I'm back again! 4 months ago I started an AMA out of sheer boredom and an interest in what Reddit was all about. It got out of control and I got over 5000 comments and questions. Here's the original link http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/22cpta/iama_bar_owner_in_dublin_ireland_ama/

I had some great feedback from people, both online and people who travelled to visit my pub "The Thomas House" after reading the AMA

I'm not expecting this to be anywhere near as popular as the last one but we have been busy here in Dublin and we have gotten up to some interesting things. So fire away with questions and comments. I'm here for a few hours to answer you.

Oh yeah, IRISH CARBOMBS ARE OK IN IRELAND. Lets just get that one out of the way now ;)

Proof in the form of the official Thomas house Twitter page http://www.twitter.com/thomashousedub

  • Just so people have an idea about what we do here. Here's a video! I'm Gar! http://vimeo.com/90651618

  • Logging off for a few hours (sleep/life) keep hitting me with questions and ill get around to answering all of them as soon as possible.

*Back in the saddle!

  • Thanks for the questions! Its been emotional.

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WHATS_WITH85 karma

How the hell are ya, ya drunken fuck!?

bombidol80 karma


WHATS_WITH40 karma

Still got that engraved rock I gave ya, or didya lose it in a bet you gamblin son of a bitch?

bombidol90 karma


thiney491 karma

And how is Great doing?

bombidol2 karma

Groots sister? She is fine..

nachoz2147 karma

What's the craziest story you've heard someone tell you when they were drunk?

bombidol66 karma

About hiding a body..

Dinosauringg41 karma

What is the best thing to happen in your bar?

bombidol86 karma

One of the regulars ate a lizard while standing on a bar stool. bones and all.

tnethack38 karma

Any offers on alcohol this week for redditors?

bombidol143 karma

Get ONE pint when you pay for ONE pint! STEAL OF THE CENTURY. But seriously. Mention Reddit and I'll have some specials for you .

Quantalfalotramin6 karma

I'll be over in a week, so I'll have to stop by with my wife to visit your fine establishment. Oh, is Gar short for Garvin?

bombidol10 karma

Its short for Gareth.

bombidol35 karma

Someone bring me a sandwich. Typing is hungry work.

kjemist27 karma

Do you have any local beer you think is worth recommending that the general public might be unaware of?

bombidol55 karma

5 Lamps Lager, Black Pitts Porter, Tempted Summer sweet cider, mountain main hairy goat, BOOM IPA

sylvanrealm26 karma

How did your pub do with the recent Penn State vs UCF game? Any thoughts on either group?

bombidol52 karma

We had a few people in before the game. I live close to the stadium so I had to deal with more people there than at the pub. I know nothing of American Football. I thought it was a football team Vs a gang of cage fighters at first.

verluci25 karma

I recently started as a bartender, any advice for me?

bombidol72 karma

Work fast and clean. Be nice to people, take no shit from rowdy customers.

biernas22 karma

Did you get a chance to serve my UCF brethren this past weekend? I hope we tipped well!

bombidol96 karma

A bunch of Americans with windbreakers came in, Thought we were getting raided by the FBI. Then two F-16 fighter jets flew over the pub and I thought I was going to die.

irishmrmagpie32 karma

that was just the first invasion

bombidol51 karma


biernas11 karma

Ahh murica. Be honored your bar got invaded

bombidol102 karma


ndodpgk1621 karma

I'll be in Dublin 18 Nov. for the Ireland v. USA football match. I'd love to stop by and have a few drinks. Will you be working!?!?!?

bombidol38 karma

I will be in Krakow, Poland visiting family and seeing Morrissey play a gig! But drop in anyway, we will look after you!

puppeteer2316 karma

"Seeing Morrissey MAYBE play a gig." Let's be accurate, now.

bombidol10 karma

Very true. We can hope.

charlie075 karma

Are you originally Polish?

bombidol19 karma

Nope but my missus is so I go there a lot.

