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Is AMA the new way to get free advertising for a new company with a shaky business model now?

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I worked at Google, and saw a couple people fired for talking about private shit. They really, really don't like that. They really don't like it. For a company that is all about spreading information they take a hard line on inside information getting out.

I can guarantee you that they were concerned that you'd carry your indiscretion forward throughout your employment. If you can't honor an NDA within the first couple hours of signing it, how do they know you won't blog or post about anything and everything?

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First week of employment, all engineers go to a class called The Life of a Search. They tell you exactly how search works. At the end, they say you that you are not allowed to let anyone know how search works. I can't tell you how many times I saw the words "Google Confidential: Do Not Distribute". Shit, I worked with in-house software packages whose names were (and probably are) secret.

Google is very, very secretive.

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He meant Ted Nougat.

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They changed the algorithm some 500 times last year. A single class isn't going to tell you exactly how to game it.

I read they changed things not long ago. Having said that, there isn't one single algorithm. There were a few hundred used in various combinations when I took the class. And while it wouldn't tell you exactly how to game things, it'd go a long, long way. Some things seemed very obvious once pointed out, but I never would have thought of them.

But anyway, it's been years and years since I took that class so my info is almost certainly very much outdated. The spam guys (spam as in "bad search results" not "unwanted email") were pretty sharp guys. They really liked the cat and mouse game. I'm positive I couldn't outwit that group no matter how many classes I took.

Either way, OP's a 'tard for not reading his NDA properly.

Seems to be blaming the company for his failure, too. "All I did was post a picture". Uh, no. You spilled the beans on their marketing plans, and in doing so showed that you couldn't be trusted. Good bye.