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How do you complain about the seduction industry when you charge $100,000 for a personal bootcamp? And when you charged thousands of dollars for a set of DVDs of you repeating this same advice that's freely available everywhere.

How do you justify that?

You marketed with stuff like this "The Forbidden LAS VEGAS technique" which turned out to be just an acronym for dressing well and having some attractive qualities, that everybody already posted about.

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Non 9/11 Question here!

Did you watch Breaking Bad, and if so, how realistic do you think it could be for John Delancie's character to be allowed to work in his emotional state. If you haven't seen the show he lost his daughter to heroin, and then out of grief made a whole bunch of mistakes that caused two aircraft to collide.

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Many people seem to be apathetic about the Snowden revelations. Are you optimistic about society's willingness to fight government surveillance?

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I guess he got sick of it.

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When I was a kid, a bit younger than you, I almost died prior to life saving surgery. When I woke up I was told this and my first thought was "Cool!"

What were your initial thoughts once you realized you could have died, but didn't?