My name’s T.J. Tumasse and from 2007 to 2013 I did 15 undercover investigations into some of the biggest factory farms in the U.S. I’ve seen it all – people stomping on turkeys, chickens stuffed in cages so small they can’t spread their wings, violations at a kosher slaughterhouse, pigs kept in cages so restrictive they couldn’t turn around for four months straight – you name it.

Most of my investigations were conducted for the animal protection non-profit Mercy For Animals, as well as other organizations, and many of them led to felony convictions for animal abuse and changes at the local, federal and corporate levels.

You can watch some of them here: Christensen pork farm in Minnesota, Turkey farm in North Carolina, Egg farm in Iowa (also MN and CO).

You can read some news coverage here: ABC Nightline News (egg farm), [Huffington Post]( (turkey farm), CBS (pig farm)

I just started telling my story to the animal welfare community, but I’m here to tell my story to the general public for the first time. I look forward to answering your questions!

Proof: pic of me and a recent talk I gave at a conference

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gopperman157 karma

After uncovering something like this, what is the easiest way for someone to help or get involved?

Tumasse204 karma

The best ways for people to be involved are volunteering locally, sharing social media and, supporting organizations like Mercy For Animals, Compassion Over Killing, and others who do undercover work.

Earthling1980155 karma I crazy or is the obvious answer to this question not "stop eating meat"

Tumasse142 karma


runnerdood137 karma

Were you ever afraid of being "found out"?

Tumasse215 karma

There were many times that I feared being found out. I was questioned several times and even searched while wearing my undercover equipment. But in the end I made it through without ever being found out.

______DEADPOOL______65 karma

searched while wearing my undercover equipment. But in the end I made it through without ever being found out.

HOW??? D:

Tumasse140 karma

I concealed it in such a way that it could not be found. Thats all I will say ;-)

iliketorun21129 karma

What's your view of Ag-gag laws? Did you ever have to deal with any of those?

Tumasse280 karma

I worked in states that now have ag-gag laws like Iowa before the laws were passed. This is a blatant attempt to silence out right to free speech. These factory farms have everything to hide because people would not support them by buying their products if they knew what was happening. The fact that they will go to these lengths to try to keep their actions hidden shows the cruelty of what they do is something to be ashamed of.

ASongInSilence93 karma

How has the job affected you?

Tumasse244 karma

I have become very sensitive to violence. I can't watch violent movies anymore, I don't like to see it. I embrace Ghandi and Dr. MLK. I believe in non-violent revolution and peace. I also deal with PTSD and some painful physical problems.

mavaction198 karma

If it's any kind of consolation did it for more than just the animals. You did it for me. Yours and your friends' work is the equivalent of an answer to my prayers. Thank you. I know I speak for a lot of people who feel this way. I can't thank you and your friends enough.

Tumasse101 karma

Thank you very much.

vera-chimera91 karma

Did the workers seem at all regretful for abusing the animals, did they seem quite numb to it all, or did they take some kind of enjoyment from it?

Tumasse146 karma

Different people acted differently. Everyone had their own approach and I saw every kind of behavior from trying to be kind to them, to being sadistic and enjoying torturing them.

RainyOcean84 karma

I really admire you for this. I've always wanted to do something like this, but I think I would end up killing myself if I had to see that much. Do you think there is any hope for the future of animal rights?

Tumasse170 karma

I think it is a long road and an uphill battle, but I think we are making TONS of progress. When i switched to a plant based diet ten years ago in the southern U.S. there were not plant based food options that I could find anywhere in the grocery store. Now, just ten years later, that same supermarket has an entire organic section with a whole variety of plant based foods. I think we are absolutely right to have hope.

mjspring11161 karma

Did you have to do any of these things to remain undercover?

Tumasse127 karma

When we work undercover we have to do the job at the facility to the best of our ability while maintaining a cruelty free working ethic with the animals as much as possible. The problem is that cruelty is often inherent in standard practice in animal agriculture. It makes the investigators job extremely difficult.

OpheliaCoxx52 karma

Is it true that with chickens they stack cages and that when they are taken for slaughter the chickens at the bottom are so stuck in crap their legs get ripped out? I read it in a book and it's haunted me for years.

Tumasse98 karma

I did not see that personally because of the changes in factory farming that have occurred. That was true at one point in time but it is an outdated practice. However, the cruelty of the modern animal agriculture system of food production is just as horrific in countless other ways.

chew_ice48 karma

How has your diet changed over the years with seeing the process of how most people eat?

