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Pixel_Me_That3757 karma

Hi Dwayne!

I read that you're good friends with Arnold. So, who would win in a fight: Conan, or Hercules?

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Hey Channing!

I've heard you're good friends with Shia LaBeouf. What do you think of his recent motivational speech? Did he bring you to tears and inspire you to chase your dreams?

Do you think you can make your own motivational video and one-up him?

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Hi Ben!

Earlier today, Jack Black told me he hopes to have you half-naked strapped to a water buffalo some day. What do you have to say about that?

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Hi Jake!

I read that you almost got the role for Batman in Batman Begins. Do you think Maggie auditioned for The Dark Knight just to irk you? Cause that would be a really sister thing to do. On the subject of family, I also found out that that you're a descendant of the noble Gyllenhaal family from Sweden. Does that mean we have to call you Sir Jake?

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Hey Jack!

You have any crazy on-set stories? Preferably concerning Ben Stiller? He's doing an AMA later, and it would be brilliant if I could call him out on something freaking Jack Black just told me.