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Since Scotland has it's own legal system (Scots law) how does it square having a degree from an English university and becoming a Scottish advocate (correct me if I'm wrong but I believe an advocate is the Scottish equivalent of a Barrister) or vice versa? The two legal systems are as I understand it very different, English law being generally based in common law whereas Scots Law is a hybrid of common and civil law and is largely based off of Roman Law originally whereas English Law is as I understand it based off of older Saxon laws. Is it easier for instance to go from one to the other than, say for instance, you wanted to become a lawyer in America?

As you may have guessed I'm not a student of law or even hoping to be but I take a passing interest and I've always been interested in how our legal system in Scotland interacts with English Law.

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Does this get misdiagnosed a lot? I ask because I actually got a diagnosis of pigeon chest when I was younger but the doctor was way wide of the mark (he was a bit of an odd doctor to be fair with some quite unusual diagnosis), it was a dislocated rib that never got sorted and so sticks out slightly (although it's barely noticeable).