Tumasse164 karma

I unequivocally reject rape, murder, slavery, and violence so for the last ten years I have lived a cruelty free lifestyle with an entirely plant based diet.

jltf45 karma

How severe was the psychological trauma you went through and do you still feel its consequences? (English is not my native language so please forgive me my wording if it sounds offensive.)

Tumasse63 karma

I do deal with emotional moments and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from what I saw but it was for the greater good and I work through it.

gatsu7745 karma

How did your family / friends react to your choice of life ?

westernhaiku9 karma

this is really interesting question. looking forward to hearing OP's answer.

Tumasse81 karma

My friends and family were incredibly supportive when they knew. I did not tell many people what I did for a very long time. But once they found out they were hugely supportive. Many of them embraced a compassionate lifestyle as well.

TarAmandil38 karma

Were you viscerally horrified each time you uncovered abuse at a farm, or did you get somewhat desensitised after you'd done a few investigations?

Tumasse87 karma

Every time I saw torture it broke my heart. I hated having to see all the things I saw.

Traubster36 karma

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

Tumasse69 karma

I embrace a compassionate plant based diet.

jltf31 karma

Can you explain the whole "ag-gag" thing and how it applies to what you've been doing?

Tumasse98 karma

We go in undercover and film what the ag industry is doing. These companies make a profit by exploiting and killing animals. this is inherently cruel. while we are there we act as the eyes and ears of the public and simply film what we see. Animal agriculture has an enormous lobby in state and federal government and they are using that to pass ag-gag laws to make taking video of the cruelty a crime instead of addressing the abuse that is standard practice.

_Insert_Name_27 karma

What do you think the worst common practices are within these factory farms that also fall within regulation of how you're actually meant to treat the animals?

Tumasse36 karma

If you are referring to cruel common practices on farms which are legal the worst are egg laying hens, gestation crates for pigs, and the confinement of dairy cows.

BlueHawaii9426 karma

What kind of people were those who abused the animals? Did they seem like "normal" or were they low-key psychopaths?

Tumasse54 karma

They were all types of people working at these farms. There is not use one type of person. some were more cruel than others. All were placed in the situation by the company, but only a few of them were truly sadistic. It is an issue of systematic food production that exploits animals.

gopperman25 karma

You mentioned that your investigations have led to felony convictions. Can you talk about any specifics of changes that have been made in light of your investigation, or justice being served for animal abusers? Have there been any "high profile" convictions?

Tumasse50 karma

The most notable convictions were in 2008 at Avaigen Turkeys in West Virginia. That was the first ever felony conviction for factory farm birds in the United States.

stripedtop24 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. You are an extremely strong and selfless individual - I write this while halfway through the video of your recent talk. I would love hear your thoughts on any of these questions if you have time:

  1. How much acting is involved going undercover? For instance, when you watched your co-workers violently throwing the turkeys into the trucks rather than passing them off, are you expected to do the same? When your co-workers treat the animals sadistically, are you supposed to laugh along with them to maintain your cover?

  2. Do you believe that your efforts (the extreme trauma of having to kill animals yourself) are always "worth" the results? Do these videos ever reach meat-eating audiences? I always feel like vegans watch these videos to reinforce their moral decisions, while meat-eaters refuse to watch such footage and would rather remain blissfully ignorant.

  3. How did you start in this line of work? Did you go to university and what did you study?

Thank you.

mavaction61 karma

As a vegan I can tell you that I simply don;t watch animal cruelty videos. I wouldn't do it anymore than I would watch a few of the most famous gruesome viral the One Hammer video.

Before I went veggie and then vegan I did watch because it seemed hypocritical to not at least watch a tiny bit of where my food came from. Friends had Peta magazine and said "just look" and I did and I changed.

Strange thing for me after going veggie and then vegan...Without a need for a cognitive "self-defense" from self accusation I became much more sensitive to cruelty and captivity. Denial is a powerful force. Losing some of it showed that underneath there was more compassion and more sadness.

Long story short I stopped eating animal products so I wouldn't have to watch the videos. If you do eat animals you probably should have a look. Same for anything else...see where your electricity comes from, where your clothes come from, your cars, your products etc...Find out what you think about your own impact on the world.

Tumasse26 karma

Thank you.

