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One day man... One day

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My two best friends have pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum respectively. My friend with pectus carinatum doesn't have to wear a brace or anything, but my friend with excavatum had to have some pretty wicked surgeries,. He has a few spots with circular scars where he had wires running into him. When they took them out he was surprised by an awful sensation in his chest. He asked what it was and the nurse said very nonchalant, 'It was the wires dragging across your lungs as we took them out.'

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That's gross, there the kind of things that put me off of surgery

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Your brace looks like toast. Does it smell like toast?

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I'm saving it for when I get hungry but I have grown too attached to it to eat it :'(

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Wait....its fused to your skin?

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No it's not like an Eco skeleton look at the pictures with it off

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Sorry so many questions and I'm on my phone

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Are you exhibiting any other pigeon-like symptoms, such as hooting, a fondness for bread crumbs while using the phrase "aww yiss mother fucking bread crumbs"?

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Obviously not of hoot sorry I mean obviously not Of course I'm not a pigeon! Brb of to get bread crumbs

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So you have something called pigeon chest and they strap pieces of bread to your chest? Is that some kind of sick joke?

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It's actually to lure the pigeon out of my chest :D

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Pectus carinatum sounds like a Harry Potter spell. What do you imagine this spell would be?

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Turns you into a pigeon :D

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Does it hurt ?

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Yes it does at first but it gets easier. The main problem is generally how uncomfortable it is especially when I'm trying to sleep.

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Ok that sucks. I had to wear a plastic one that looked like a bustier when I broke my back but at least I could take it off at night. I can't see the back of yours but I'm guessing it's got not only the horizontal bars but some sort of vertical attachment? Yours looks cooler, mine was solid with some holes added for ventilation it was like being cooked alive since I lived in the Southern US. I got some big chunks of foam like they make seat cushions out of and cut grooves where mine would rest so that I could sit more comfortably. I wonder if you could do the same but with a foam mattress pad?

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Thanks for the tip I will see about it!

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So it's kind of like braces for your chest? Because braces are painful as all hell until you adjust to the pain.

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Do you use a memory foam mattress or mattress topper? It can help to distribute pressure better than a traditional spring mattress.

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Yes I use a topper

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Do you like tacos?

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Yes I do! (Guess I did say ask me anything :D)

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Hey pectus friend! I had severe PE when but had it fixed surgically when I was 18 in 2010.

pre-op: http://i.imgur.com/SD3rom7.jpg

3 years later: http://i.imgur.com/KgAfkgz.jpg

Just wondering if you have considered surgery yourself? My surgeon also fixes PC.

Good luck with the fix!

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I have but it seems very drastic. How did it of for you? Would you recommend it?

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Well I had read a lot of things online which made it out to be the most painful surgery ever. However at 18 I didn't find it too bad. The first month is hard, but it gradually gets easier. It was about 3 months until I was 100% back to normal You also need another operation 3 years later which is a bit of a nuisance. But the second surgery is nowhere near as bad and I was fully recovered after 10 days.

I chose surgery because my research suggested it was the best way for a permanent fix. I would personally recommend it however all my experience is with fixing Pectus Excavatum, not Carinatum.

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Good to hear your doing well

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How long do you have to wear it?

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I will have to wear it everyday for 2 years. Apparently my chest will be flat after 6 months but it is all about keeping it there. But I am still growing so fully grown adults might not have to wear it for so long.

Edit: Apparently some adult can not use it although I have heard of people using it for 1 years so...?

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What are the dangers of pectus carinatum? Do you have to fix it or do you simply want to?

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There are no health conditions involved with mine so I am doing this for purely to have a flat normal looking chest. I hope it's worth it! The alternative is chest surgery or just dealing with it.

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Thanks for your time :)

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No problem! I have nothing better to do :D

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How severe is yours? Can't really tell from the picture with the brace on. I've got a very minor case, and whilst I was a bit self concious about it when I was younger, at 25 I'm now not all that bothered. I think surgery was mentioned to me but not bracing when I was diagnosed.

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Pretty severe but not too bad

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Will it be less painful after 6 months because it then no longer has to move the bones but rather hold them in place?

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That's the plan

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How does the brace work for fully grown adults? I thought that things like this can't be corrected in adults without surgery because they are not growing anymore.

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It's better if you are still growing but I heard it works for adults

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Those pads look like toast... So my question: what did you have for breakfast?

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I actually had weetabix. If I ate the toast I would have no brace left!

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How did that happen? Birth condition? If yes: why didn't you start this therapy earlier?