Clynser19 karma

Yay you're back. I was just in there a few weeks ago. There was this really pissed bloke from South America who was slumped outside of the front door! Staff were great finding him a taxi and whatnot(looked bad for the place having him at the front door like that anyway). Has there ever been a time where you just went fuck no I am not dealing with that?

bombidol58 karma

I have "noped out" a few times when it comes to drunk people. But I always end up coming back and sorting it. I was told the story about he SA dude! He had two pints of Guinness while telling the staff about how much he drinks back home. He then promptly lost his marbles and took a knee.

bachrock3712 karma

For those wondering, Guinness is about 4-5% ABV, so that's actually pretty weak as far as tolerance goes.

bombidol23 karma

Its pretty average but for some reason it seems to knock some people on their ass.

Tiwenty18 karma

When do you start your day, and when do you finish it? And usually, what do you do during this day?

bombidol28 karma

I have no regular schedule. I could start at 10am and finish at 4am or I may only be in for an hour. It all depends on what the plan is for that day. I work behind the bar 2 shifts a week, thats the closest I get to routine.

Tiwenty9 karma

Okay, thanks! And what is a good day for you? What do you do during this day?

bombidol53 karma

today is a good day. Im not in work as I have some construction workers over in my house doing some jobs. So im sitting around watching Star Trek and eating cake and wrestling with the dog.

Indydegrees222 karma

That's the dream

bombidol27 karma

And I'm living it.

Tiwenty8 karma

Haha yes it seems to be a good day! :P But sorry if worded my question badly, but I was referring to what was a nice day in the bar, when there are people and business is good?

bombidol14 karma

A good crowd of solid drinkers, no assholes and no mess. A comfortable squeeze in the pub. Cant beat it!

mikehoncheezy11 karma

  1. What temperature is your Guinness served at?
  2. Most ordered food at your pub?
  3. Is there a golf course nearby?
  4. Best month of the year to visit Dublin, Ireland?
  5. Is fútbol (soccer) the most watched sport at your pub?

Thank you for coming back!

bombidol21 karma

Temperature? I have no idea. The right one though! We dont serve food. So peanuts! No golf course super close to the pub, within a few miles there are a few. We dont show too much sports but its usually football when we do yeah.

busfullofchinks6 karma

What's usually on the tele then?

bombidol29 karma

I run a photo slideshow on our TV. People send us their photos and we put them up

joedolan11 karma

What's your take on the famous two-pour method for Guinness? A lot of people nowadays are more aware that its just marketing nonsense but Diageo still seem to be pushing it.


I appreciate that you don't find it offensive (I really don't either), but I worked in an Irish Bar in Spain with a lad from Tyrone and it was fairly uncomfortable whenever somebody ordered one.

bombidol17 karma

Im all for the two pour to be honest.

subtlediscontent10 karma

What do you think of "Irish Pubs" in other countries?

bombidol13 karma

I have been some great ones. There was one in the north of Italy near Mantova that I really enjoyed.

nachosmmm8 karma

Do you feel like the ones in the US are authentic Irish pubs?

bombidol26 karma

They can be similar. I was in a few in the states that had Irish people behind the bar. They werent too happy when we came in as we stole all their "irishness"

Flame_Sniper10 karma

I've heard rumours that craft beers have really taken off in Ireland. Can you confirm? :)

bombidol16 karma

Its insane at the moment. There are a ton of breweries here and more starting every day.

DutchBoy6910 karma

Hey. I need a job, an I'm an experienced bar supervisor. Can I PM you a CV?

bombidol43 karma

We aren't hiring at the moment. In fact we usually hire people who drink in the pub that we come to trust. We start them off at the bottom and build up from there.

DutchBoy695 karma

Fair enough. Are you sure I couldn't bribe you with a generous piece of this bread and butter pudding I just pulled out of the oven? ;)

bombidol19 karma

You can just give it to me for the craic

OblivioJ9 karma

When I started stomping up and down the bar when you played Cro Mags for me how strong was the urge to kick my head in?

bombidol15 karma

I had the urge to kick my ma down the stairs, but not to hurt you in any way, shape or form. I played two Cro Mags tracks because my love for the core is strong.