Tumasse33 karma

It takes an incredible amount of acting and role playing to fit in. I would never do anything cruel to an animal, but I had to act like it did not bother me.
I know that these videos reach tons of meat eaters every day. I believe it is the most effect way to show people the reality of animal agriculture.

This link for example shows the 10 billion lives video shown throughout Warped tour this summer. It reached thousands of people. And contains some of my video.

EnamoredSingularity21 karma

In your opinion, could you describe one of the worst cases of immoral practices you came across? Is there a particular scenario that stands out from the rest?

Tumasse65 karma

Picking out just one thing is nearly impossible. The systematic oppression of sentient beings by human hands is, as a whole, one of the most horrific things this world has ever known. Farmed animals have it worse that the rest. Of those I can single out three; Egg laying hens, dairy cows, and gestation crates for pigs

Delta_Of_Venus21 karma


Tumasse67 karma

I am not an expert on Animal Welfare Approved, but I can say this, I have seen every kind of animals agriculture and if animals are being raised, used, and killed for our own means then we are exploiting them and there is no way to morally exploit another sentient being.

alawa20 karma

What do you think would happen if you were found out?

Tumasse31 karma

It is hard to say, different places would have reacted differently. I could see anything from being buried out back to thrown in jail for a false crime.

ItinerantM20 karma


Tumasse53 karma

I think in terms of systematic abuse it is much better, however I still can't get past the moral imperative of exploiting (or eating) another sentient being.

pilotguide20 karma

How has this made your day to day life better or worse? Do you suffer from PTSD? I watch a talk you did this morning before your AmA and I could feel the pain.

Tumasse71 karma

As long as animals suffer for human whims I will suffer with them. animal exploitation is horrible. I will be affected by what I saw for the rest of my life.

affenlehrer19 karma

It seems people are down voting this thread :( there are some Nazi / north Korea threads going in parallel and I think it's a shame these threads get more attention. Probably these things have nothing to do with the people. They can say how cruel and evil the others are without having to change themselves or at least reflect on their own behavior...

Q: Many people I know don't want to see the undercover videos. Any ideas how to convince then or get them curious?

Tumasse33 karma

I would say to meet them on their level, and most of the time it is not about talking to them but being an example. share when asked but do not push. give them resources for learning.

puddingmama18 karma

I really admire the work you are doing in exposing these kind of cruelties, but my biggest fear is that most people, while feeling the usual horror and anger at these kind of things, won't feel pushed or even able to do anything about it themselves. So in your opinion, what is something small that everyone one at home is able to do, be it some form of action or just a change in lifestyle, to help bring an end to this?

Tumasse38 karma

The greatest thing any individual can do is embrace a plant based compassionate diet. second to that supporting organizations like Mercy For Animals or Compassion Over Killing.

Tumasse22 karma

Just a few veg based meals a week can make a huge difference. Also education on the impacts is huge. The China Study UN Summit paper: Livestocks Long Shadow. ect.

melon_2318 karma

What are your thoughts on 'humane meat,' 'cage-free,' 'free-range' and other words/practices like these?

Tumasse21 karma

These terms are meant to mask the reality and gain more profit. they still treat the animals the same with. They still mistreat them and cram them into tiny spaces. They are trying to hide what they are doing.

h1123317 karma

Did the other workers talk to each other about things happening around these places?

Did any of them speak up to management when they saw abusive/illegal actions? If so, what was management's response?

Tumasse37 karma

Some of the men there did not like the systematic abuse, but they were there because they had to have a job and could not put that job at risk by raising the issues.

Nagasaki_Slim14 karma

What is your educational background and was it helpful in putting you in a position to be selected for such projects?

Tumasse22 karma

I actually have an Art degree in which I learn a variety of woodworking and mechanical skills which I applied to my working experience to get hired.

the_drew14 karma

I admire you greatly and genuinely wish for people to be more aware of where their meat is coming from.

I live in Europe, where Danish bacon is revered. The reality is Danish bacon is some of the most intensely produced, unethical and cruel products in the food chain.

Do you have any resources I can point people to to help educate them about where their meat is coming from?

j0rd4n13 karma

do you eat meat?

pilotguide25 karma

I'm going to guess that would be a big old NOPE.

Tumasse53 karma

No, I embrace a compassionate plant based diet.

r2_double_D212 karma

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication! Its easy to start feeling helpless in the face of factory farming and animal cruelty but people like you remind me not to lose hope. How did you break into this line of work?