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It was a condition that literally grew on me over time. I had had it very mild up until I hit Puberty and a friend put his hand on my chest and noticed something. I'm currently 6ft and still growing so is started to become more and moe prominent and it came to the point were something had to be done so I looked into the brace and decided to go with it. Hope that answers your questions :)

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When I was 13, I noticed one side of my chest sticks out more than the other. Told my parents, went to see a Doctor, got x-rayed (poked/prodded) and was told that because I was still growing I should come back when I was 21, the doctors didn't know what to make of it anyway. I just got used to having a deformed chest that sticks out, its not really noticeable unless I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I have stamina and 'deep' breathing issues but I've just accepted it. Never went back to the doctors, first time round put me off. Unless it's life threatening, I'm just going to live with it. Surgery seems like the only option now but I would have worn a brace if I'd been told it would help. I'm 31 now and if I said I was happy its not completely true, but I wouldn't be who I was and where I am, which is to say I'm not sure if I'm better or worse off, just different.

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Not sure about braces for adults but defiantly check it out . Do what ever is best for you if you are struggling to do daily tasks defiantly look into treatments more but if you are fine keep doing what you are doing

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Is pigeon chest that condition where your boobs and nipples are cone shaped like bugles?

_JAZZA_84 karma

I don't think so? I just checked my boobs and they're all good

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Are you sure you don't have an alien growing inside you?

_JAZZA_67 karma

Maybe it will burst out my chest like in Alien!

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I have it too! How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I understand that for this to work you have to still be growing? Mine is very mild and mostly obscured by my pecs.

_JAZZA_81 karma

Might get some hate but in 14 and growing very fast (currently 6ft) I'm also very skinny so it shows a lot. If your fine with how you look then don't worry man

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Have you found any positives coming from this condition?

_JAZZA_86 karma

It's more from the treatment but I guess the working out is a big plus as it is something that I would usually not bring myself to do but will hopefully have a number of positive effects!

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What is part of your workout?

_JAZZA_73 karma

Push ups, sit ups, lunges, shoulder rolls and some elastic thing

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Come over and check out /r/bodyweightfitness

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Will do!

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Hey man.

So I had Pectus Caranatum as well, and recently had it surgically corrected. (I had a fairly severe case that my doctor feared would begin to affect my respiratory system)

I wore the exact same brace as you from ages 12 to 15 for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. I noticed something was wrong after dealing with a lot of bullying in gym class from jerky classmates

I just want to warn you ahead of time that bracing isn't necessarily an end all be all. It didn't work for me. My condition was gone for awhile, my doctor gave me the okay to stop wearing it, and BAM within a few weeks my chest had popped back to where it was when I started. I'm not saying this will happen, but I guess just be wary.

For me the main issue was the cosmetic side of it, I'd be embarrassed to play sports or swim with my friends, it wasn't until later that I found it was affecting me more.

I'm glad I had surgery, and I'm glad it's been fixed. It's incredibly intensive, and you end up unable to function normally for about a month or two. But, as opposed to bracing, it solved the problem for me, and I'm finally up and running again.

Although. I think the most important thing I learned from all of it was when I was in the ICU after surgery. My friends and family came and visited me, and at that point I realized that those people still love me, and don't give a damn about how I look. I thought it was the end of the world before, but after I learned that everyone has weird quirks or issues, and if they can't respect yours, well, fuck em.

Anyways I hope this information can help you somehow, I wish I had someone telling me the same when I was going through surgery. (and that people would actually be interested in hearing from me) Anyways I'm working now, but I can probably attach photos later if requested. I'm afraid I don't have my brace anymore because I destroyed that awful fucker a few months ago. Hated that thing. But I can show post op scaring etc.

Anyways best of luck, don't let this shit get to your head. It doesn't really matter in the end.

Apparently I need to ask a question so a robot doesn't delete this so here you go. Are you more worried about the cosmetic side or do you have any real health issues?

_JAZZA_24 karma

I'm currently showing good signs and and I think it's worth a shot but I will take into account what you said. I also hate this thing so weather or not it fixes my chest doesn't matter as it will be off in 2 years regardless so I will aim for there and hope it works. Thanks for the reply good to know all my options and the pros/cons

Hope it all worked out for you!

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That brace looks really scary. I had a leg brace on for about 8 weeks and hated every moment of it. Are you able to wear it under your shirt? and are you dreading the 2 years with it on?

_JAZZA_36 karma

Yes and yes

If I walked down the street you would not be able to tell that I had a brace on

I'm trying to look at the positives but it's hard. Hopefully I get use to it and it's just another part of my everyday life, but for now it bloody hurts!

gubloid11 karma

Hope it all gets easier for you :)

_JAZZA_9 karma

Thanks :)

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Do the kids ever call you names, like aluminum monster?

