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So was WW2 in HD. Incredibly well done, some of the images and stories gave me chills.

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Has Scientology infiltrated the US government? I remember reading that they infiltrated the IRS (or something like that) but I’m wondering if they might have secret members in different government institutions that might be spying for them.

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Hi Doug thanks for doing this.

Does Scientology have a body count? Have you heard about people being offed to protect the church or high ranking members?

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Country Mac was the best!!!! I thought that was one of the funniest episodes of all time.

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  1. Have you ever worked with any other SOF like Delta Force, the 160th Night Stalkers, 75th Ranger Regiment, Air Force PJ's, 1st Marine Special Operations, etc.? If so, what is your opinion of them?

  2. Is it true that there are some SOF units in the US Military that are so secretive that the public hasn't even heard of them? (Not asking you to name them if it's true)

  3. Also, are you one in one of the special units from JSOC like Seal Team Six?

  4. What is your opinion on the training that other SOF units go through compared to Navy Seal training? Do you get to see what other SOF training is like?