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Did you bring a picture of the pope?

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Same thing happened to the Andrea Gale, one of the new crew took one look at it and noped out, said he had a bad feeling. Couple weeks later it sank in the perfect storm. I'm glad your pops made it home.

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also the women's march

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Hindsight is always 20/20 but you guys REALLY should have shut off the radar. You were in an Apollo 13 situation and you left on the one thing that draws KILOWATTS of power. KILOWATTS. CONSTANTLY. Radios on receive and GPS systems only use a few watts; they just sip power by comparison. You could probably have had radio and gps for 3 days instead of radio/gps/radar for half of a day and then nothing. And of course everybody else with radar can still see you. And you could have been calling mayday every 5 minutes on the radio which everybody is supposed to monitor. And you could blow SOS on your horn or flasher if you spot somebody.

In fact, now that I think about it, why the fuck didn't you just activate the GMDSS or EPIRB? Or do you guys not carry those systems? And if not, why not? You really couldn't get ANYBODY on HF or MF for 12 hours? Don't you have satellite systems? I mean honestly how the fuck was it that during the 12 hours you HAD power you couldn't reach ANYBODY for help?

*removed USCG references; not a USCG vessel

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it strikes me how much implied meaning is present in some phrases. you can tell when you're watching subs and someone says "nani?" and the translation is "what the heck was that?"