_JAZZA_25 karma

No not even rickety cricket!

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Do you have any other abnormalities? Serious.

It may occur as a solitary congenital abnormality or in association with other genetic disorders or syndromes : Turner syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Morquio syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 21, homocystinuria, osteogenesis imperfecta, multiple lentigines syndrome, Sly syndrome and Scoliosis.

_JAZZA_25 karma

Not that I know of! I have had multiple doctors tell me I am fine mentally and physically even after checking my pectus. I am a bit worried now are there any other noticeable symptoms included in these?

t0ast3d13 karma

Hey, sorry! Not meaning to stress you out. I was just reading on wikipedia and noticed the above. I'd wager that your doctors are aware of all those things and have examined your tests, and you for any indications.

Link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pectus_carinatum

_JAZZA_12 karma

Don't worry thanks for notifying me. I will read up on it and bring it up to them soon

Mangostin9 karma

If you had any of those things then the doctors would have told you! Most of them are easily visible. (Not doctor, vet student. Had some of these in biology lessons however)

_JAZZA_6 karma

They checked me for scoliosis so I assume they checked others. Hopefully I'm good!

NYstate17 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. How do people and your friends react to you wearing a brace? I'm sure buying clothes is difficult. Thanks for this AMA.

_JAZZA_29 karma

No problem. My friends are rather good about it, I act like its no big deal so they act like it's no big deal. They are understandably curious so I answer all there questions.

It is more concealed than you would think but yes I have to buy baggies shirts which is a pain in summer

throwitfromegyptdxb14 karma

When you say you have to wear it 23/7, is that because you take it off to do things like shower?

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If you could kill anyone in the world and put the blame on someone else, who would you kill and whom would you put the blame on?

_JAZZA_16 karma

I honestly don't know I'll come back to you if I have an answer

150andCounting8 karma

Have you ever hugged someone with a pectus excavatum that perfectly matches your pectus carinatum?

If so, was it a good hug?

(I have an excavatum)

_JAZZA_15 karma

No but I have had offers on the internet. One day!

arizonagamer7 karma

I also have pectus carinatum (15 gear old male). I haven't been wearing my brace at all because I can't get through the pain of wearing it from 2 hours up to 14 hours a day. Any tips?

_JAZZA_5 karma

Ask yourself is it worth it. I would say either don't use the brace if you don't think it's worth it or if you want a flat chest go for it. You don't have to start it off super tight work your way into it and see what works for you. Hope this helped!

aaipod5 karma

so would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

_JAZZA_6 karma

100 duck sized horses

SteroidSandwich5 karma

How difficult does the brace make everyday activities?

_JAZZA_4 karma

Depends I take it of for sport bit sleeping is a real pain in the ass

alloctone4 karma

Your brace looks like a mild torture device. XD

It seems like you've only started wearing the brace recently. How long have you been wearing it? Any first day pains, or was it just uncomfortable?

It also seems like you're doing this mainly for aesthetic reasons, but is there really no medical downside to having this untreated?

_JAZZA_4 karma

Got it last week so yeah very new. The first 4 days really hurt but now it is just really uncomfortable especially when sleeping. I now have a memory foam mattress but it only helps it a bit

Yes there is no medical downside for me but for anyone who is having this problem please go to the doctors because it can cause back problems or be linked to numerous other problems

causereasons4 karma

I had a friend with this condition, he used to pour drinks in the cavity and drink them with a straw. I hope you have better party tricks with yours!

If it is something that is important to you then it is worth the 2 years in the brace. Just try your hardest to stick to it even when you don't feel like it cause if you half-ass it you're not as likely to get the results you were hoping for (just talk to my shitty post-reconstruction shoulder!)

Now for a question. What are your plans for the next couple of years? School, work, teenage stuff?

_JAZZA_5 karma

They probably had the opposite were it goes in but I got no cool tricks yet. If I get creative I could make a wicked Halloween costume around it

Thanks I have been throwing myself at it and maybe doing it up a bit to tight but there's no point of having it for 2 years if it only does half the work

Not sure how you mean but I am starting my GCSE's next year (English) so I hope it does not effect revision and social life to much!

youngmonie4 karma

Does your condition cause any physical limitations?

How does working out help? Are there particular exercises that you have to do?

Also why is your stomach red in the picture?

_JAZZA_8 karma

I have to take it if for most physic activities

My chest won't make it perfect to the workouts fill out the space and make it unnoticeable

Just the lighting... I hope!

The_McBane3 karma

Since those pad things look like toast ......Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter, which do you prefer?

