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Do you think you guys can change the course of the country there? I understand Russia is trying to keep all the former Soviet Union satellite countries under control, and that is the root cause of the rioting - is that accurate?

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Did the co-pilot say anything else to the passengers while he was flying the plane? Did he make any announcements after landing?

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What do the Koch Brothers want? I live in Kansas, and from the rumor mill, it seems they have completely bought off a majority of the congress here and completely own the governor. What do think their end goal is?

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Can you please go into this more? In what ways do these senses help you in your day to day life? How can you tell they are heightened? Is it possible that you're just more able to focus on them?

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You fools! Crumpling is the only way to make sure nothing goes unwiped! With the folding, you're leaving crevices unclean; you must have controlled chaos in the unpredictable surface area that is your asshole. It takes more TP, but you get a cleaner buttzone.