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I like how curry is associated to British Culture. Its very true though - Brits sure do love their curry.

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Hello David,

What is a fun fact about yourself that nobody really knows about you?

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Hey! I have the exact same “condition". It started when I was going through puberty (around 14 years old). Im glad to meet someone else that has it! I'm 20 years old now and its not even noticeable anymore. I also wanted a brace but when I went to the doctors they just said I had to build some muscle in my chest and it'll be fine, because like you also, it doesn't affect my health, thankfully. Also, how much did the brace cost?

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Oh wow, that's pretty expensive! Honestly, it will be fine for you. When I first got the condition it was very worrysome for me and my parents at the time, and if I was topless everyone would notice it. And sometimes people would notice even if I had a shirt on because of the bone that sticks out. Somehow it pretty much went away by itself. My chest looks pretty normal now compared to how it was at first. I'm sure with the brace it'll go away quicker for you!

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The entrepreneurial game is real. Good luck to you guys. Problem is that there are so many start ups for unique power banks. Lithiumcard for example, is very unique. Credit card form and outputs at 2A with a built in cable. Still, hope you guys do well.