Hey guys, I created Drunk History. Season 2 of Drunk History starts tonight on Comedy Central at 10pm. Ask me ANYTHING you wanna know the answer to. Y'all REDDIT FOR THIS?!


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Disgruntled_Goat236 karma

The show looks consistently amazing and always tack sharp on that focus. You must have the best camera guys in the business. How do you do it!?

DerekWaters217 karma

Hi Blake

DerekWaters170 karma

Can I ask questions here?

DerekWaters153 karma


DerekWaters146 karma

Who are you talking to?

beccaallen146 karma

Will Jen Kirkman be back this season? She is pretty reliable for bringing herself to tears in all her segments and I really think that adds to the story line.

DerekWaters136 karma

YOU BET YOUR ASS! How could we not bring the QUEEN of Drunk History back?! She's in the Season Finale

beccaallen49 karma

Thank god. Can we get her involved in some Women's Suffrage and/or Gloria Steinem shit? I want her in maximum passion mode.

DerekWaters101 karma

She's in an episode called. FIRST LADIES.....so get ready

kingbrianjames128 karma

How does it feel knowing that one episode of your show contains more actual History than a full night's worth of programs on the history channel?

DerekWaters193 karma

It's like having a boner and you don't have to cover it up. U get me

OhHelloPlease90 karma

Hey Derek! Huge fan of Drunk History, really looking forward to the new season. I was wondering if there are plans to do some international history? Just imagine Patrick Stewart acting out some drunken British history - it would be incredible.

sortapunkrock60 karma

Drunk History: International needs to happen!

DerekWaters105 karma

You me and my one bedroom apartment agree! Thank you! WE PLEASE (FRENCH for yes please

Prufrock45177 karma

How do you pick your drunk historians? Do you poll folks you know, look for experts on stories you want to tell...? (I am a historian. I'm not drunk now, but I can become drunk on very short notice.)

DerekWaters84 karma

Most are my friends or people I know from the comedy world. Lots of people know history but few people know how to tell a story in history. OH, and they have to love drinking

exaviyur71 karma

What do I have to do to become one of the drunk storytellers?

DerekWaters83 karma

Move to LA and send an email to my therapist. And or my life coach.

whateversclever1369 karma

Are people actually drunk when you film them or are they acting drunk? Are you allowed to film people while they're drinking alcohol?

DerekWaters157 karma

Yes they're really drunk. I don't lie and wouldn't want to make a FAKE. We got enough of those #CATFISH

joejoejoey59 karma

How does Davy Crockett like his Pie?

DerekWaters126 karma


Frajer47 karma

Do you ever say "hey tell us about a certain historic event" or do the people choose what they're talking about?

DerekWaters84 karma

I ask, "What's your favorite story in history that you think more people need to know about?"

bdoz13847 karma

Is there any one guest star that stands out as really fun to work with?

DerekWaters73 karma

Johnny Knoxville

KngWlf47 karma

How hard does it get to lip sync perfectly with the drunk audio?

DerekWaters62 karma

12 hours

theArnoldFans144 karma

Jack Black played a good Elvis. Can you tell me about some of the other actors coming up soon on Drunk History? And when can we get Schwarzenegger to play George Washington?

DerekWaters67 karma

I will let you know that Steven Merchant is back...but this time he won't be ABE....He's gonna be George Washington. and obviously with a beard and glasses

nowthatsasandwich36 karma

Will Rich Fulcher be back?!? He was by far, my favorite drunken story teller.

DerekWaters53 karma

Rich is the best! He's BAAACK....But not as a narrator. He's an actor and does an amazing job! LINCOLN!

oppleTANK34 karma

Any plans to do a "Baked History" where pot is legal?


DerekWaters78 karma

no way. That show would never end.

DerekWaters97 karma

It would be boring and very slow. Trust me.

meapet33 karma

As someone who has told stories drunkenly about history, I really love this show and its stories, so thanks! Has there been any story someone has told that you haven't aired? Will there ever be an "outtakes" episode of these unaired stories?

