proof **and my coworkers were making me laugh just now when I took this photo

Hi guys!

I'm Victoria from reddit. I work as the Director of Communications for reddit based here out of New York City. I've assisted in some way, shape, or form with more than 1,400 AMAs.

This AMA has been on the docket for a long time so thank you guys for your patience. I hope you take the time to check out the brand-new official reddit AMA app, now available for Android as well as iOS here:

You've heard that I'm a good typist. I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the world's most interesting people. I'm looking forward to taking your questions, so AMAA!

UPDATE Hey guys - I have to do an AMA with the 2 guys from Maroon 5 so I'm going to be back answering more questions later! Keep asking them and I'll keep answering later, ok? :)

UPDATE: I'm BACK! (4:10 PM ET)

UPDATE: I'm taking a break to answer emails and I am going to be helping out with another AMA with Sarah Chalke and Jay Chandrasekhar - but I'll be back after that! xo

UPDATE: Back (6:57 PM ET)

UPDATE Well guys, it's 8:15 PM ET and I have to go through all the emails that built up during the day as well as prepare for tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your questions. I will probably continue to answer here & there because I can't help myself... but let's consider this a wrap for the moment. :)

I hope you all enjoy the official AMA app! And looking forward to hopefully helping support many more quality AMAs for you all in the future alongside the mods of /r/iAMA.

Until then - have a great rest of your day!


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jedberg2719 karma

Of all the admins, current and former, who is your favorite?

chooter1517 karma


chooter992 karma

Praise Cage! May he save us from the bees!

Hubinator256 karma

So when can we expect his AMA?

Or are you afraid to organize one because Reddit would crash?

chooter287 karma

Are you kidding? I've been campaigning for one for ages. The powers that be...know.

heathwblack727 karma

she told me recently that I was her favorite.

weffey869 karma

Wait wait wait. WAIT.

She told me I was her favourite Canadian admin. Now I know why she specified "Canadian."

/goes to cry in the corner.
snobs I thought you loved me /u/chooter sobs

chooter505 karma

I love you!!

Velorium_Camper2443 karma

I was expecting you to say Victoria here with Victoria from Reddit!

A lot of people goof off at work by getting on Reddit. What site do you go to?

chooter1888 karma

I like to go to my favorite subreddits also, actually. Shoutout to /r/OneTrueGod, /r/IAMA (of course), /r/aww and all its attendant cuteness... I like mega AskReddit threads that go on for days. I love /r/TwoXChromosomes. I love /r/CrappyDesign.

Tavisu2042 karma

Flirtiest AMAs? Don't act like it's never happened ;)

chooter3384 karma



Richter-scale charm.

EDIT: Also, Antonio Banderas told me a few times that I sounded "tall and beautiful" which I thought was hilarious.

beernerd1640 karma

It seems like a lot of redditors are under the impression that your sole job is to type for celebrities. What other duties does your job entail?

chooter2664 karma

Oh my (said in my best George Takei voice). Much more than that. I deal with incoming and outgoing media & press relations, as well as general communications planning internally and externally (like this AMA app launch, for example) as well as presenting best practices to various organizations that want to interact on reddit to hopefully help them do better and have better experiences working with our community (whether organizational, non-profits, governmental, etc).

Basically I'm reddit's personal C-3PO. I am fluent in over six million forms of communication!

RyanThePhotog179 karma

What is your education or experience background?

chooter513 karma

I went to college for communications & triple-majored in advertising, PR and marketing.

tddawg44 karma

Fellow female Redditor here - you're pretty damned cool. If I had a City Mouse version of myself, I'd want to be like you.

chooter135 karma

My role model when I was a kid was Gadget in Rescue Rangers.

Maddie_N1565 karma

Do you type exactly what people say?

chooter2242 karma


Absolutely. Even the ums, errs, pauses, grammatical ticks, "you knows," deep breaths... and I'm trying to include gestures too. But it's hard.