OblivioJ9 karma

Thank you for not virtually or physically kicking my head in.

bombidol19 karma

You are very welcome. Kiss me you fool.

fondlethecarrot9 karma

Has there been any fluctuation in the amount of glasses that went "missing" from last time?

bombidol18 karma

I cant keep glasses on the fucking shelf. Theres some sort of conspiracy to take them all on me.

Meticula8 karma

GAR MY LOVE! How have you been keeping? Missed you the last time i was up in dublin by a couple hours, still drank myself silly which is all that matters.. took your recommendation of Gulden Draak, If you ever make your way down to us out on Sherkin Island then I'll make sure you get your fill! As for my question, Was opening up the pub a difficult thing to do?

bombidol13 karma

Nah it was easy to open a bar. Its a pain in the hole trying to keep it open though. DRAAK IS KING

aYANKinEIRE7 karma

Ever have any problems with the travelling community?

bombidol7 karma


thelepo7 karma

Publin or Yelp?

bombidol11 karma


thelepo7 karma

For anyone interested, I did a podcast with Gar (the guy doing this AMA). We talked about the pub and he shared a few colourful stories.

Link to soundcloud podcast.

Since each comment requires a question, I will ask this. Gar, Your bar Seems To Have the Momentum of a Runaway Freight Train. Why Are You So Popular?

bombidol4 karma

Because I'm so young and good looking.

99levtt7 karma

Where should I stay in Dublin?

bombidol14 karma

Anywhere within 20 minutes walk to the city centre. Dont stay in the city centre. Its loud and obnoxious at night.

BitsOMoander7 karma

Whaddya all think of this city we got over here called Boston?

bombidol19 karma

I have friends in Boston and I was there once. I expected it to be really rough and dangerous as a lot of the bands I listen to are from Boston. Turns out its lovely and clean and nice. I got the drunkest I have ever been in my life in an irish pub in Boston.

FlamingTaco71016 karma

What is the worst fight you have seen, and have you have been injured as an effect of a fight?

bombidol10 karma

The worst fight I have seen was two Polish brothers who took turns throwing glasses at each other. I picked up a sweeping brush in pure terror and chased them out.

aYANKinEIRE6 karma

"If you knew now what you knew then..." If you had a chance to go back and give yourself advice before you had Thomas House (DEFEND!!), what would it be?

bombidol9 karma

Stop spending money on stupid shit. Most people dont care.

Anovadea6 karma

What d'ya think of derby girls? :)

bombidol13 karma

I seen one of you lift a pool table in Fibbers once. Since then I am afraid of you.

Anovadea3 karma

Hah, Jason brought some fine customers with him when he joined ye. :)

bombidol4 karma

Good oul Jason

King_Banana6 karma

It's my 19th birthday this weekend what drinks/cocktail/shots should I drink?

Normally I drink cider and sambucca think I should mix it up for a change

bombidol25 karma

You should drink whatever you feel like drinking while staying responsible....

RosedVampire5 karma

Hello there! My boyfriend and I are planning on taking a trip to Dublin in the Spring! Are there any attractions in the city that we NEED to go and experience? (Other than your bar) :3

bombidol7 karma

Phoenix park, the dead zoo, canal walk.

downandoutingalway5 karma

Does the baddest motherfucker in Game of Thrones still work for you?

bombidol7 karma

He does indeed. He dead now though ( on tv ) :(

CarlDonzo5 karma

Can you pick out an American as soon as they walk in the bar? What do they generally order?

bombidol12 karma

Not really. The people who come into us cross a broad spectrum. I can tell usually when they order an uncommon drink for ireland, like a whiskey sour.

ryanstarbucks5 karma

What are your favorite drinks to make? How about to drink?

bombidol13 karma

For myself I usually drink the stuff thats not selling so well. Or I mix up random drinks to try and invent something new. I usually fail badly but I invented a Mojito Cider once that was ok. For others, I keep it simple. Bushmills whiskey and ginger ale.

dhstowe5 karma

What inspired you to open a pub? Did you have any experience working in one?

bombidol7 karma

I had worked as a promoter in a few pubs and venues but never owned one. I had a record store for a while before I opened the pub.

buzziebee5 karma

How much time do you spend behind the bar pouring pints compared to sitting in the office doing back office things?

