Phillygsteak47 karma

I've had a couple people try n fight me. A few people come outside with guns or bats. I'm understanding though. I'm 300 lbs so when I am standing in their front yard I get being cautious. I have a funky hair cut to try n make me seem not as scary. Sometimes the cops show up to check n make sure I'm legitimate but I have a clean record n don't have too much to worry about. even the most crazy people usually like me.

Cliffybug33 karma

What company employs a door-to-door salesman thats 300lbs with a funky haircut? Don't you have to look like a clone in a suit?

Phillygsteak33 karma

I've never worn a suit to work. Plus my individuality makes me different n people like that. I like to wear bright colors n stuff so I'm not as threatening.

migvazquez20 karma

Have you tried knocking and then stepping back 4-6 ft? I find that makes cold knocking less stressful on people inside

Phillygsteak20 karma

I knock n step way way back

billegut14 karma

Can you send a photo of your funky haircut?

shooshx3 karma


Why do you write "n" instead of "and"?

Phillygsteak2 karma

Sheer laziness mostly. Honestly became habit because my phone corrects and to abd. Drives me nuts

gravey72741 karma

Would you ever consider selling doors?

Phillygsteak207 karma

Haha selling doors door to door would be adoorable.

7adi7732 karma

What stuff is the easiest to sell?

Phillygsteak31 karma

It all depends on what you believe in. When you have faith in your product it can be anything. I plan on starting a fundraising company soon so I can help more people. I used to fundraise for our local special Olympics and I liked it a lot. so I wanna do something similar but run it on my own. But selling food has gotten me by for 6 years now. Everybody eats.

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Phillygsteak24 karma

It really depends. I'm really friendly n non threatening so I tend to get into more doors, but for the same reason I tend to lose a few sales because I'm not pushy like some people. It takes about five sales a day and I close about 50% on average and talk to 80-100 people a day. So like ten percent of people I talk to look.

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Phillygsteak77 karma

Yeah some people will have a problem with it, n i don't blame them. It's a habit n I'll do my best to avoid it.

TheJokersChild3 karma

Same thing as "y" in Spanish. I like it.

Phillygsteak2 karma

Thanks for the support

KenBot31419 karma

Do you obey "no soliciting" signs on a home? What about if an entire subdivision has no soliciting signs? If so, thank you! If not, why?

Phillygsteak33 karma

I tend to stay away from no soliciting signs. Especially if it's posted for an entire area. Sometimes I don't see them on homes n notice them right before I knock. In those cases I always talk to them anyways so they aren't left wondering why some guy just walked onto their porch and walked away. Which is pretty much exactly what i tell them when they come to the door. I'll tell them I saw the sign n apologize, that I hadn't seen it till I got up there n I didn't want them to worry. And of course I ask if they could use anything since I'm up there anyways. It's worked out a couple especially once people see I'm not some pushy salesman.

gutter_rat_serenade5 karma

Not the pushy salesman... knocks on the door to tell you that he saw the "don't knock on my door" sign.

Can somebody start this meme?

Phillygsteak5 karma

Haha that'd be perfect. No seriously though I'd personally be more freaked out by somebody walking onto my porch and walking away.

Multidisciplinary15 karma

What was the weirdest house/situation you ever encountered?

Phillygsteak31 karma

I've seen so many weird things. If I had to pick one I'd have to recall the time I found a trailer up in woods surrounded by animal traps hanging in the trees with animal skeletons hanging from them. I've been chased down the street by people with guns n all kinds of stuff though. Stories for days.

DayOldTurkeySandwich15 karma

Do you have any go-to lame jokes you tell to break tension?

Phillygsteak29 karma

Yeah all kinds. I try to keep it fresh though. Everybody is different so I approach everybody that way. But I like to tell people that our bacon wrapped filets are like a cow and pig hugging in your mouth. Haha I have silly stuff like that just because I like making people laugh. Even people who don't buy usually have a good time with me. I also like to get people to talk about themselves. You get an interesting perspective of people's lives and the area they live in.

syvil12 karma

Why do most door to door salesmen ignore my "No Solicitors" sign on my front door?

Phillygsteak10 karma

It's a commonly held belief that people put up no soliciting signs because they know that they'll buy anything offered to them. I don't believe that. I'm not like a lot of salesmen.

gingerbeardy11 karma

Has anyone ever opened the door naked, semi-dressed, or in form with anything else porn-scene-ish? If so, would you consider that life imitating art and what happened?

