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How has the job affected you?

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That is very respectable. I can only imagine how those 6 years have changed, affected, and haunted you. Hell, I cry like a baby when I see movies with animal death/cruelty in them and I cannot fathom seeing it in person.

You're a very strong, brave, and humane person to deal with it for so long to help make a change. You have my respect.

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Please answer more questions! We are truly interested in your book and your personal story!

So here's my question: I've not read your book yet, but plan to now, but without giving any spoilers - how would you feel if you were the main character of your story and you experienced the plot first hand? Emotionally and physically? I'd like to know how I should feel going into the story!

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The Last Unicorn was my all time favorite book when I was young. I used to fantasize about being in that world all the time... haha, sounds silly, right? I had the most amazing images in my mind from that story and must have read the book over a hundred times and listened to the audio until my ears bled.

I just want to say thank you for giving me something in my childhood to hold onto on dark and lonely nights. Beautiful work. I need to go read it again.

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All good and understandable! I wasn't dogging on you, I was genuinely wanting to read more about you and the book. :)

I'll be sure to lose all sense of self worth and living before reading so that I don't hurt myself in the process. I get too invested with stories and often tear myself apart later because I get too attached or too mentally into them.

Thanks for responding! I look forward to coming back later and reading more answers. Thank you and good luck with everything! This is an exciting opportunity for you!