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My two best friends have pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum respectively. My friend with pectus carinatum doesn't have to wear a brace or anything, but my friend with excavatum had to have some pretty wicked surgeries,. He has a few spots with circular scars where he had wires running into him. When they took them out he was surprised by an awful sensation in his chest. He asked what it was and the nurse said very nonchalant, 'It was the wires dragging across your lungs as we took them out.'

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I'm not sure I would have warned a person dropping acid for the first time that it can make your body numb, I've never experienced that. I'll probably mention it now though. ...I love acid.

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Would you recommend your line of work to someone who as looking for a career?

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I got rhabdo from a seizure I had at work. I was on IV fluids for a week or so and had to measure how much I peed. When I was released my veins felt sore. No question really, I feel for you though, it's not a fun time.