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How often do guys try to ask you out while you're working? Like, try to make you their girlfriend instead of their camgirl?

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What is the best movie with you in it that nobody knows about?

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Hi Josh, thanks for doing this! I was wondering if, during that run at Bristol where you were trying to stay on the lead lap... were you really "driving like you stole it" as Mike Joy said, or did you just happen to have a good run and able to keep up and ahead of Kyle Busch and the others?

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Terri, thanks for stopping by! I always thought you had the greatest legs in WWE, and it's great to hear your post WWE life is going well. My question is twofold; one is did you ever get to work with Ryan Shamrock and have any idea what she is up to now? and two, what is your favorite Pokemon?

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Would/do you use Reddit as a source of hype/advertising for your bands?