You can even convey tone of voice using formatting!

seismicor930 karma

How many of them actually want to type the answers by themselves? Do you give them options like: A. you type the answers B. I type the anwers C. we switch after a bunch of questions

chooter1380 karma

I give them all the options, yes. Sometimes I've had to switch into typing mode halfway through when talent get tired.

poka641143 karma

you are the talent!

chooter706 karma


beernerd1027 karma

After reading the Jeff Goldblum and Norm MacDonald AMAs I'm convinced that she types everything word for word.

chooter1925 karma

Thanks - Jeff Goldblum's AMA was AMAZING. You have to imagine his mega-watt charm on the phone - some of those answers took 5 minutes to get through, each - the "hmmmmmmmmmms" were epic.

CrazyYYZ613 karma

I would love a video of that.

chooter1379 karma

You can't handle his megawatt charm. None of us can.

infectedtwin420 karma

She keeps saying megawatt guys. What is megawatt and how can I get some?

aeikostx818 karma

Easy. Get a million charm generators set at one watt. Connect in series.

EDIT - gold? serious? for this!? thanks! :)

chooter306 karma

You! You get it!

Also, if you can, you should totally go check out his jazz nights in LA at Rockwell. They are amazing. He flirts with the entire room.

shivan211340 karma

What sorting do you have switched on during ama question selection?

chooter1615 karma

Usually "Best," and then I switch to "New" about halfway through.

SheeEttin720 karma

Do you check orangereds at all? To get the followup questions?

chooter973 karma


seismicor1285 karma

Why is it that some of the celebrities need to come to Reddit headquarters and others don't need to?

chooter1804 karma

We don't make it mandatory by any means to stop by reddit HQ - instead, it's an invitation we extend to folks that might want to stop by (because they need a place to do their AMA from, during a busy press day - they might not have an office room available, or it might be a convenient stop going from Point A to Point B). Other times talent or their teams might be curious about what reddit HQ look like, or just want the more personal experience of doing their AMA in-person (which can make it more fun). I've helped out hundreds of people via phone, though.

Checkers101601239 karma

Can I come to the Reddit HQ and meet all the office dogs?!

chooter1198 karma

Sure! Message me and if I can, happy to help show you around.

Checkers10160849 karma

Oh my God @___________@

I love you Victoria. Hopefully my boss will understand that this is worthy of taking a day off for

chooter578 karma


shoryukenist616 karma

Are there office cats, or are you guys racist?

EDIT: who dun gilded me?

chooter665 karma

I have TWO cats. I don't bring them to work because one of them is derpy and would probably cry and pee in a corner.

CoolCheech1151 karma

If a redditor asks something relating to a reddit-inside-joke do you fill the guest in on the meaning and let them decide to answer or do you just tell them, "you don't have to answer that?"

And do you pick good questions for them or are they on their own?

chooter1269 karma

I fill them in on the background. And I try to help sift through thousands of questions - I'm a speed-reader who's adept in scanning thousands of questions. I type so fast I have 2 computers that I frequently work faster than.

1C3M4Nz1146 karma

So this is how you are supposed to reddit.

chooter1342 karma

I don't use any sort of artificial enhancement on my reddit. I keep it natural, just the way God made it.

operation_hennessey1072 karma

Woody Harrelson..... any chance he might come back for a second try?

chooter1438 karma

I wish! I think he could totally redeem himself. I'd love to help him.

fabulousprizes316 karma

If you had been helping Woody with his first AMA, do you think it would have turned out differently?

chooter697 karma

Yes. I know it would have turned out differently.

Pixel_Me_That963 karma

Hi Victoria!

Has any celebrity completely changed your perception of him/her by how they handled their AMA?

chooter1225 karma

Aww that snoo is so cute, thank you!

YES, absolutely. I love that element of surprise when you really connect with someone, or you get to bond with them in a really interesting way. For instance, Gilbert Gottfried is a really sweet guy. My AMA with Terry Gilliam, I was laughing the entire time - we both were, actually. Ben Stiller really went outside of his comfort zone, which was a really enjoyable experience, to speak with him. Tilda Swinton did all her own typing, but I stayed on with her mostly on mute and talking occasionally when she had questions, and she was incredibly sweet, funny and kind. Very cool. I'll come back and add to this answer!

Some more cool surprising ones: Pedro Pascal was awesome. Incredibly humble and down to earth and REALLY nerdy. Really, really awesome guy.