Has your bar been affected by the smoking ban?

bombidol4 karma

Most of my day is doing the business stuff (Which I suck at) I do two nights a week behind the bar. The rest of the week is spent on the phone or elbow deep in a toilet.


What is the most ordered drink, or mix?

bombidol10 karma

Guinness or Bulmers cider. Then standard stuff like vodka/cola etc

NSNick3 karma

I was just about to ask about Magners, but then I looked it up and that's the name we get Bulmers under here in the US. Good stuff!

bombidol3 karma

yup, the very same.

joeorlando5 karma

I am a barista who is interested in becoming a bartender. However I don't have any experience making alcoholic drinks but I feel making coffee drinks is fairly similar. What advice do you have to get into bartending? Thanks in advance

bombidol7 karma

Just jump in. Thats all there is to it to be honest. The main difference is dealing with multiple people at once while they are drunk.

thirdrelapse5 karma

What is the one common trait that you the most in the people that come to your bar? What do you think they are looking for?

bombidol9 karma

I think people come to us for a few reasons. Number one is that we are an alternative bar. We play alternative music like Punk, Hardcore, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Ska, Oi, Reggae and whatever else you can think of. Secondly, our staff are superb. They can handle a crazy busy night as well as a quiet one. Talking to customers and hanging out, recommending beers and bands is our speciality.

thirdrelapse2 karma

Knowing that these are your strenghts and that people respond to them, how would make them more known? And do you think might refrain people from going to your bar?

bombidol7 karma

I try new stuff to make the bar busier every week. The problem with Dublin is that there are so many bars here.

Zeergy5 karma

What's the worst kind of customer?

bombidol24 karma

The stupidly drunk obnoxious ones. A regular sober obnoxious person can be dealt with in a multitude of ways. A drunk one is like dealing with a toddler on LSD.

Ed_Vader4 karma

How did the DJ set Jello Biafra did last month come about?

bombidol17 karma

Jello was in the UK for a festival and he had a night off that he wanted to fill. We got a call from a friend of his asking if we wanted to do something with him. Of course we said yes. The night was insane and was the fullest I have seen the bar in years. I got stuff signed and talked to him for ages afterwards. The next day he had no idea who I was. Welcome to Jello World.

Coolmikefromcanada4 karma

Have you ever had a patty Murphy like instance?

bombidol9 karma

Where people come in after a funeral? All the time. Its usually messy.

T1mac4 karma

What's your biggest seller on tap?

bombidol14 karma

Guinness but some of the craft stuff is creeping up behind it. In particular the Sierra Nevada range from the USA and Veltins from Germany.

mxmo4 karma

What's the craziest request you've received from a patron?

bombidol16 karma

Someone wanted to borrow €5 to go shopping.

somehokie3 karma

But is that really the craziest? I can remember a few better stories than that from my own local places.

bombidol13 karma

There are some things that I cannot repeat on line.

CarolineH104 karma

Does everyone in Ireland really hate U2?

bombidol18 karma

Not really. Its just that some of us are sick of hearing them!

Geruchsbrot4 karma


bombidol7 karma

You will always find a place to stay here. If its safe or not, is up to you to judge.

streamstroller4 karma

Other than your own countrymen - what nationality is your favorite to serve?

bombidol14 karma

I honestly dont care. People are people. I have a soft spot for Polish people because I have about five words of polish.

ElGatoTriste4 karma

Say I were to visit your bar and ask you what I must see if I were only to be in Dublin for a week. What would that be?

bombidol11 karma

The amount of pints that Toner can put away.

JBHero4 karma

You're very near the Guinness Storehouse. It's crazy busy with tourists!

What's the worst or best experience you've ever had with a tourist? And as a nation who are your favourite?

bombidol3 karma

I rarely have any issues with tourists to be honest. I just like meeting people from other countries in general so Im happy to yap with whoever. Most tourists are only in for one or two then they are off to check out the rest of the city.

