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iMac_Hunt254 karma

Hey pectus friend! I had severe PE when but had it fixed surgically when I was 18 in 2010.

pre-op: http://i.imgur.com/SD3rom7.jpg

3 years later: http://i.imgur.com/KgAfkgz.jpg

Just wondering if you have considered surgery yourself? My surgeon also fixes PC.

Good luck with the fix!

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Well I had read a lot of things online which made it out to be the most painful surgery ever. However at 18 I didn't find it too bad. The first month is hard, but it gradually gets easier. It was about 3 months until I was 100% back to normal You also need another operation 3 years later which is a bit of a nuisance. But the second surgery is nowhere near as bad and I was fully recovered after 10 days.

I chose surgery because my research suggested it was the best way for a permanent fix. I would personally recommend it however all my experience is with fixing Pectus Excavatum, not Carinatum.

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I'll happily throw in £20 towards a new mattress for you if anyone else is willing to chip in.

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Thanks, I would be lying if I said it was just the surgery which gave me that chest - it took plenty of hours in the gym to get me the chest I wanted!

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Honestly, the second surgery is a walk in the park compared to the first. When I said it was a nuisance I meant because the surgery was booked in during a very busy point of my life. I was walking around a few hours after surgery and I was probably 80% recovered by the fourth day. Overall I found the second surgery really liberating. The bars didn't hurt at all while they were in there but there was definitely a feeling of freedom when I took a breath post surgery.

My surgeon didn't overcorrect but I've heard about it being done. There may have been a very slight sink after the surgery but it definitely isn't noticeable.