DerekWaters48 karma

There will be deleted scenes on the Comedy Central APP and we got a DVD of Season 1 and 2 coming out in November! Lots of Extras. TONS

Jollybeard9930 karma

I just marathoned the first season and it was brilliant. I learned, I laughed and I loved it! I guess my question would be, how do you get a pet project like this produced? What was the process from brain baby to Comedy Central show? Also, will you produce my brain baby?! :D

DerekWaters49 karma

making it in our friends' backyard and posting on youtube. Just never stopped and somehow got here. Do what you love and don't stop.

hotlikepizzasupper28 karma

The show is so funny! Why don't more people know about it? I try to tell everyone I know how funny it is, but you've got to help me out!

DerekWaters72 karma

please help. All I got is you and My mom

mistermisfit9128 karma

Are there any actors you've wanted to have in your re-enactments that you've been unable to get so far?

DerekWaters65 karma

Yes. Dustin Hoffman and Eddie Vedder.

archangelselect26 karma

Hey Derek, Can you do a Drunk History on JFK and the Moon Landing?

DerekWaters64 karma

no. But only because I want to avoid anything that has "Theories" behind. Just facts. All these stories are true on the show. The dialogue is the only off a little. But dates and events are true. Google that shit. Thanks for your smart question!

joejoejoey25 karma

In the last episode of the first season, where was that guy peeing? Was that inside his own house?

DerekWaters43 karma

no that was in his backyard. Peeing where a real gentleman pisses. And that man's name is Preston Flagg. Happy to say he'll be back this new season

ben564724 karma

What kind of advice can you give to fans that are going through bullying?

DerekWaters76 karma

I was bullied and still get bullied. My advice is to always remember the strong will always win. And the strong turn the other cheek. Believe in yourself. There's nobody else like you. Embrace that. (Yeah, I can be serious)

TheVaccinator21 karma

Hi Derek.

First, I'm from Baltimore and also went to THS (and also love Mr. Stange). I just wanted to say hi and thank you. Every time I see you on TV with your Orioles hat on it makes me happy. I love that Baltimoreans (or Baltimorons, depending on the circumstances) show love for their city no matter where they are. Truth be told, I'm currently wearing a 2013 Super Bowl jersey (Ngata) in central PA right now (in Steelers country). It's especially funny that your last name is Waters - just like another quite famous Baltimore native. (Speaking of him, I grew up in the neighborhood where Serial Mom was filmed. Good times). Anyhow - keep up the good work. Ravens and Old Bay, O's and Boh's, hon!

Second - my question. Have you asked John Waters to direct an episode? Because you should ask John Waters to direct an episode. Would be the best. Just don't go eating any dog poop.


Another Baltimore local and enthusiast

DerekWaters34 karma

Thank you! 410 for life. John Waters only directs his own stuff. And I have nothing but respect for that. #hon

BilboWheatThinz21 karma

When do you decide to have the storyteller start talking? Once they are buzzed? Properly drunk? Slurring words? I'd imagine it's a slippery slope for some light weights.

DerekWaters27 karma

When they are comfortable. I'm drinking with them and I can tell when they aren't worried about being filmed and ready to teach.

PorchHonky20 karma

Hi Derek! Have you ever had to scrap footage because someone could just keep drinking and drinking and yet remain lucid and by all appearances sober?

DerekWaters46 karma

many times. We shot 420 hours of footage. You will see 3.5 hours of it on TV. NOT TO BRAAAAG

DrNonathon19 karma

Has anyone gotten too drunk to finish the story? There's a fine line between being drunk enough to tell a story humorously, and being too drunk to be conscious. On a side note, my friend hadn't seen the show and we watched the whole first season last night, and she loved it. Keep up the good work!

DerekWaters21 karma

All the time. But we take care of them, and never leave a man or woman down. Thanks for your support!

iamtherobotdevil19 karma

Do you have any medical staff standing by, incase they get way too drunk?

DerekWaters37 karma

YES. We have the best medic. Everyone is always in good hands.

katiejane30419 karma

Who would you like to get to do a drunk story telling that hasn't already?

