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Amanda helps out with social media and work directly with the Fleshlight Girls. Kenny handles affiliates and writes from the blog! People of Fleshlight generally wear many hats.

We make fake vaginas! We work directly with porn stars! Ask us anything!


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happystamps147 karma

Have you ever thought about printing 3d images of peoples faces onto dummy heads with a fuckable mouth? I've always wanted to fuck Bono in his smug face, you see. Bastard.

FleshlightTX40 karma

No, that's never come up in conversation around the office, and we talk about some pretty wacky stuff.

Shouldbeworking2282 karma

What is your return policy?

FleshlightTX122 karma

Unopened, Unused! Within 90 days or receiving the product. If you call customer service they'll give you the run down. Everything is sealed before we ship it so if we get it back and it's been even slightly tampered with it's immediately destroyed without refund :/ We don't mess around with that used crap!

I-HATE-RAP80 karma

i accidentally the whole fleshlight. what should i do?

FleshlightTX115 karma

BWHAHAHHAHAHAH! A true fan! Go back to 4chan you n00b!

0sigma74 karma

How well does the alien series sell?

FleshlightTX71 karma

It actually sells surprisingly well.

SilkBanjo68 karma

What did your parents say when you told them what you do for a living?

FleshlightTX183 karma

I actually didn't tell them for a while, but after my mom thought I was working for the mob or something because I was so shady about it I told them both. My dad thought it was the coolest thing ever and my mom was just happy I wasn't selling drugs haha. "Well, there's always money there" they said. - Kenny

SilkBanjo34 karma

Awesome answer. Only wondering because I probably would have been mocked mercilessly for a time. Thank you.

FleshlightTX59 karma

There's a LOT of mocking that goes on around the office and from friends~

FleshlightTX99 karma

My parents weren't surprised at all. They don't ever ask me questions about work. I'm not sure if my mom really understands. I wish I had an epic reaction. I did take my dad for a tour...we didn't make eye contact for like a day. -Amanda

SilkBanjo16 karma

Also awesome. Thank you for the answer.

FleshlightTX10 karma

thanks for asking!

speedy62156 karma

Do you guys have any open positions for a Chemical Engineer?

FleshlightTX98 karma


crass_cupcake52 karma

Do you feel there's more of a stigma on male sex toys versus female sex toys?

FleshlightTX89 karma

Absolutely! But we've honestly seen it on the decline over the past few years. More and more people seem to be opening up more about their sexuality and this means good news for male and female sex toy companies. Killing sexual frustration one Fleshlight at a time!

tlsrandy49 karma

Do you think your workplace allows itself to more instances of sexual harassment?

FleshlightTX70 karma

Absolutely not, our company is explicit and very adult oriented but we're not idiots nor do we allow any of that kind of behavior. The biggest thing is the language used around the office but it's never offensive to any particular party. We all have a great sense of humor and that definitely helps.

sanderlexander27 karma

Is there anything in your contract against ... "Testing" them at work?

And also what does your r&d do for testing?

FleshlightTX30 karma

Frowned upon I'm afraid but by all means take one home and give it a try. It's not hard for our R&D team to design a texture that would feel good on cock. A few bumps here, a few ribs there, yep that should do it. We base new textures on what people like the best out of other textures.

doctorish48 karma

Has amanda been moulded?

FleshlightTX105 karma

Some say she may be the original but there is no proof.

r0bbi743 karma


FleshlightTX58 karma

It's definitely an idea that been getting tossed around the office lately... We have a ton of ideas going around the office. I would like to see something like that come around one day, but we don't have anything in the works right now.

bigexplosion42 karma

Is there any discussion of making a model that is warm? thats the sensation i would like most and what seems most missing from mens toys.

FleshlightTX50 karma

Right now we recommend the Fleshlights be warmed in hot water. We had warming rods that didn't quite work out like we had hoped. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve our products.

Besnasty41 karma

I live in Austin, can I come take a tour of production? Edit: I'm for real. I love factory tours.

FleshlightTX57 karma

We really wish we could do this, I mean every brewery has a tour, hell even Busch beans has a tour. But sadly being such a small operation we just can't accommodate it at this time. But there's still ways to see it. We have Vines of it, pics on our blog, etc.

Jdubba141 karma

Do you have any Rick Perry inspired products, and if not, can you?

FleshlightTX407 karma

We have a variety of different assholes to chose from.

AlwaysSmokeYourPush37 karma

Any good stories from customer service department?