Tumasse13 karma

Thanks, I actually just sent a shot in the dark email out and ended up getting into it by accident. I am actually an artist so this was a big stretch for me.

MsXena12 karma

Were you allowed to stop people from harming the animals during your investigation? Did you ever?

Tumasse12 karma

No, we must simply act as the eyes and ears of the public and document what we see.

Ayev8tor11 karma

What percentage of workers in these animal death camps are women?

Tumasse19 karma

I can not say statistically, but I know there are very few women overall.

myniceveganaccount11 karma

Do felony convictions for animal abuse help animals in the big picture? I feel like it must be similar to a whack-a-mole carnival game, with abuses in one farm or industry being stopped just as abuses in other industries to pop up.

How important do you feel undercover investigations are in vegan advocacy?

Tumasse20 karma

Undercover work is imperative to advocating a compassionate lifestyle, and holding the system of food production responsible is the most important part of this. That responsibility ultimately falls on the consumer support these industries by purchasing their products.

sambiosis10 karma

What motivated you to become involved with MFA as an undercover investigator?

What personality traits do you need to do the job?

I'm so proud that you were able to do this. Thanks for being their voice.

Tumasse18 karma

You must be self motivated and extremely strong willed to remain mentally sound while living on the road for months at a time. You must be smart, but not appear that way, and you must be a quick decision maker able to think on your toes and remain resourceful.

PrimalPurpose9 karma


Tumasse22 karma

Of course there are times when we feel horrible about what we see but we know that it is imperative that we remain strong in the face of those feeling to continue our work because it does so much good.

MeanMrMustardSeed9 karma

T.J. thanks for all that you have been doing to bring out the truth of factory farming. This is something very dear and close to my wife and I's heart. We hope to open a small farm sanctuary in the future.

How did you cope on a day to day basis at these slaughter houses?

Tumasse8 karma

Thanks, it was very difficult to cope. I listened to a lot of empowering music and used self discipline and determination to fight through the pain.

ignaciot9 karma

Do you think this made-up concept of "eco-terrorism" would deter further undercover activity like the one you got involved with? Like using the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and similar BS to push harsher sentences in cases of obtaining undercover footage from farms in ag-gag states, for example?

BTW, big props for doing this, a lot of people don't realize how this requires huge balls and an iron-strong character.

Tumasse9 karma

Thanks, and no I do not think it will discourage others. In fact in many cases people such as myself are MORE motivated to do this work by that kind of false claims in order to prove them wrong.

knitknitterknit9 karma

Thank you so much for doing this important job. I am vegan, but I know it would be hard for me to put myself in that position, so I applaud your ethics.

How did you become an activist? How did your activism lead you to doing this undercover work?

Tumasse9 karma

I had a younger brother who committed suicide and that made me think about the value of life. During that philosophical journey I came across the book Animal Liberation and that led me to a compassionate lifestyle. After that I just felt like I could and should give something back so I went into undercover work.

iamthewallrus8 karma

Hi T.J., first I want to say thank you for all that you've done. I've been a vegetarian for my whole life but I decided to go vegan after I drove past "dairy row" on I-10 between Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX. Did you work there? It was one of the worst things I've ever seen or smelled. Mounds of shit everywhere and the cows were just walking through it. I wouldn't treat my worst enemy like that.

Tumasse9 karma

I did not work there but I know the place well. Thanks for a lifetime of compassion.

deuxoutrois7 karma

I really want to say thank you very much for what you've done! I admire you a lot. I'm curious how did you decide to do this? Were you involved with an animal welfare organisation which offered you help/ training or did you just start it on your own?

I come from an eastern european country where being vegan for ethical reasons is almost unheard of. So are animal welfare regulations related to agriculture. I'd really like to see this kind of investigations happening in my country.

Tumasse8 karma

I had a younger brother who committed suicide and that made me think about the value of life. During that philosophical journey I came across the book Animal Liberation and that led me to a compassionate lifestyle. After that I just felt like I could and should give something back so I went into undercover work.

Daenye7 karma

Thank you for doing this. I hope you're able to deal with the things you saw. Was there a "trigger" for you to start doing this kind of investigation?