Keanu Reeves is really really smart. And a good soul. Just a really good person.

I don't think it's a surprise, but Morgan Spurlock is really nice.

Sean Bean is totally the type of person you'd want to get a beer with. Really awesome salt of the earth guy. Uzo Aduba is incredibly talented and a really amazing person...

ken27238486 karma

Gilbert Gottfried is a really sweet guy

I read that in his voice...

Flight714430 karma

Let me tell you the story about the Victoria Vagina.

chooter425 karma

His wife was actually there with him while he did the AMA via the phone!

HombreGranJefe196 karma

Did he use his on-stage voice or his normal speaking tone?

chooter174 karma

He switched about 5 minutes in to his on-stage voice.

Darkenedsilence943 karma

Who is someone you feel should do an AMA, but hasn't yet?

chooter2066 karma


  • Nic Cage
  • Christopher Walken
  • Wes Anderson (!!!)
  • Chris Evans
  • Elijah Wood (I want him to do more AMAs! Same with Gillian Anderson, I heart them both. And Guillermo. And John Malkovich. And Jeff Bridges...)
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Stephen Fry
  • John Carpenter
  • Steven Spielberg
  • James Gurney (of DINOTOPIA fame - I did reach out to him a while back)
  • Bill Clinton
  • The Spice Girls
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Gwendoline Christie
  • Tommy Wiseau (let's add a shoutout to Greg Sestero here - WHO IS AN AWESOMELY NICE PERSON!)
  • Amy Sedaris & David Sedaris

So many! I will add to this list.

slats_grobnik1135 karma


AceCake275 karma

Also need to type in his brummy accent, or it's just not Ozzy.

NotYourLocalCop850 karma

(example) Weh me n Sharon wuh walkin don thuh stret when we 'eard a lad crassh.

Edit: thanks for the gold! Here's an update with the suggestions.

Weh me n uh Sharon wuh walkin don thuh stret when we 'eard uh a foogin lad crassh. Naow uh I ad ben mudafookin wazeted buh thz tihm n thuh uh avtuhnoon suh I uhlmust sheet me foogin pans (weird laugh). Tuns oot it wuz wun oov thum beeg foogin pyanos folling lok n thuh foogin cahtunz (weird laugh).

chooter159 karma

You literally made me laugh.

On_The_Organ911 karma

What do you do if you can tell the interviewer really doesn't want to be there? Like if they're only there because their publicist told them to be?

chooter1234 karma

That sucks. It's not happened very much. 99% of AMAs, the talent are really excited to be there. That positive energy very much comes through in the AMA itself.

I like to think of myself as a lens - I'm not coloring the answers in the AMA, just magnifying that individual person's voice so that you can all experience it.

theoryG35881 karma

Hey Victoria! Friendliest person you've had a chance to work with for an AMA?

chooter1823 karma

Oh my goodness.

I remember walking away from Robin Williams' AMA just wanting to spend more time with him. He was incredibly funny and kind. It was like hanging out with some sort of Platonic Ideal of a Dad. He was impressed that i knew so much about his work (he actually said to his publicist something along the lines of "My God! She's an expert!").

Jeff Bridges is seriously lovely. If he ran for president, I'd vote for him - more than once if I could.

Norm MacDonald was incredibly friendly and warm as well. I've told this story before, but i was having a really not-very-good day during his AMA - I'd fallen earlier crossing the street in NYC carrying a heavy box of cat litter and really hurt my arm (like, to the point where 8 New Yorkers rush over asking "are you okay?!"). So I got home, cried, cleaned up my arm, and prepared for Norm's AMA. After talking with him for even 30 minutes, I was laughing so hard I forgot the pain.

Clark Gregg was a really genuine guy. Really sweet and lovely.

I would love to hang out with Guillermo del Toro every day. Not just because my first dream job as a kid was being an entomologist and we were talking about bugs and science fiction and creature design and monsters, but because he's a really great human being and a creative genius.

