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biernas346 karma

How often do you get sent to islands inhabited by large dinosaurs?

Also do things tend to fall apart leaving you in a desperate fight for your very survival?

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Haha ok sign me up.

All joking aside thank you for everything you do! I have the utmost respect for paleontologists. I must admit I had a time as a child that I was obsessed with fossils.

I still have boxes upon boxes of fossils in storage. Gah I may have to break those out and give them a look again!

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Hey you're a brave dude! What has helped you the most to have a positive outlook given this whole ordeal?

biernas39 karma

What's the funniest situation you were involved with around bear and the rest of the crew?

biernas22 karma

Did you get a chance to serve my UCF brethren this past weekend? I hope we tipped well!