_JAZZA_4 karma

Neither! I know I'm a monster

heleeum2 karma

I have pigeon chest too, was offered surgery but never this piece of machinery! Chest muscles grew a lot after working out so now it's hardly noticeable but would you recommend me going back to my doctor to ask about this?

_JAZZA_1 karma

Check online but if you are fine with your chest you probably don't need it as it is costs a lot, hurts a lot and is time consuming bit your choice man

k3v1ng19942 karma

Hey! I have the exact same “condition". It started when I was going through puberty (around 14 years old). Im glad to meet someone else that has it! I'm 20 years old now and its not even noticeable anymore. I also wanted a brace but when I went to the doctors they just said I had to build some muscle in my chest and it'll be fine, because like you also, it doesn't affect my health, thankfully. Also, how much did the brace cost?

_JAZZA_2 karma

I'm currently 14 so it sound very similar to you. Glad to here you are doing fine guess it gives me something to work towards

We are trying to get the NGS to cover it but it was a few thousand pounds

TwoNickel1 karma

How often do you wear it? During what occasions are you allowed to remove it?

_JAZZA_1 karma

I can remove it for 1 hour a day or for sport

Foolbird1 karma

I have pectus carinatum as well. Sometimes I like to freak people out (works better at the pool) and press in on it making the rest of my chest go out.

Do you do anything similar to freak people out? Also do you find it hard to sleep on your chest, too?

_JAZZA_2 karma

My friends are aware so I will try to freak out some stranger soon!

Without the brace I had no problems sleeping but with it yes it is the hardest part, I end up lying on my back till I am just to tired not to fall asleep

twogunsalute1 karma

Has the pigeon chest become bigger as you got older?

Did people take the piss out of you?

What kind of workouts do you do?

_JAZZA_3 karma

Yes it got worse and still is getting worse so it is a good time to have the brace

No not at all, I talk about it like there is nothing to hide so when they ask questions and get curious I just answer. If I act like it's no big deal so do my friends

A mix of stuff like lunges, push ups and sit ups all with deep breathes

ykh1 karma

I have Marfan syndrome and pectus excavatum (chest sticks out) is one of the many symptoms. Does your chest wall impede your internal organs? When was it noticed?

_JAZZA_2 karma

It was noticed last year and no only aesthetic no physical problems which is good

harryballj1 karma

My son has the exact opposite condition. Inverted pecta-something or other. He is only 6. We take him to a heart specialist for check ups once a year. It really freaked us out when it first became obvious. At age 3 he could eat a bowl of cereal out of the crater while lying down. Fortunately, his dent is growing smaller.
I used to worry constantly about his heart and lungs being too cramped. Now that he swims and plays baseball I worry more about him developing insecurities. Luckily, he is a rockstar. If it bothers him he hasn't shown it yet. Also, now that his lower ribs don't flare out as much it is starting to kind of look like he just has an abnormally nice set of orcs for a 6 year old.
My wife and I would rather he not get his chest cut open to correct a primarily cosmetic condition. Any advice for keeping him up beat and confident when the teenage years come? You seem to be pretty comfortable with things. Did your parents do anything extra to help your confidence?

_JAZZA_2 karma

I'm just open and I understand people are curious about things that are different. I agree that surgery is a last resort but there are other methods for pectus excavatum (what your son has) and although it sounds weird as he is young now but when he hits puberty get him to work out as it really covers it up. Good luck to you all :D

twogunsalute1 karma

So you're not going to show us what your pigeon chest actually looks like then?

_JAZZA_2 karma

I cant it I practically flat at the moment and it will only go back to normal if I take the brace off for 2 hours but then it would be hard to re adjust when I put it back on. Sorry man! Just type it in online

Lord_Monboddo1 karma

Does this get misdiagnosed a lot? I ask because I actually got a diagnosis of pigeon chest when I was younger but the doctor was way wide of the mark (he was a bit of an odd doctor to be fair with some quite unusual diagnosis), it was a dislocated rib that never got sorted and so sticks out slightly (although it's barely noticeable).

_JAZZA_2 karma

I'm not sure but mine is fairly obvious

Crabski1 karma

Was there any surgery involved in correcting this, or is it just the external brace and exercises?

I ask because the similar condition pectus excavatum often requires invasive surgery including an internal chest brace (basically a titanium bar inserted under the ribs).

_JAZZA_2 karma

Yes there is surgery but I think surgery should always be a last resort as it is very serious

And I believe the clinic I went to had external braces for pectus excavatum

ShowersNeiked0 karma

How do you poop?

_JAZZA_22 karma

Usually on the toilet