Eric Idle was really sweet the entire time I worked with him. And Gerard Butler's AMA changed my life. Just for starters. Too many to list, I think, out of 1,400+...

g4r8e9c4o612 karma

How did Gerard Butler's change your life? 0___o

chooter1013 karma

Well, prior to that, when I would bring up reddit AMAs, people were sort of still at the point of "Hmm, can you explain that some more?"

When I pitched Gerry and his team on doing an AMA, he was like, yeah let's go for it! So we set one up and I will never forget the energy of that AMA. It was like being in a concert. You literally felt the energy of all those millions of people asking questions all at the same time. It was electric. He was really, really inspired by it, and so was I. And so he taped that thank you message. And the rest is history. People started to "get" reddit and why I loved it so much.

NDaveT324 karma

My wife wants to know if you got to meet Gerard Butler in person and, if so, how she can get your job.

Edited to add: after seeing you standing next to Sean Bean, she now just wants your job.

chooter379 karma

Yes, and he gave me a thank you hug (a lot of talent do).

CarnitasWhey73 karma

His was one of my favorite AMA's on here. He was so into it and seemed to take the time in his responses it was quite refreshing.

chooter95 karma

YES YES YES. He was so excited about it! It was amazing.

Or to quote the lovely David Mackenzie whom I just assisted - " thank you to Victoria for being the fingers to my voice and for making the whole thing really cool"

Maddie_N721 karma

Who were you most starstruck to run an AMA for?

chooter1050 karma

Oh my goodness. I try to get all of the "geeking out" out of the way as early as possible when interacting with people. It helps that to me, everyone is a celebrity in their own way. The people who tend to blow my mind the most are creative individuals who have really pioneered something that's really influenced my life - so Eric Idle, for instance (I grew up on Monty Python the way most kids grew up watching Disney films), or Guillermo del Toro (I love Guillermo's films), or Chris Carter (I am a HUGE X-FILES FAN). I try to get it out of the way at the beginning and tell them I really admire what they've done - and then move forwards as professionally as possible. Makes things easier.

dumbfrakkery55 karma

I can totally tell you're an X-Phile because of that look on your face in the photo with DD and GA. Jealous.

chooter71 karma

Right? That was my birthday gift to myself & all of my fellow fans. I DIED.

shivan21657 karma

Hi Victoria! When you're managing an ama, what's the process of question selection? Do ama guests see the screen or do you read the questions to them?

chooter892 karma

Totally depends on each person - some folks like to share the computer screen with me (Elijah Wood, for instance), others like to read the questions themselves and dictate their answers to said questions (i.e. "I like this question from SeniorPoopedMyPants - can you find that one? It was something about my favorite video game!"), and still others like me to help them navigate it because they can't look at the screen (For example, Ron Perlman was driving around Los Angeles during his AMA and talking to me on the phone so I was reading him questions).

chooter822 karma


Aw! Well when Elijah Wood did his most recent AMA he was actually really sick, poor kid, so I gave him advil and orange juice and tried to help him through it. He was a trooper.

ALSO: he recognized me from his first AMA. which was really sweet. You have to consider the fact that celebrities meet thousands of people every year.

thetoastmonster351 karma

I wish you were my big sister.

chooter346 karma

I wish I could help everybody.

Mayson023475 karma

I imagine that has to be awkward sometimes.

You're reading down the list on the phone. "let's see, what's next? Hmmm... Muffdiver6969 asked "Why are you such a dirty tramp?". "Do you want to answer that one?"

What's the most awkward question you've ever had to ask a celebrity?

chooter563 karma

I'm blanking on that- but I am remembering the most awkward response to have to ask about spelling. I remember saying "How do you spell Superjew? for Danny Trejo...

chooter375 karma

Dude, he basically is Hellboy. He's as cool as you imagine.

operation_hennessey496 karma

Hello Victoria! Tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising ;) !?

chooter855 karma

Haha! Hmmm... I like to drink lots of tea and listen to classical music while I work. It's like Masterpiece Theater over here!

Other things: I grew up speaking English, French and Italian at home. I read really really fast.

