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Just put it on my Tab.

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So about that hope, gin, hard work and adderall: what proportions of each leads to the greatest success?

Also, how bad was/is common core, really? Is it the nightmare it looks like to someone who hasn't been in school for a while?

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As long as uneducated people buy Sharks and Dysons, reddit will need you.

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Same thing as "y" in Spanish. I like it.

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US TV worker here with another variation in formats. In our two-people-talking scenario, the "other person" is indicated with two "greater than" signs, which unfortunately I can't demonstate here since reddit's coding translates that as the "copy" command.

Often we use CAPS, which might be a holdover from the early days of closed-captioning. Sounds are [in brackets], and voice-overs and things not seen on-screen are in italics: [alarm sounds]