CalebTheLlama4 karma

You again, welcome back! Has anyone been in the bar since you last AMA and said "I found you through your reddit ama"? Im going to be in Dublin next week and I might pop in for a drink!

bombidol7 karma

Shit tons of people. I had so many people come to the bar because of the AMA.

elhefe7023 karma

My wife and I were in there last month and had a great time! When are you getting more shirts in stock? My wife loves her's!! Thanks for the bottle caps!

bombidol3 karma

Aha! Still no shirts in, our supplier closed down recently and we are having trouble finding someone that we want to do business with.

spondulicker3 karma

Where is the famous Toner that was in the last AMA?

bombidol8 karma

He is still here, well, I'm at home right now. But Toner will be in the bar at 7PM on Friday and 2PM on Saturday. EVERY saturday.

thebassfiddleman5 karma

Get my haircut in there regularly enough. Can confirm. Always at the end of the bar. I've never spoken to him, but from listening to him go on he seems like a nice fella.

bombidol6 karma

Next time just walk up to him and give him a hi five.

Jubilee_v3 karma

I saw your twitter page. Your dog is such a cutie!!!

Btw, as a bar owner, what drink would you suggest for a first timer?

bombidol4 karma

He is currently in the bedroom eating the bed. No joke. For a first timer we would start you off on something nice and simple and not too strong. a light IPA or Lager probably.

bozobozo3 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

bombidol13 karma

Stegosaurus. Thats a bad ass dinosaur.

wikipuff3 karma

What do you have on tap and what is the most ordered?

bombidol4 karma

Guinness, Sierra Nevade Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Porterhouse Hophead, Porterhouse Red Ale, Bass, Tennents, Heverly, Franziskaner, Bulmers, Veltins, Gulden Draak at the moment. Guinness/Bulmers/Pale Ale would be our most popular.

ItsSuperRob3 karma

Has anybody who read your last AMA come to visit you since four months ago?

bombidol13 karma

A bunch of people! I got to meet a lot of them but some arrived when I wasnt in. Everyone was great and we had some laughs.

cakeeater8083 karma

If you're familiar with american movies/tv, what character spoke with the most accurate Irish accent?

bombidol6 karma

I have yet to hear an authentic Irish accent. Mostly because there are so many accents here and most actors try to nail a generic irish "brogue" which kills it for me.

Get-ADUser3 karma

I'm moving to Dublin next month from the UK and I'm really excited. From a local, what should I do to have fun in Dublin? Any must-go places that aren't the usual tourist traps? Culture tips for survival etc.?

bombidol5 karma

phoenix park, The Dead Zoo, Canal Walk. All my favourites. You'll be fine coming from the UK, we arent too dissimilar

Pieslut33 karma

How has the ban on smoking indoors affected your business?

bombidol7 karma

Hasnt affected me at all as we started up after the ban so I have no idea what it was like beforehand!

Jubilee_v3 karma

How old are you? And are you single? Have customers ever hit on you before?

bombidol8 karma

I am 33. I am not single. And I get hit on from time to time. Its part of the job. People get drunk and lower their inhibitions and just cut loose.

MissSwat3 karma

How do you make the perfect martini?

Also, my understanding of Ireland is Guinness. Guinness is a way of life. How popular is it with locals really? Is there another beer or drink that tops it in popularity.

bombidol6 karma

Guinness is pretty much king here. Stuff like Bulmers, Carlsberg, Budweiser etc are all popular too. I have no idea how to make the shittest Martini, let alone the perfect one.

pequapitt3 karma

1) What, in your opinion, is the least known/appreciated thing a tourist in Dublin could visit/see/experience? And 2) As much as I love my Guinness, what local craft stouts would you recommend I try in Dublin?

bombidol6 karma

Black Pitts porter is amazing. Any of the large parks, Bull Island, Walk the canal, The dead zoo. These are some of my favourite places.

RedCouches3 karma

How long does it take you/your staff to clean up after a typical weekend night?

bombidol4 karma

About two hours, More if it was crazy. We have two floors, each floor has a bar. So thats a lot of glasses and ground to sweep/mop etc.

residentweafer3 karma

As a fellow Irish man I have the ONLY important question to ask:

Can I have a job?

bombidol11 karma

You'll have to move to Canada for that.