ImNotKennyLogin477 karma

Would you rather fight one admin-sized iama mod or 100 mod-sized admins?

chooter384 karma


I would have to say one admin-sized IAMA Mod. But I'm a pacifist!

seismicor465 karma

What happened with the Rock AMA with him failing to answer more than 10 questions or so?

chooter641 karma

Unfortunately I can't really speak to that. I helped his team with the basics of getting started but wasn't on after that point. He's a really cool guy from everything I've heard.

gerryt32441 karma

Which celebrity is helping you to answer your questions on this AMA? My guess is P. Diddy.

chooter356 karma

Hahahaha I wish! Or 50 Cent!

seismicor419 karma

Was James Cameron typing his answers on a keyboard or did you have to write all that novel yourself?

chooter600 karma

I wrote the novel. He was really super sweet though.

Ron_Tam386 karma

Hi Victoria! Thanks for (finally) doing this AMA!

As you know, you have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your last meal??

chooter504 karma

OOH such a good question!

I always joke I could live off of beef jerky and mangoes (I know, I'm weird).

Probably a lobster roll from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. Or my mom's homemade pasta.

I_Lase_You366 karma

Hello Victoria! A Welcome to reddit lase would probably not be that appropriate for you, so here's a You're my hero lase instead! [Link] Now the question: Is there any specific AMA that you really, really wish could get a do-over?

chooter365 karma

Awww thank you! Wow!

I wish I had a magical time machine and could help out Morgan Freeman or Woody Harrelson.

Maddie_N366 karma

What was your experience with Robin Williams like?

chooter775 karma

It was incredible, and all-too-short. I actually cried when I heard about his passing. One of the AMA mods messaged me that he had passed away while I was on a train trip home from a family trip. I didn't believe it at first, double-checked, and then was in shock for the rest of that day, and week even...

So his AMA took place at CBS TV studios since it was on behalf of THE CRAZY ONES. I actually worked with Robin's team at my previous job at ID, so they were familiar with me and what I did at reddit. When he arrived, he was eating some food and I told him what we were about to do (i.e. this is a freeform Q&A with the internet) and then we started talking and I started typing! He was very funny, very sweet. I remember when we got to the question about Christopher Reeve, it was incredibly moving for him. It really did feel like the light of a million 90's (and 70's and 80's kids - don't want to forget you guys this time) childhoods in one room - all those amazing roles that he did that have moved so many people, it was really gratifying for him to hear the kind things that people had to say about his work, and to joke around, and get to be geeky himself. I loved it when he shared the Mrs Doubtfire story.

It was really sad when we had to go.

np-320 karma

Hi Victoria, thanks for doing this. I have a few questions.

  • Is there any employee in reddit who doesn't reddit?

  • What is your favorite movie and TV show?

  • You are at a bar, a person sitting next to you is browsing reddit, you incidentally noticed that while you were looking around. He realizes that you just looked at his phone, he introduces himself and tries to make small talk but doesn't mention anything about the site he is browsing. Now, will you mention anything about reddit or your job to lessen the awkwardness of supposedly eavesdropping on him?

Obligatory request of excuse: I am not a native speaker so.....

chooter410 karma

No, pretty much everyone who works at reddit reads reddit. We talk about old threads, memes, etc.

My favorite movie? I have so many. I worked in a videostore during high school, so I am a movie nerd. Let's go with a few for starters:

  • Mystery Men (this is my totem film. If I were a movie, I'd be this movie)
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (I love all Wes Anderson movies)
  • The Birdcage
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • James & The Giant Peach

For favorite TV show... I'd have to say X-files. It's an all-time classic.

EDIT: and you added the part about the person browsing reddit next to me - I actually would mention reddit, probably!

freezingman66245 karma

Just how fast do you type? Did you ever play Mario Teaches Typing?

chooter315 karma

I type pretty fast. Want to do a type off?

cooljeanius131 karma

Just how fast do you type?

Also, as a follow-up, do you ever come across any celebrities who type at a higher WPM than you, and if so, do you automatically let them type for themselves in those cases?

chooter234 karma

Only one, I think, Franz Kranz types as fast as I do!

frank_n_bean239 karma

Hi Victoria!

