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The structure seemed sound enough. Did Terry exhibit more strength than a 7 year old boy?

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What was Rupaul's Drag Race like IRL? I know you have mad respect for what they do and you were one of the best guest judges!

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Have you seen the movie Role Models? Any thoughts on their LARPing with your band's likeness? Thanks!!!

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I proudly use my cloth bags at the grocery and only buy pop in a plastic bottle rarely (and reuse them after!). I manage our university's chemistry lab and try to closely regulate plastic pipette and glove usage (when it is wasteful and not conducive to safety).

It is hard to feel like you are doing enough, however.

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Have you ever held a personal grudge against any of the abusers? So much that you have to hold back from tracking them down and giving them a piece of your mind (or a face slap)? I am very forgiving and I know violence doesn't fix violence but what do you do with the aggression you (may) feel toward these people?