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Is it true the "fart" discussion in Good Will Hunting was an improv? BTW, the way you delivered "I will end you" was a-MAY-zing.

May I use that as my SMS alert on my cell phone?

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How much notice do you give to the neighbours / the police / the council for your projects? The AT-AT for exampple, did you need planning permission for that?

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First off, thanks for the book, secondly, the heist scene in Heat (i.e. Where they're actually in the bank / controlling the staff and punters) felt pretty authentic, was it?

Also, what other films have shown the craft well?

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What do you make of the F35 vs A10 debate?

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Have you spent much time in Sweden? We have significant Viking memorials, such as Haväng, Ales Stena, Kungagraven, Anundshög (also includes a MASSIVE Stone burial ship and an entire village complete with working ships, huts and food.