FleshlightTX75 karma

Oh man, soooo many. The best ones are always the mothers who are in denial of their son's masturbating habits and the creepy old dudes playing "paddy cake" in the background. IfyouknowwhatImean

NekoFever30 karma

The best ones are always the mothers who are in denial of their son's masturbating habits

Can you expand on this? It sounds hilarious.

FleshlightTX100 karma

So we'll get calls from pissed off mothers with teenage boys asking what this charge is. When we tell them what this is they're obviously extremely disgusted and then claim that their kid never ordered it. Even when we have the kids name on the order, their email address etc. they're like "nope! nope! My angel would never order something like this". In the back of our minds we're always thinking "Oh of course, because no 14-15 year old ever jerks off" haha. All in all we tell them they did in fact break the law by falsifying that they were 18 years of age to place the order and that we can take legal action if necessary but they usually just let it go at that point and I'm sure an ass whooping ensues for the kid.

revenge-dough36 karma

What's the most common pornstar fleshlight sold?

FleshlightTX71 karma

Right now it's the Stoya Destroya. Lisa Ann and Jenna Haze are also very popular.

Pm_me_your_meconium35 karma

Is it true that you guys make molds of porn stars vaginas? And if so, is it awkward?

FleshlightTX85 karma

Not at all, we have the same two R&D guys come in to do them. It's a quick process and everyone always has a great sense of humor. I mean some of these girls do a lot more awkward things with their vaginas than getting a cast mold done.

larryblair33 karma

After using my Fleshlight for less than a month there were already tears in the tube part of the silicone. I am a little thicker than average but didn't expect it to get ruined so fast. Any possibility of providing different sizes? I loved the product before it got torn.

FleshlightTX37 karma

You may just want to try an different texture. Some Fleshlights are a little wider than others but still offer great sensations. Feel free to call customer service, they should be able to help you pick out one that will work better for you.

johnny121b33 karma

Do you have any celebrity customers?

FleshlightTX66 karma

We've shipped quite a few to several people. Let me think, I personally sent one to Danny McBride after the owner met him in the airport. Daniel Tosh after a segment that featured a Fleshlight. We sponsored the Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith podcasts so we always sent them product. Oh and Seth Rogan after Zach and Miri make a Porno. There's been many more thats just all I can think of. Im sure most of them have their assistants order em haha

dvrzero18 karma

Kevin Smith mentioned it during a hollywood babbleon show, i remember that!

FleshlightTX20 karma

Yea he was always the best at dropping the Fleshlight brand. We used to stream his podcasts in the office all the time.

johnny121b31 karma

Has there been any model that's been discontinued that you believe should be brought back?

FleshlightTX37 karma

Hmmm, there's been lots of products that have been discontinued. I had to choose one to come back it would have to be the Raven Riley FLG. Other than that all the different textured Ice Fleshlights would be cool. Does anyonbe remember the Mini Maid orifice? That one would be cool too. Blame it on R&D! :/

johnny121b21 karma

Sounds more like the work of your sales/marketing department. After all, you're making something that has an extended shelf life. Short of mold failure, I can't imagine resurrecting or continuing any model is a significant effort.

FleshlightTX21 karma

Meh, very true. Plus a lot of the older girls we had only had a limited contract with us. So when the time came and they didn't want to renew we had to kill off their stock and discontinue their texture all together.

Pepe_leprawn26 karma

Any new models coming out that we should be excited about?

FleshlightTX28 karma

We are actually just starting to talk about that in the office. We tweeted this weekend asking people who they would like to see at the next Fleshlight Girl and got a lot of great responses. There are so many great porn stars to choose from. Anyone you like?

Pepe_leprawn32 karma

Bonnie rotten would be my first choice.

FleshlightTX18 karma

Agreed! So hot!

Pepe_leprawn13 karma

If it happens, do I get a free one?

FleshlightTX44 karma

Sure, this policy works all the time! I actually came up with the idea for the double cheeseburger, so now I get them free everywhere I go! Haha but seriously hop on our forums we do have some free giveaways sometimes. That'd be the best place to try and score some free products.

Helios011719 karma

Have you ever considered Kennedy Leigh? Perfect model I would say

FleshlightTX12 karma

It's really up to the girls and their agencies to get ahold of us and work out the contract details. The more you bug them the more likely they are to start working with us. But a lot goes into signing a new girl so we can't make any promises

derbyna23 karma

Do you have any thoughts on regulating th adult toy industry? I heard that unsafe materials are all too common.

FleshlightTX25 karma

The only real problem you see with this particular issue is coming from other countries, mainly China as their regulations are are waaay more slack if enforced at all. There's a company that knocks off our products and the material is quite sketchy to say the least. In the US we have all sorts of regulations and toxicology standards that must be met. Best advice is to always make sure where your products are coming from and read as many reviews as you can.