When people say that they're "here with Victoria," how often are you actually there with them? Do they typically go into the office to meet with you or do you go to meet with them?

chooter334 karma

Chances are they are with me in person - if it says I'm assisting them, that probably means I'm helping out with their AMA via phone. It depends re: me going to them, or them coming to me - as you can see in some of the pics I shared above, we have had some really fun people come by the reddit office (and DARN I just realized I forgot to include Tim Gunn's photo - our entire NY office LOVED HIM. TIM GUNN IS SUPER SUPER NICE!), and in others, I've gone to them (like Nas, who was also really cool).

Maccas75219 karma

Hi Victoria!

Which celebrity has made you laugh the most during an AMA? And; what did you do prior to reddit?

chooter382 karma

Either Bill Murray or Terry Gilliam or Robin Williams or Norm MacDonald.

Or David Duchovny because him and Gillian together are HILARIOUS. Their WITTY BANTER IS REAL.

What did I do prior to reddit? I worked at a totally awesome PR agency out of Los Angeles called ID. I was in the digital department (which is how I was working with people like Eric Idle, and learning how to work with talent to begin with) and I stumbled across reddit one day and basically went native and fell in love with it. I reached out one day to the random contact email, /u/hueypriest responded, I was like "OMG! wow!" and we sort of kept in contact since that point. I started to suggest reddit AMAs to various celebs, some of whom actually did them... and the rest is history.

IKingJeremy212 karma

You were originally introduced to reddit as,

Keeper of the Tapes.

Now your official snoo on the team page designates you as,

Communications Director

What caused the title change, and what did Keeper of the Tapes mean?

chooter278 karma

I worked at a video store in high school and in the reserves department in college. I also collect VHS tapes. So that's where that came from! And I've always been Communications Director. :)

shivan21195 karma

If an ama guest is not eager to answer very much, do you have to talk them over, threaten them or something like that?

chooter309 karma

No. It's usually because they're shy or holding back or reserved. They usually warm up by the end. Like Mark Ruffalo who was awesome but he started off a bit reserved - by the end we were having a blast.

Maddie_N161 karma

What's the best experience you've had doing an AMA?

chooter347 karma

Let's share another one that i haven't shared yet - LeVar Burton. I GREW UP on Reading Rainbow. I'm a total PBS kid. So I did geek out a bit at the beginning, but then he started talking and we really got started answering questions, and it was moving along at a prodigious pace - and then he literally started crying at this question. He was so incredibly moved by the showing of support from everyone online. I was choking up on my end as well. That emotion really came across in the AMA, I think. It was beautiful, and touching, and precious.

rhygaar146 karma

Dear /u/chooter,

Can you tell us how you manage to be so awesome?



chooter191 karma

Awww! Well first of all you're biased. But thank you.

Second of all, I've always "zigged when everybody else zagged" as per my mom. So do that, and follow the principles outlined by Patrick Swayze in the immortal classic ROAD HOUSE (i.e. "Be nice until it's time to not be nice").

koproller111 karma

Hi /u/chooter / Victoria,
How do you guys deal with AMA's that didn't go as well as we would hope (like Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman)? Any reaction of their PR agents?

chooter122 karma

Both of those AMAs were before my time.

I try to help out with as many AMAs as I can to help educate people and prevent "Rampart" experiences part 2. There are a few things that can really help boost an AMA's success - devoting enough TIME. Being genuine - you can't phone this in, you have to care.

cooljeanius104 karma

What inspired you to do your own AMA and why did you choose to do it now instead of some other time?

chooter150 karma

I wanted to use it to help support something, and the official reddit AMA app just went live. ICYMI:

ken2723883 karma

If you were given the opportunity to have any celebrity/historical figure (dead or alive) help you with your AMA who would you choose?

chooter150 karma

Roald Dahl would be a dream come true. Winston Churchill. Sacagawea. Marie Curie. Aristotle. George Washington Carver. Nicola Tesla...

herpderpherpderp67 karma

Who did you have to suppress your "fan-girl" reaction with the most?

chooter105 karma

The ones I've already listed out, probably - plus Jeremy Wade from River Monsters. My 3rd dream job (started out wanting to me an entomologist as a kid, then paleontologist, then finally marine biologist with a focus on fish not mammals- and then realized I was horrible at math and had to go into communications) was focused on fish and I LOVED talking with him about his show!