Tumasse18 karma

I had a younger brother who committed suicide and that made me think about the value of life. During that philosophical journey I came across the book Animal Liberation and that led me to a compassionate lifestyle. After that I just felt like I could and should give something back so I went into undercover work.

worldcup_withdrawal7 karma

Has there been any big public backlash from the cities and states trying to create laws that block the type of whistle blowing that you do?

Tumasse11 karma

There are many attempts to pass so called ag-gag laws trying to silence the truth of these undercover videos. Most fail completely and the others are being challenged as unconstitutional.

cat_with_giant_boobs7 karma

Whay can I look for in my local grocery store that will support ethically raised meats? How can I know what I'm purchasing is supporting ethically raised animals?

Tumasse23 karma

The term ethically raised meat is, in my opinion, a contradiction. There is no way to kindly exploit and kill someone, no matter if they are human or another species.

apollostarfall7 karma

Who can become an investigator? I notice you're a large, tatted-up, and pierced guy. I'm a short, pretty weak college student about to graduate from my state's flagship state school. My Facebook also has a lot of animal rights posts and you can find me easily on Google. If I could, I would be so willing to do this work. I know I have the strength for it.

Tumasse21 karma

Contact MFA or Compassion Over Killing really any Animal Rights organization that you like. Investigators come in all shapes and sizes.

seajellie6 karma

Have you ever held a personal grudge against any of the abusers? So much that you have to hold back from tracking them down and giving them a piece of your mind (or a face slap)? I am very forgiving and I know violence doesn't fix violence but what do you do with the aggression you (may) feel toward these people?

Tumasse20 karma

I am as compassionate to human suffering as I am toward animal suffering and I would not want to hurt anyone who is already in a bad situation more. I embrace peace and non-violence.

iLiikeUnicorns6 karma

I admire you so much. Did you have any mental consequences after experiencing what was happening in those farms, like nightmares, etc? Just seeing your emotion during your talk makes me cry, I can't bring myself to watch the video.

Tumasse19 karma

That is very kind, I appreciate it so much. I do have nightmares and some PTSD. I am really against violence and don't even watch movies that include violent scenes. I am not against it in film, but I have seen so much real violence that I don't want to be exposed to it anymore.

purpleyonderwind5 karma

Did you have vegan people around you to vent to? roommates/group members? When going back to the job did you sense the animals could tell you were different a more positive person while with them?

Feeling animal freedom is important, you must feel human freedom is important. It is much the same controllers choosing war, carnivorousness and separation. With little respect for Nature let alone Animals and Humans. this article has resonated Do you think most would change if they sat through these videos? I do.

Tumasse10 karma

I have a support group that I spend time with and talk to, as well as support for organizations. I think our movement will continue to grow through every avenue, but what is most important to me is the fact that no animal activist has ever harmed an animal or a human. I believe in a peaceful world and I take part in peaceful activism.

radar_technician5 karma

I'm supposed to ask a question and not just thank you, so my question is have people sufficiently thanked you for doing such an important job?

Tumasse6 karma

They have, very often. And I always appreciate the support.

Cordelia55 karma

Can you recommend your favorite books on animal rights?

Tumasse6 karma

Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

llieaay5 karma

You are a hero. Thanks for everything that you do!

When under cover investigations break, I wish that it was you and other former investigators who were interviewed on the news. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the response after an undercover investigation breaks. It seems a typical outcome is that the low level workers are prosecuted, which is a little controversial in the movement. Do you think those prosecutions are beneficial? What legal actions should we be pushing for?

Tumasse7 karma

This is a very hard topic to discuss with many different opinions. I think the whole discussion come down to a couple things. It takes large policy changes to enact protection legally. For that there must be legal backing and public support. part of that is showing convictions for this type of cruelty. That said the men at the low level are not the problem. the people who financially support this activity by purchasing their products are the problem. The best action in my mind is to work from both sides. but making one person a scapegoat is not productive.

Beledi19895 karma

Hi TJ, I watched your presentation and I can't even imagine going through that. You're incredibly brave. My question is random but it was the first thing I was curious about... When you had lunch breaks did you eat lunch with the other employees or eat by yourself somewhere else (like outside)? I'm assuming you had breaks, I really have no idea! But I just wondered if you would've gone as far as to eat mock meat meals and not tell them it wasn't real meat so they'd think you were a meat eater and not be suspicious of you? Thanks for doing a Q&A, I'm really enjoying reading all of your answers :) peace x

Tumasse11 karma

I ate meat substitutes in front of the other workers and even gave it to them to eat. at potlucks and in hotel rooms on the road and no one ever knew it was not animal based meat.