TheBuffaloHoove23 karma

What are your thoughts of Bad-Dragons products?

FleshlightTX29 karma

Interesting and creative to say the least! They've really mastered their own niche and we can certainly respect them for that.

Captain__Caveman22 karma

how do you take the molds of the pornstars vaginas ?

FleshlightTX23 karma

Just as you would a cast mold of anything else, like in the movies where they make a cast mold of someones face then add all the effects. Once we have the cast we replicate it into a solid block of aluminum and pour the molds from there. Check out the earlier Vines we made, we shot a bunch of those molds sitting in the warehouse.

Their_perspective20 karma

Maybe I missed it, but do you market to gay customers? Any man-ass fleshlights? Must be money to be made there.

Sorry in advance if you gave to cast some dude asshole now...

FleshlightTX26 karma

Oh of course, in a lot of ways it's actually more popular than the hetero side (Fleshlight). Fleshjack is marketed toward the gay community. Go check it out! We're at a lot of Pride events too so keep an eye out for us!

FleshlightTX10 karma

Of course! No worries at all. Checkout We have a line of Fleshjack Boys.

MoldyHashbrown17 karma

Wait where are the hats?

FleshlightTX26 karma

we have a few hats floating around the office but nothing for sale at the moment. That would make for some great swag! I'm going to get on that.

kayakyakr17 karma

Will you say hi to your IT staff for me? Haven't seen Ethan in a while. Might have to get Eddie to host another BBQ.

FleshlightTX18 karma

I most certainly will!!!

insanesquirle19 karma

Could you tell Stephanie G. in advertising that Kelly S. says hi?

FleshlightTX20 karma

Most definitely! I love that our employees have so many reddit friends!

jimmy-fallon40 karma

While youre at it, tell Ed (the janitor) hes a deuschbag and a shitty friend for not stealing me a flashlight as if youd notice one missing

dannytdotorg11 karma

And tell Joan she owes me five bucks. Times are getting tough around here.

A_Waskawy_Wabit26 karma

And tell Chad he's a dick

FleshlightTX26 karma

WHO are these PEOPLE!? haha

FleshlightTX4 karma

Haha will do! Will he know who Kayakyakr is?

ScrooLooze17 karma

Are there any crazy stories/myths that keep popping up about fleshlights ?

FleshlightTX29 karma

Every once in a while we get these jokers calling up saying there was something in their Fleshlight that cut their junk. This of course is complete bullshit as the product is a solid piece of the Real Feel SuperSkin and there's just no way any piece of plastic or anything could ever get embedded into the material. They're just hoping we'll freak out and drop a shit load of money to hush it all up. We just let our legal department handle it. With over 8 million sold we've never heard of something like this happening.

Montigue16 karma

How long have you been with fleshlight? What are some strategies you have for the expanding sex toy market as more people own fleshlights?

FleshlightTX19 karma

We both started about the same time. We've been here about 6 years. Honestly the owners are very creative when it comes to expanding male sex toys. I can't tell you how many times I hear about a new idea! They can become inspired by anything! Even a dog toy! ha! It's everyday talk around here. We have R&D in Santa Fe, NM. They have a great system there for coming up with unique textures for inside the fleshlights. As the years go by our textures get more and more interesting.

hbomberman40 karma

inspired by anything! Even a dog toy!

So when does this squeaking fuckable cheeseburger toy come out?

FleshlightTX5 karma

you never know! haha

Montigue5 karma

They must be creative people because who else would have thought of sticking their penis into a flashlight?

Are your bosses in middle school?

FleshlightTX6 karma

They really really are! I wish I would would have thought of it!

ShittyAssAccount14 karma

Why haven't you released a rechargeable battery powered version that stays warm?, anon told me when you run hot water through it it only stays warm for about 20 seconds then it's cold.

FleshlightTX13 karma

The mechanics behind that are just too complicated, especially with the material being what it is. It's a possibility sure but it's just way too far out to make any comments on it.

zoidboob13 karma

Has anyone in the business trademarked "Go fuck yourself!" as their slogan? If not, why not?

It would be the perfect way to end any call from a customer.

FleshlightTX20 karma

LOVE IT! We don't have it trademarked. I do have it printed on my business cards, and I had some postcards printed out with, "Go Fuck Yourself" written in large pink letters. It's more of a complement when it comes from us.

insanesquirle13 karma

How many times, within any given day, would you say the word "Fap" is used at your job?