Eternally6557 karma

Hi, /r/chooter!

Three questions:

Is the association of Reddit with the leaked nude photos having an impact on celebrity IAmAs?

Do you think we can break reddit today with this AMA?

How do you advise the celebrities about the issue of people coming in to post a question and downvoting all the earlier unanswered questions? I see that a lot. (I go through the zero karma graveyards and upvote them... then wonder who the jerk that downvoted them was.)

All my other questions you already answered in your "stealth" IAmA answers to the request post. So thanks for finally doing this!

chooter62 karma

Not at this time to my knowledge.

I hope so (in a good way).

I usually tell them that everything will sort itself out and in the cases where outside forces are affecting the AMA negatively, we try to deal with that on a case-to-case basis.

CrazyYYZ35 karma

Do all guests approach Reddit to do an AMA or do you ever reach out to celebrities?

chooter43 karma

Sometimes I reach out based on community requests, but most of it is inbound interest.

zackscary21 karma

what do you do when you first meet a celebrity?

Thanks for your time and also for your hard work!

chooter25 karma

In what way? Usually I say hello and introduce myself to them politely and ask them about themselves, much the same way I would if I met you. :)

aroboticsoul17 karma

Hi Victoria! Thank for for making otherwise-unintelligible people seem erudite and engaging.

What have been some of the funniest or most awkward "off-camera" moments you've had while helping someone with an AMA?

And what's your background? How did you fall into this honey pot that is reddit AMA stardom?

Sent from the new AMA app on Android.

chooter25 karma

Yay! you're using the app! :)

And you've very welcome - honestly, I'm not enhancing anything or anyone. I'm just helping them be able to convey their voices more accurately and easily. And when someone's doing solid days of press, or they've been touring for days non-stop - they're exhausted. I like to think of their AMA as being an oasis for them. I don't have an agenda. I'm not here to twist their words or hurt them or try to get a scoop. I'm there to help them express their voice and connect with their fans directly. I care about them as an individual (which means that sometimes I've told people NOT to do AMAs).

Funniest moment - I think has to go to NAS when I kept mis-pronouncing his name. This has happened before.

lula248817 karma

Do you have any interesting stories about Matt Berry?

chooter31 karma

Hahaah! You remembered that story!

Well he hasn't done an AMA yet, but back when I lived in Los Angeles I went to a comedy show at UCB for Matt Berry's TV show Snuffbox with my friend Dennis. Post-show, we decided to go next door to La Poubelle (it's a local bar / eatery) and guess who wandered over post show? Matt Berry! He came and sat at our table and i complimented him on his pants. He seemed to find that amusing. It wasn't any sort of in-depth interaction, but his voice is AMAZING.

SomeBigHero14 karma

Have you received any gifts or souvenirs from the celebs you've met? What are some of them?

chooter21 karma

Yes. Spike Jonze gave me a David Letterman hat. Steven Raichlen sent me all of his BBQ spices, which was really nice of him! Jean Schulz and the Peanuts folks sent me a lovely coffee table book...

Spoonsy12 karma


As we all know you are an awesome person who is awesome. This has been proven both through comments and in person. My question for you is when are we having the next movie and can there be more booze involved?

chooter11 karma

We need to reschedule it. I feel bad. We were supposed to watch ONLY THE STRONG and we had to reschedule. I've been dealing with a family medical emergency for the past weekend (I literally spent the entire past holiday weekend at the hospital here in NYC, plus dealing with everything else).


XPLWX12 karma

Who laughed the most during their AMA?

chooter15 karma

Terry Gilliam, by far. Literally we were both laughing for minutes. It was delightful.

beernerd5 karma

Who is your favorite musical ensemble, and why is it Chumbawumba?

chooter7 karma

Hahaha! Bonus points for this one. I am probably the only person who works in PR whose favorite band is Chumbawamba. But they are so much more than Tubthumping!

Hejke1 karma

Which AMA was your favourite to do and why was it Jeff Goldblum?

chooter2 karma

Haha he was definitely amazing. "My sandwich life" will live on forever.