DerekWaters36 karma

Edgar Allan Poe

beccaallen19 karma

One time I got wasted in a pub in Scotland and recounted the entire Will Wallace story while my friend recorded me on her flip camera. How much will you give me for the footage?

DerekWaters46 karma

zero. Post it and let me know how it goes

lolidhama18 karma

I just wanted to say thanks for giving me an excuse to drink on Tuesday nights. Any chance you do one mega drunk reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg with famous comedians just hammered out of their mind?.....With blanks, of course...

DerekWaters52 karma

No, it's just the Narrators that are drunk not the re-enactors. Thanks for supporting the show. Please spread the word. We gotta get higher ratings than 16 and pregnant or I'll get kicked out of my apartment.

AlexBerghe17 karma

What's your favorite drink ? :D

DerekWaters64 karma


zennz2916 karma

So, did you get drunk before your AMA?

DerekWaters47 karma

no, I interview them. But the idea came from drinking with my friend Jake Johnson from the NEW GIRL. He told me a 3 minute story that took 45 minutes to tell. I knew I wanted to try a show called the Drunk History Channel, and have people re-enact word for word whatever the drunk narrator says

DerekWaters24 karma

No, but waking up at 7 makes me feel like I'm drunk.

Sofakingcoolstorybro15 karma

Hey Derek! If you could retell a story from the past, what story would you talk about?

DerekWaters24 karma

History of Pearl Jam

dirkwinston15 karma

Are you sure your dad is your real dad?

DerekWaters17 karma

Hi Duncan. I hope you saw I said your podcast was one of my favs

vaspas80313 karma

Thank you for being here Derek Waters, you're a huge inspiration to me. As an aspiring writer and history buff, do you have any words of wisdom for someone trying to make it in the industry? Also, what's one of your favorite moments in history? Also, 13th Grade is underrated and extremely true.

DerekWaters20 karma

Thank you for saying that! My advice is to always be yourself and do what you believe in no matter what the odds are. (aren't I funny?) God bless you for saying that about 13th grade! I will make it someday. And this is my favorite moment in history. Besides being up this early.

JenLikesCats12 karma

Hey, you're truly awesome and I can't wait for the premiere of season 2!

What are your favorite books and or podcasts?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

DerekWaters24 karma

Duncan Trussell's, Brody Stevens and a brand new one called Plz Advise hosted by Molly McAleer

youdontneedtalent12 karma

Hey Derek! My friends and I LOVE drunk history. We are having a pizza and beer party tonight to celebrate season 2s premier. You should come!

My question is what is your favorite skit from Season 1?

DerekWaters17 karma

What's your address? Thanks for the E-vite. My favorite was Stetson Kennedy

mostdope2811 karma

The show is funny as hell! props for it. If you could get rid of 1 U.S. state, which would you pick?

DerekWaters39 karma

My name is Derek Waters NOT Michael Moore.

tmbls10 karma

Are you currently drunk?

DerekWaters25 karma

no. I just type like I am.

GeezerMuldoon10 karma

What does Eddie Vedder smell like?

DerekWaters14 karma


Dovahkush10 karma

What parts of history are the upcoming episodes covering?

DerekWaters25 karma

We got 6 cities this year and 4 themed episodes. I'm very excited about AMERICAN MUSIC EPISODE

jjdlg9 karma

Is Crispin Glover really THAT weird in person or is he just misunderstood?

DerekWaters21 karma

Crispin is the best. PERIOD

rotting_brain7 karma

How about "Drunk Future"? Will we ever see that shit?

DerekWaters9 karma

I'm into a "Drunk BACK TO THE FUTURE" but I can't predict the future. Only my Physic.

milapajamas7 karma

From genesis (like the band) up until now, what's absolutely the WEIRDEST and COOLEST thing that's ever happened on Drunk History?

DerekWaters15 karma

Getting to meet my heroes. INCLUDING Terrell Suggs of the BALTIMORE RAVENS. #SPOILERALERT HI MEALS

Paradigm67907 karma

Are they actually drunk?