Thisduderockz5 karma

after reading your title, for some reason this is the first thing that came to mindcame to mind but i appreciate your work. thanks for sharing! these stories are so hard to hear about or watch, but its very important that these people are exposed.

Tumasse7 karma

I love that movie!!! thanks for sharing that. totally made me smile.

voodah4 karma

What do you think could've happened if you were caught??

How far do you think the people in charge of those farms would go to protect their secrets??

Tumasse6 karma

I can only speculate and use my imagination.

stetsosaur4 karma

Did/do you ever fear for your life? I know there have been several cases of activists 'disappearing' while doing work to expose the worldwide issues created and terrible practices being used by big agriculture.

Side note: thank you for all you do. I can only imagine how stressful and mortifying doing a job like this can be, but just know that me and all other compassionate individuals as well as environmentalists (and probably doctors) owe you our deepest gratitude

Tumasse5 karma

I was always very cautious and very fearful for my well being. I took great care to be smarter than the people I was working with.

jamecquo4 karma

Thank you! I don't think I could make it through a day of what you do. A few minutes you what you do all day long changed my life.

Q: Do you have any pets?

Tumasse6 karma

I have a couple animals who chose to live with me that I call friends and companions.

safety2nd3 karma

Did you come across any farms that surprised you with positive animal welfare practices? Or any even remotely positive stories from your undercover work?

Tumasse8 karma

I have had some great experiences and have some wild stories from working undercover but no positive stories of treatment of animals. The fond memories I have came from doing things outside of work like hiking on the weekends.

sir_osis_of_da_liver3 karma

I might be too late to get a response, but how do you feel about Whole Foods' "5 Step Animal Welfare System"? Do you think it actually works and that their standards are indeed better?

Tumasse8 karma

I do not think that there is a kind way to mistreat anyone no matter the species and that the advertising is just that, a way to get people to spend their money.

Plyngntrffc3 karma

How do legislators craft their verbiage, in regards to Ag-Gag, laws to not sound like they're just protecting their handouts from big farm companies? What do they say is the need/benefit of this, Ag-Gag, type of legislation?

Tumasse7 karma

Ag-gag is a blatant attempt to silence people who say that these industries are exploiting animals and showing through video that it is true. This legislation is un lawful.

Renegade_Meister3 karma

Did you have to sign any legal documents with the factories or farms in order to gain the access that you needed for your investigation?

If so, have you faced any legal backlash from that? Or is that only possible in states with ag-gag laws?

Tumasse8 karma

I have not received any legal backlash as you call it. The ag-gag laws are an attempt but most are failing and the others are being challenged.

TeslaIsAdorable3 karma

How do you feel about this blog post, which talks about methods for getting a downed cow back up that can look cruel but are done with the welfare of the animal in mind?

Tumasse8 karma

I think that the animal should never have been treated so poorly to begin with and that making them stand when they do not wish to is not kind.

attentionpaysme2 karma

I understand these animals are getting mistreated and hurt, but I remember watching a documentary showing how farmers are getting screwed over too by big corporations. Basically putting these farmers so much in debt, that they are working it off for the rest of their lives. Is any of that true?

Tumasse7 karma

Animal exploitation is a problem from the top down and the bottom up. The smaller farms are maybe bullied so to speak, but that is of less meaning to me than the fact that 99 percent of meat comes from factory farms and all of them no matter what size still exploit animals for profit.

James427852 karma

Could you tell us die hard meat eaters what major factory farms are up to snuff?

Tumasse7 karma

None. Exploitation and killing can not be compassionate.

two_off1 karma

Were you first an employee in the industry or an investigator?

What did your recording equipment look like and how'd you conceal it?

What are you going to do now that your career as an undercover investigator is kinda ruined now that you've been revealed?

Tumasse7 karma

I was familiar with farming but did not work on farms until becoming an investigator. I will forever advocate for animals and support a compassionate lifestyle.

noodle-face1 karma

I'd like to think that one way we can help is not buying food from these farms. But how can we do that? Are there resources to find where to buy from? Am I going to have to pay 1000% more for the same food?

Tumasse6 karma

Most supermarkets cary plant based alternatives that are very affordable. In my experience, as well as the other undercover investigators I know, the smaller farm operations often are worse due to trying to compete with the larger farms.