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DanTAC23 karma

When I was 13, I noticed one side of my chest sticks out more than the other. Told my parents, went to see a Doctor, got x-rayed (poked/prodded) and was told that because I was still growing I should come back when I was 21, the doctors didn't know what to make of it anyway. I just got used to having a deformed chest that sticks out, its not really noticeable unless I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I have stamina and 'deep' breathing issues but I've just accepted it. Never went back to the doctors, first time round put me off. Unless it's life threatening, I'm just going to live with it. Surgery seems like the only option now but I would have worn a brace if I'd been told it would help. I'm 31 now and if I said I was happy its not completely true, but I wouldn't be who I was and where I am, which is to say I'm not sure if I'm better or worse off, just different.