Phillygsteak31 karma

I've had a lady talk to me topless from a window when I could obviously see some things. I've had a beautiful Australian woman answer in a towel n it honestly left me speechless between the beauty n her accent. And I've had women call me into their back yard while sunbathing n stuff. I think some people get a kick out of it. But I'd have to admit there's way too many dudes of all ages and sizes wearing not enough clothes to answer the door. Lots of old dudes in tighty whiteys. Had a guy the other day look and through the whole demo he was doing the captain Morgan n a pair of dirty white briefs

n1ywb2 karma

doing the captain Morgan

I hope you mean he was drinking rum. Otherwise this euphemism is new to me.

Phillygsteak10 karma

That's where you stand with one leg up on something

abroindeed11 karma

Two questions: What is your sales technique, and what do your numbers look like?

Phillygsteak8 karma

I'm not sure exactly what you mean but I'm very easygoing n lackadaisical when I close deals. I probably close 50-75% of my demos

Guzzles11 karma

Former Door to Door here!

I actually have a question for you!

I saw the "What was your most terrifying..." and remembered mine. I had walked up to a house with an open gate. As I entered the gate a dog came running out full torque, barking and snapping. I got myself out of the yard and secured the gate behind me. The owner began to berate me, saying "That's what you get for opening a gate!"

Now, who would have been in the wrong had the dog bit me? The gate was to the yard and visibly open.

Phillygsteak11 karma

As long as you aren't there illegally it's not your fault. Even no trespassing signs don't count. You aren't trespassing if you're there legally n haven't been asked to leave

Phillygsteak6 karma

I've had a couple scary moments with dogs but luckily haven't been bit. Fingers crossed. Been chased by a few dogs.

PushcartPops4 karma

Wut. How do you figure No Trespassing signs don't count?

Phillygsteak11 karma

You're not trespassing if you have a legal reason to be there and haven't been asked to leave.

Phillygsteak8 karma

You're not trespassing if you have a legal reason to be there and haven't been asked to leave.

1mjustlooking9 karma

Have you ever been offered something by another door to door sales person?

Phillygsteak10 karma

Yes and I'm a sucker for a strong sales pitch. I have also had people in sales buy from me just because they liked my demeanor n close. It's kind of like how servers look out for each other.

5ype9 karma

Well I will be "that" guy.. Has anyone ever asked you for sex on a sales pitch? Or has anyone opened the door and they are naked? If so, how did that experience go?

Phillygsteak9 karma

I've worked strip clubs before because they usually have cash, And did one time have a stripper offer sex for food. I've probably made a couple sales from flirting with single ladies. I also had a girl tell me she liked to fuck her ex boyfriend with a strap on n offered to show me what that was like. I've never really taken anything very far in that department m

Bolognaous_Monk19 karma

have a stripper offer sex for food

That's among the most depressing things I have heard.

Phillygsteak14 karma

Yeah that's why I didn't do it.

PsySom8 karma

Is the negative stigma that assholes like bigbouncy up there perpetuate hard to overcome?

Phillygsteak10 karma

It can be, but it's always just a numbers game. No matter what you sell somebody will hate you for it. I am not a pushy sales person at all and once i get 30 seconds in to talking with somebody they realize this. I have become very good at changing people's opinions of me when they are mean or negative. My first priority is always to have fun n try n laugh with people because if you don't have fun the days are very long. .

jeffad616 karma

Mordor... sounds familiar. I believe that's where I met a girl so fair. But an evil door to door salesman crept up and slipped away with her! Was that you?

Phillygsteak9 karma

Twas. She had a fair booty for a hobbit.

SuaveMF5 karma

Do you ever tell customers, "Oh I won't be making any money today but I'll be making a friend"?

Phillygsteak8 karma

No lol. I am obviously working to make money. I am pretty honest with people

Lunarpancake5 karma

Ever sleep with a "client"?

Phillygsteak3 karma


nightshaded19445 karma

One of my favorite things is coming home from a long day at work to unwind and escape the city noise. I live in the country and I enjoy relaxing at home in private, away from civilization. Thanks for disturbing that. Nothing sucks more than having some dipshit disturb your dinner with family to arrogantly attempt to sell you a vacuum cleaner no one wants.