FleshlightTX30 karma

Honestly we don't really don't say fap very often. Walking around the office you are more likely to hear: pussy, ass, fucking, sucking, sex, hot ass.. things like that.

FunkMastaFlexx11 karma

I'm moving to Austin in three weeks, are there any job openings for College students?

FleshlightTX16 karma

I'd use those college skills elsewhere haha, all we have at the moment are warehouse positions. "Pick up box here, place box over there" kinna stuff

datniggaJ12 karma

austin native, where do i apply for a warehouse job?

FleshlightTX13 karma

Check craigslists, we do some postings there. Otherwise come by the office. The address is on the website under contact us.

poeticboink10 karma

I just wanted to pop in and say that the Fleshlight and Fleshjack products have been responsible for some of the hottest and most vocal self-service video's/porn I've ever watched! Thank you for getting those men to moan!

Question: You keep mentioning progressive textures for the male products, anything lined up for the ladies in terms of new product/expanding the line(s)?

FleshlightTX5 karma

We are always looking to expand. Our Freaks dildos can be found on Fleshjack but can be used by women. We also recently released some vibrating cock rings for couple play. We'll be working on it! Thank you so much for your great comment and question!

Blackjacksandhooker9 karma

What is consider "nsfw" at your workplace?

FleshlightTX13 karma

There really isn't anything that's nsfw here. A big part of our job is looking at porn. It's uncommon for a day to go by without looking at some kind of porn.

r0bbi79 karma


FleshlightTX12 karma

Our material is unlike any on the market. Most use that Cyber Skin, ours is much much softer and more pliable. The Fleshlight is about 11inches so anything under that will fit just fine. From our forum members reviews the Stoya Destroya is probably one of the most popular Fleshies, but if you're looking for a little cheaper I'd go with the Wonder Wave texture or the STU (Stamina Training Unit)

r0bbi78 karma


FleshlightTX15 karma

Yea, it's pretty common with male masturbators. There has to be some air displacement in order for the product to work and this means a slight whistling sound. Some people find mods around it like foam o-rings at the bottom of the case, it seems to help. The bottom cap is adjustable to it can allow for more or less suction. The less suction, the less sound it makes.

intab8 karma

does anyone checks the product before going into the market?

FleshlightTX14 karma

Yea! We have production tables that eye 'em for defects, then the powder room guys look 'em over. The last ones to check them are the packaging team before putting them on the shelves for the shipping department.

TheeStJimi8 karma

Is there some kind of birthday discount for fleshlights?

FleshlightTX9 karma

No sorry, but there's a 25% off sale going on right now! That's probably the best discount you can get.

soyness8 karma

Did that awful Jezebel article shaming men who use toys go around the office? How did y'all feel about it?

(To those wondering, it was so bad they removed it, you can find some excerpts here)

FleshlightTX6 karma

This is something we deal with on a daily basis! There are a lot of double standards when it comes to men and women's sexual health. Slowly but surely things are starting to come around. It's actually a pretty exciting time for us. Just the fact that I can sit here and talk about fake vaginas is amazing!

bendanger8 karma

I've seen you guys at the a few of the CHAMPS tradeshows, which show do you guys do the best numbers at?

FleshlightTX7 karma

Champs has actually been very good to us. Aside from that all the AVN and XBIZ shows do well. Exxxotica and Erofame are getting better. Oh and we're sponsoring the AirSex tour happening all over the US, be sure to stop by if it comes to a city near you! We'll have giveaways and swag bags.

Moose_Hole6 karma

Do you need Jedi skills or can anyone make one?

FleshlightTX7 karma

The force must be strong, but yes anyone can make one! haha

[deleted]6 karma


FleshlightTX5 karma

Yea the local shops always bump up the price. We're currently running a 25% off sale on the site. We ship from Spain for EU customers so shipping is relatively cheap. It won't be up for too much longer but it's probably the best deal for you.

papadoc036 karma

Is there any kind of fleshlight that you can perform oral on? Like a flavored fleshlight?

FleshlightTX24 karma

We don't have any flavored Fleshlights, but you could rub some nuttela or flavored lube on them.

FreeOnes_Petra6 karma

Who's your favorite porn star to work with?

FleshlightTX15 karma

Well we recently had Lisa Ann in here for her live Q&A and she is sooo awesome! Like the nicest person you'd ever meet and possibly DP. Then we hung out with Tera Patrick last week and she was so cool! Smart as she is sexy! I think it'd be impossible to pick a favorite

FreeOnes_Petra4 karma

Speaking of the Lisa Ann Q&A, are you guys going to do more of that? And can you pretty please make sure to mail affiliates ahead of time so we can get banners up? ;-)

FleshlightTX5 karma

Of course, I'll start throwing it up on the FNCash Forum and the FNCash twitter. We'll be doing a lot more of them for sure. For Fleshjack too!

