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This user has provided proof to the mods.

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To clarify, they did message us fairly soon after submitting the IAMA.

Then, when we finally responded, we required more proof to validate their claims.

Once they replied with the additional proof the thread was approved, automoderator's message was removed and the thread had to have a distinguished comment somewhere that indicates that this is a legitimate IAMA and proof had been provided to the mods.

However there were 120 comments at the time, and it was unlikely to be seen unless it was a reply to a top level comment.

Just so we are clear, the OP provided proof to the mods that they are a porn site owner.

This verification message is not in reference to his comment.

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In regards to President Obama you were recently quoted as saying,

“You must surely, now, start to reflect on what your legacy will be."

How do you think history will remember you, and how do you feel about that?

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Was there anything in particular that caused you to quit?

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What was most difficult about playing the Barney character?