Do most of your customers not realize how the Internet works?

Do you lie to sell vaccums cleaners like the idiots near me? My personal favorite was the 45 year old guy who said he needed to sell one more vaccum to earn a college credit for school.

Phillygsteak2 karma

I don't sell vacuums anymore. Didn't do it very long. It was slave labor. I broke down crying during one of my demos and bcuz quit. I was 17

terraformedcylinder4 karma

If you came to my door and I knew I didn't want whatever it is you were selling, would you prefer I give you the chance to give your pitch or that I tell you up front that I'm not interested?

Phillygsteak7 karma

Great question. I'd always prefer you to be honest from the get go. If you aren't interested I won't waste your time

narky13 karma


Phillygsteak7 karma

Well generally I always ask twice. I am a salesman. I've had people so rude I didn't really know what to say. A guy told me nobody in his family had teeth once. That left me speechless, But I've gotten people with no teeth since and I tell them I'll give them a free blender with their purchase. Lol obviously joking but maybe someday it'll work.

hiyosilver643 karma

We have a "No Soliciting" sign on our door and we never open the door to people we don't know :(

What do you do when you are faced with this?

Phillygsteak5 karma

I knock twice n walk away. I don't get mad if somebody doesn't wanna talk to me. But i am usually singing to myself while I wait so idk how anybody could be threatened by me lol.

hiyosilver647 karma

I wish you well in whatever you do - even door-to-door sales! :)

I just don't open doors to strangers :(

Phillygsteak6 karma

That's fine I ain't mad atcha!

hiyosilver641 karma

Thanks! :)

murrayhenson3 karma

8 more seconds and he's got his foot in the door on this one.

hiyosilver643 karma


Phillygsteak5 karma

Got em laughing! Here I'll show you what I got

SgtBrowncoat4 karma

It isn't about being "threatened" it's about respect. My property, my rules. If I have a sign up that clearly says I don't want you on my property then don't knock on my door.

The entitlement of door-to-door salesmen is what gets me. I'm not threatened by you - you just piss me off.

Phillygsteak4 karma

Well that's fine too. But if you don't want me knocking your door the best bet is a no soliciting sign. If it says no trespassing, I'm not trespassing I'm soliciting so it doesn't really apply. I have lots of people with no trespassing signs that are happy to see me.

wee0x1b1 karma

I knock twice n walk away.

I'm curious: What part of "No Soliciting" is ambiguous to you, as a person who solicits?

Because putting a sign on your door saying "No Soliciting" and then having solicitors knock anyway is really fucking annoying...

Phillygsteak2 karma

I've said before that I usually don't knock doors that have a no soliciting sign

PerhapsLater_3 karma

Do you enjoy your profession? Although I barely interact with salesmen (my mom usually does that), I know that a lot of them get really pissed off when they open their door and see someone trying to sell an item. I can't help but feel it's a difficult job - trying to convince people, taking a lot of abuse, etc.

Phillygsteak3 karma

I really do. I love being able to talk to new people every day and see into so many different lives n points of view. You gotta get through the negativity but it's worth it usually.

Justaboxx2 karma

Do you have a second family? That's one stereotype I've always wanted to get to the bottom of.

Phillygsteak2 karma

I'm not sure what you mean haha

KingKane2 karma

How do I keep you away from my house?

Phillygsteak4 karma

A sign saying no salesmen peddlers or Jehovah's witnesses is pretty solid

jeffad612 karma

Selling a door to a door sounds like a frustrating occupation. Tell me... how many types of doors are there?

Phillygsteak15 karma

Oh there are all shapes n sizes. The best place to sell doors door to door? Mordor.

finelife2 karma

Where I live, door to door sales has a reputation for being the chosen summer job of brodawgs and douchebags. Why do you think this happens?

Phillygsteak7 karma

There are honestly a lot of douchey people who do door to door sales, so I get it. People can be really rude but i kill them with kindness. You have to stay positive cause it can definitely beat you down. I've gotten thick skin

volunteervancouver2 karma

Do you still fall silent in the close?

Phillygsteak13 karma

He who talks first loses

gillyson2 karma

How do you choose which neighborhoods to go to? I would imagine door to door sales is less effective in areas that are more wealthy and educated

Phillygsteak3 karma

It really just depends. I drive in a nice truck with a refrigeration unit on the back so I don't feel very self conscious going to nice neighborhoods. But generally I like working in the country. People are generally more kind.

spacecake2 karma

Interesting ama. I didn't know door-to-door salesmen actually existed! Which country are you in?

