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I remember telling the rabbi at my university that I was Persian and his immediate question: Great Neck or LA? I said 'wait a minute, not all of us are from there! I'm a whole 15 minutes away from Great Neck!'

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inspired by anything! Even a dog toy!

So when does this squeaking fuckable cheeseburger toy come out?

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A lot of veterans go years without ever talking about it. It's hard to deal with. Perhaps some of those holding their secrets have similar coping mechanisms.

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I certainly don't mind getting leftovers when we load-out at the end of the night...

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I think Tom Kenny referred to himself as something like 'one of the most famous people you don't know.' If you do enough, regular people occasionally notice that the voice/announcer on X sounds like the one from Y. And if you hit it super big and people really start to notice you, you might be known by something like "the 'In a world' guy" (real name Don Lafontaine, rip).