Bradds0563 karma

Who was your worst customer and what did they do to become the worst?

bombidol12 karma

One dude shit his pants one day (DAY!)

redproxy3 karma

What's the story with the explosion in craft breweries in Ireland in the last 5-10 years? Did something change in the law or something? Also I remember once hearing about how Guinness had patented up every type of yeast and it was damn near impossible to create anything new, how true is that?

bombidol5 karma

The yeast thing sounds like bullshit but I will look further into that. I have no idea what happened, I like the "scene" just reached critical mass. There were so many people homebrewing that it just became the next step in the evolution I guess.

tuna_HP3 karma

I'm flying to Europe through dublin airport in a couple months. I have a 2-3 hour layover each way. Not enough time to leave the airport I don't think, but is there anything I should check out in the airport? Is there an airport bar that is especially good?

PS: To Americans, "Aer Lingus" sounds like an acrobatic sex move.

bombidol4 karma

Its a traditional Irish sex manoeuvre. All bars in airports are the same so just go to the closest one to your gate ;)

Tokarth3 karma

Having just watched the movie/documentary "Hey Bartender" and being a bartender in the US I'm kind of curious as to how different the drinking/bar culture is in other areas of the world.

Is your bar (and others in the area) focused mostly on local brews?

Do you import a lot from other areas? A lot of what my bar gets is limited to what the distributor can get from mostly the east coast.

Are cocktails and mixed drinks a popular thing or is that more of a "club" thing?

bombidol4 karma

We dont really do cocktails, though its something we are looking into soon. We sell beer from all over the world. From Ireland to America, Australia, Germany, Italy, UK, Canada, Belgium and more. We sell a lot of Irish micro brewery stuff too.

TeHokioi3 karma

Do you get many Kiwis / Aussies on their OE at your pub? What are they like?

bombidol3 karma

We get a fair few in yeah, they are mostly very nice and insane.

striapach3 karma

If I move to Ireland as an illegal immigrant, can I work at your bar for cash?

bombidol10 karma

Absolutely not. You can drink here WITH cash though.

kentrel2 karma

When I worked in a bar in Ireland most of the staff drank constantly, both before and after work. The free staff pint was a great incentive. The post work ritual was to have 4 or 5 pints then drive home. Most of them drank heavily every day.

What percentage of your staff would you say are alcoholics or drunk drivers?

bombidol9 karma

none do either. The staff can have a beer or two when working and whatever they want afterwards. Most live close to the pub, if not, they sleep at the bar. Some of the staff have sleeping bags etc stashed in there.

NotHosaniMubarak2 karma

Why do bars close so early in Dublin? And where do people go after the bars close (I don't think it's home)?

I'm from Bible Belt Louisiana and the bars here close at 2 am, 6 am, or not at all. I was more than a little disappointed to sleep so well in Dublin.

bombidol2 karma

There are a lot of bars that close at 3am (we are one of them, on the weekends) A lot of people keep their fridges stocked up with beer and bring people home.

Indydegrees22 karma

What's your favourite accent?

bombidol9 karma


barnacle172 karma

What's your favorite thing about being a bartender? Are there any differences between being a bartender in Ireland and, say, the United States?

bombidol6 karma

Having never worked in the USA I wouldnt know the difference. But im guessing most people who work the bars would say that its all about meeting new people and having fun doing it.

[deleted]1 karma


bombidol2 karma

We get a few students but honestly, theres no demographic that dont come into us. From students to pensioners. Its all about the tunes.

Woopwoopdk1 karma

How many Irish bars are there in the world?

bombidol1 karma


paintballpmd1 karma

I'm coming Dublin for my birthday/St Patrick's day. I've been wanting to check you out since the last AMA are y'all doing anything special for the weekend? How busy do y'all get that weekend and do y'all just hate us Americans coming over there just to get drunk?

bombidol2 karma

We love Americans. Even drunk ones. I have no idea what we will be doing for Paddys day. Drop in and see us!

ichegoya0 karma

Did you ever get a dark-haired American girl in your pub with big lips and kind of a big chin, but otherwise super hot with somewhat large breasts?

She may have mentioned reading James Joyce.

bombidol2 karma

This reads like a trap. Pleading the fifth.