SuzyYa6 karma

when strangers, friends or family asks what you do for a living. what do you tell them?

FleshlightTX15 karma

I've worked here for 6 years, so most of my friends and family know. It does get a little odd telling someone for the first time. I never know how they will react, and in most cases it becomes the highlight of the conversation. Sometimes I just say I make toys and no one seems to be too interested in just toys.

TheDeadCPU5 karma

Do you by any chance need product testers?

FleshlightTX10 karma

Not at this time. In face we have too many product testers!

homeschoolisabuse5 karma

How can I justify getting one of these when the price is so high in comparison to the ramen packets that I am forced by budget to consume? I am totally not fishing for free product right now!

FleshlightTX15 karma

Well you have to look at the long run. You could spend $100 easy a night taking a lovely lady out in the hopes it may lead to something more or you can have a sure thing waiting for you 24/7 haha It's all about perspective.

Viiri4 karma

Which one of the inside part options is your favorite?

FleshlightTX11 karma

Hmm, the Stoya Destroya texture is definitely one of the most popular one we have. Other than that the STU is always a classic.

NEWSBOT32 karma

what's the pay like compared to normal jobs ? is it higher because of the nature of the product ?

FleshlightTX8 karma

It's pretty standard with any other small manufacturing company. I wouldn't really go into detail but we're not all just ballin' outta control over here. We're just humble folk :)

tokyofightsback2 karma

Any plans for tranny fleshlights?

FleshlightTX5 karma

We had a landing page a while back with just a generic but and mouth but marketed toward the "tranny" niche but I don't think there's anything in the works at the moment. If so I bet Bailey Jay and Domino Presley would be first up!

GoddardMike2 karma

Are employees required to test the products?

FleshlightTX3 karma

Not at all! They're more than welcome to try a product if they'd like, it sometimes help in explaining the products to potential customers.

ARDad1 karma

Got any free samples you want to send my way? LOL.

Seriously though, what do your friends say when you tell them where you work? Anyone a prude about it?

FleshlightTX2 karma

I usually just tell them I'm in affiliate marketing, then kind of gauge how comfortable they might be with it then if they pry further I'll tell them it's in the adult industry. It actually turns out to be a great conversation and almost everybody, at least here in Austin, eventually open up about it. Sometimes a little too much. Like, it's an interesting work environment but I don't need to know every kink or sexual conquest you've had.

OrganicRedditor1 karma

Any plans for a type of integration with web cams or google glass? Thanks for doing this AMA!

FleshlightTX4 karma

The closest thing we have right now is the V-stroker, leg strap, and launchpad. We are definitely into the idea and I think it will naturally happen.

underling1 karma

I want a Night Elf girl fleshlight can we make that happen?

FleshlightTX3 karma

Nothing is impossible, Paul.

Blackjacksandhooker1 karma

Do you need anything college background to do what you(guys) do?

FleshlightTX1 karma

Depends on what you want to do. Like any company we have several different departments from marketing to accounting, development and programming, logistics and engineering. Some require higher education others don't.

MissSpicyMcHaggis1 karma

Are you hiring?

FleshlightTX2 karma

Check the Austin Craigslist we post warehouse openings there occasionally.

nsfwfan131 karma

do you have to feel the person to get an idea of what the fleshlight should also feel like? do you compare is the real question?

FleshlightTX2 karma

Well the material is just as soft and pliable as real skin so it's the closest thing to the real thing you'll find on the market. There's some old videos of a girl holding a fleshlight and touching both it and herself and it looks and feels like the same thing.

nsfwfan131 karma

i would love to request links to those and well do you test the product? and what is the wierest thing you sell?

FleshlightTX3 karma

Probably the Freaks line of Fleshlights, that'd be the weirdest. We've actually been told not to post direct links but just go the Fleshlight's site and check it out.

[deleted]1 karma


FleshlightTX3 karma

Ha! We get a lot of orders that come in after 6-12 packs! We are realizing that some people buy Fleshlight Girls just for their texture and sometimes don't buy because they are turned off by their textures. We are looking to improve all of our textures and are continually expanding our range of products. I would recommend continually checking back. Our R&D in New Mexico is in the process of making a lot of new textures. Because each one is pretty much made by hand they can take some time to produce. Thanks!