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Of all the admins, current and former, who is your favorite?

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Did you know about reddit before today?

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Don't call the programmers gods, it just inflates our egos.

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Hey Mike, thanks for doing this AMA! Here are my questions:

  1. Do you remember the time in sixth grade when we had to set up a shop at the school’s “renaissance faire” and we decided to make masks, and you did all the art and I did all the menial tasks because you had talent and I did not?
  2. Which of the 12 Mike Shinodas on Facebook is actually you?
  3. Are you coming to the reunion (one of our mutual friends asked me to ask you this)

Sorry for the personal nature of the questions — I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for 15 years and failing, so this seemed like the best way! Feel free to PM a response. :)

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Can confirm, Mike was our HS art bitch. :)


That account is locked for friend requests, so you'd have to friend request me. :/