Phillygsteak5 karma


bensig2 karma

So, how does this consignment sheet work?

Phillygsteak4 karma

Essentially I pay so much for each case and anything over that is profit. But I also have to pay for gas, dry ice, and a truck rental fee. Once I sell ten I get one for free.

Phillygsteak3 karma

At the end of the day they use that sheet to figure out what i owe them.

IHaveSlysdexia1 karma

Have you accepted our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, into your life?

Phillygsteak3 karma

I'm more of a theosophist.

SurpriseM0F01 karma

What is the strangest item you have had to sell?

Phillygsteak2 karma

I am still kinda amazed how much food we sell door to door. I'd say power equipment was pretty strange too.

Phillygsteak2 karma

I am still kinda amazed how much food we sell door to door. I'd say power equipment was pretty strange too.

Mimmzy1 karma

Is your income 100% commission based? What would you say your average monthly income is

Phillygsteak3 karma

Yes it's 100% commission. You gotta be strong to make it. I'm not really sure but I definitely make enough to pay my bills. I don't feel comfortable throwing numbers out there.

theverybestestalways1 karma

How did you end up being a door to door salesman? Is that something you go to college for?

Phillygsteak2 karma

Nope. I've just always done it. I started with coupon cards in high school. It's the only life I know lol.

wee0x1b1 karma

My question is: Would you please fucking stop?

Seriously: find a new line of work that doesn't involve annoying people at their home...

Phillygsteak1 karma

If somebody can't take 30 seconds of interacting with somebody they don't know than I feel bad for the life they live. I'm very polite n courteous and not many people are rude to me. If they are I like to think maybe they're having a bad day.

hydrandone1 karma

Could you sell me a door?

Phillygsteak7 karma

If you needed a door and I had one, Yes

Barley121 karma

Has anyone ever sold you something while you were at their door?

Phillygsteak1 karma

Yes lol literally a couple times a week

oasis6x0 karma

Why can't you understand that sometimes I don't want anybody knocking on my door?

Phillygsteak1 karma

That's fine you can feel however you want!

wee0x1b4 karma

And you'll fucking knock anyway, won't you?

About64Narwhals3 karma

How is he supposed to know if he doesn't knock?

Phillygsteak3 karma

This guy gets it

Weebles-Wobble0 karma


Phillygsteak3 karma

Why what?

iFistedYoMama0 karma

Would you please go fuck yourself and stay the fuck away from my home?

Phillygsteak1 karma

True. It's more than people would expect but there are lots of expenses. Probably like 2k minimum a month. That's a horrible month. The winters are harder. In the summer lots of guys make 2k a week. I only work 4 days a week max. I actually get in trouble because they want me 6 days a week.

bigbouncytits-3 karma

Don't you ever feel guilty about annoying people and often preying on people who can't say no to someone face to face?

Phillygsteak18 karma

I don't feel guilty for anything. I don't sell anybody things they don't want and I treat everybody kindly. I'm not pushy when somebody tells me no. And I don't lie to people.

Phillygsteak2 karma

If you can't say no to somebody you've got bigger problems than door to door salesmen. I'm not preying. People get excited about my product and usually buy again so it'd be hard to convince me I'm preying on people. It's not all cold sales you know.

awan0010 karma

I don't know why you're being downvoted, its a genuine question that's appropriate for this AMA. I think door to door sales should be illegal.

schwagle10 karma

The first part of his question is appropriate, but the second implies that OP is a predatory or pushy salesman, which he certainly doesn't seem to be.

karnoculars2 karma

He may not seem like it here on this AMA, but there's no doubt in my mind that is how he makes his sales. Salesmen who aren't "pushy" simply don't make it, I've been in the business before and I know how it goes.

Phillygsteak2 karma

There are people who can make an honest living out of it. But even a lot of my coworkers are straight up shitty. If they came to my door I'd shoe them away. But there's a huge difference in the paperwork. Pushy salesmen get bad checks and cancelled deals because people buy just to get them out. I on the other hand only get a couple a year. Other guys get a couple a week. Selling is what makes the world go around. Not necessarily door to door, But don't assume that because somebody has the balls to go get the things they want that they're a bad person.