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Shit, would not have expected to see someone from Ohkay on reddit. My dad is from Ohkay and I grew up dancing and going to feast days. Unfortunately, I work and live out of state most of the year... so I haven’t been able to participate as an adult.

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Seeing how you love Breaking Bad so much, will you ever come back to Albuquerque to play a show?

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Can confirm. Friend walked away from a computer science job at Amazon and took a pay cut cut to work for the DoD. Much happier

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I might be too late to get a response, but how do you feel about Whole Foods' "5 Step Animal Welfare System"? Do you think it actually works and that their standards are indeed better?

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No questions, just wanted to say thank you to you both. In high school, one of my friend's donated bone marrow to his older brother during the middle of our cross country season. Even gathered national attention for it. Article here.