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What was your initial reaction when you read that Dexter becomes a lumberjack would be the final scene?

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Hey Chris!

I read that you retired the 'black people vs. n-words' routine because you thought it gave racists the license to use the n-word more openly. Was there a specific event that lead you to this descision? As a comedian who rose to prominence with racially-centered humour, do you think racism in America has improved or worsened since Bring the Pain?

Have there been instances where people have repeated your comedy bits which contain racially charged material in front of you in completely inappropriate situations?

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Hey Mike, do you still do much with pigeons? Are there any other birds you're into?

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What is the best vehicle that you have ever driven both on and off the screen?

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Any chance we could get a high-profile Canadian celebrity such as yourself to back the proposal for a statue of Wolverine in Edmonton? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/petition-calling-for-wolverine-statue-at-city-hall-garners-support-1.2773624