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Ok that sucks. I had to wear a plastic one that looked like a bustier when I broke my back but at least I could take it off at night. I can't see the back of yours but I'm guessing it's got not only the horizontal bars but some sort of vertical attachment? Yours looks cooler, mine was solid with some holes added for ventilation it was like being cooked alive since I lived in the Southern US. I got some big chunks of foam like they make seat cushions out of and cut grooves where mine would rest so that I could sit more comfortably. I wonder if you could do the same but with a foam mattress pad?

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I wondered if there was a lot of babying. With it being pediatric medicine it seems like all the stuff I have seen in those wings is dedicated to children not young adults. As to the knowing more about what is going on with your own body, no that doesn't sound crazy at all. But I had a pretty bad car accident in my early 20s and had vertebra replacement, died, had to relearn to walk etc so I spent a lot of time in the hospital too. You are the only one that knows how you feel and you are the most familiar and most invested (other than your parents who were probably beside themselves) so it stands to reason that they should pay attention to what you say.

I'm glad to hear you are doing so well! It sounds like you've got a lot of heart so I'm sure that will continue! I think anything like that when you come out on the other side you appreciate just being alive more and you're a fighter by the time it's done!

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Do you have any recommendations for how to make kids more comfortable who are spending long amounts of time in the hospital? Especially teens? I think most of the stuff I've seen has always been geared toward smaller children but teens are still in pediatric care.

How do you feel now? I know you said your lung function is really good but I know you had a lot more than that going on. I'm glad to read that your lung function is above normal by the way, that's fantastic!

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Thank you for everything you and your family have endured on our behalf! I sincerely hope that you are all together safe here soon!

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It's not seeds or automation it's seedlings. They are tiny trees that are just starting and can be a few months to a year old. I have a peach tree that we planted pits in 2012 it is just now about 10 inches high. Here is what an evergreen seedling looks like. Here's an oak seedling. You can plant a ton of these things in a day if your back holds out.

Source: My Pa grew nursery stock for extra money Dwarf Cutleaf Japanese Maples and Hemlock were what he specialized in. I was his unskilled labor. Also my husband and I live on a mini farm and we plant a lot of trees.