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video game references

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hey, we don't need to bring homophobia into this.

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There's also fentanyl patches that folks will cut open and bang/smoke/sublingual dose. The problem is that the gel isn't evenly distributed so you do a tiny drop in a shot and bam. Also, if I remember correctly, most patches can have up to 3-5 more milligrams in each one and fuck up that way.

Having the patch on and it getting hot one way or another, like with a hair dryer, you can increase the speed it comes on.

Basically shits dangerous and not a joke. I stopped messing with it after waking up from a coma years back.

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hour twenty six: they are still sitting on poles.

So glad we came to watch this! ;)

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And tell Joan she owes me five bucks. Times are getting tough around here.