DerekWaters25 karma

YES YES YES! Why would a show be funny if they weren't really drunk. ps. Nobody can ACT drunk. EXCEPT Catherine O'Hara in Waiting for Guffman. Don't believe me watch it. Never seen it? RUN to one of the two video stores left and grab it.

ghost_movement7 karma

Hey, Derek. I've enjoyed Drunk History since the first episode premiered online. The first season was great; my roommates and I would have a few drinks and watch it every week.

I do have a question though: are there any episodes planned for Louisiana? As a life-long Louisianian, I can assure you that our entire history is drunk history!

DerekWaters8 karma

Thank you! Not for now. I need to sleep after making this show for 11 months. But I would love to come to Louisiana

motelcheeseburger6 karma

in your opinion, which interviewee had the most dramatic personality change going from sober to drunk?

DerekWaters20 karma

Great question. But these are my friends and I don't rat anyone out. but it was a dude.

dianasaurusmex5 karma

Hi Derek! My husband and I are big fans. My being pregnant for approximately 87 months has made me feel a bit alienated from our friends who are "social drinkers." Watching Drunk History makes me feel like one of the bunch. :)

Will Kyle Kinane be making an appearance again this season? His episode last season was hilariously disgusting!

DerekWaters5 karma

Glad we could help. Congrats. Unfortunately Kyle couldn't do it this year. But I promise the narrators this year won't let you down.

MiddleNameS5 karma

Can there please be a High History spin off?

DerekWaters12 karma

no thank you. Shows are only 30 minutes long. That would be a 18 hour show.

GyptianE4 karma

I don't really know who you are, so what is the most impressive thing about yourself that has nothing to do with your work or show?

DerekWaters21 karma

My tits

Hambulance3 karma

Hello, Derek.

Big fan of your work!

Do the actors get audio to memorize ahead of time, to maximize the synching? Is it playing live while you film?

So curious. Thanks for the stuff.

DerekWaters28 karma

Great question! They get a script and an edited cut of the Narrators doing the audio they will move their lips to. Thanks for watching! Tell your friends please! Don't watch 16 and pregnant. and more importantly if you're 16 DON'T GET PREGNANT! #MTV

IAmYeezusAMA3 karma

Do you have any regrets?

DerekWaters19 karma


Operation_Ivysaur2 karma

Hey Derek, super excited for Season 2.
What was the process of making the web series into a full blown show like?

DerekWaters2 karma

More than 3 people helping you. And getting paid. Thank you for your excitement! 2nd season blows 1st season out of the water

jlevin2 karma

Hey Derek, how does it feel to be an Orioles fan these days, you C-section baby?

DerekWaters1 karma

I know who you are. Thanks Levy

Tyrolius2 karma

Hey Derek! Will Matt Gourley return this season? Or is he too much of a hot shot because of his fame from the VW commercials?

DerekWaters5 karma

Hi Matt. Your commercials are great and you did two stories last year. Needed some new faces. But I love yours. See you at the Crash Test Dummies concert tonight!

KingNoah04051 karma


DerekWaters3 karma


luckyhack1 karma

When will Seth Grahame-Smith -- the undisputed King of Alt-History and all-around incredibly handsome, telegenic and witty gentleman (and college classmate of Jen Kirkman), be on your show?

DerekWaters2 karma

Hi Seth. Whenever you want buddy. When are you putting me in the sequel to Beetlejuice?

two_off1 karma

Which Power Ranger deserves his own page in history?

DerekWaters2 karma

none. But POE from the telitubbies does

orlgolf721 karma

Has there ever been a "drunk personal history" attempted...having someone get drunk and telling a historical event they witnessed themselves?

DerekWaters1 karma

In the Boston episode Chris Romano told a true story about his father..who just so happened to be Arsonist. All true.

23alli1 karma

What's it like dating MOLLS?! Y'all are cute.

DerekWaters5 karma

Best girl in the world. No more personal questions. JK ask me ANYTHING