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You said you went from starving artist to lower middle class on the back of your writing. You sir are my MF'n spirit animal..er, author. I'm just waking up after an all night writing sesh (pen and ink in a composition book) and this is exactly the type of article I needed today. Here is my question. Did you spend your decade in rejection purgatory whilst querying or did you already have an agent scouting for you? Also, was it harder to find an agent or a publisher?

You are living the dream and are my hero!

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Is Crispin Glover really THAT weird in person or is he just misunderstood?

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The system is broken, until news outlets decide against being mouthpieces of either the right or left and de-polarize, we are doomed to comment on threads like this and fiddle while Rome burns. That reminds me, I thought I saw a cat picture before I clicked this link.

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Sometimes I see: (speaking Chinese) Sometimes I see: (asking about papers) Is it luck of the draw that the captioner can speak some of the language and fills in the blanks? Is that even allowed? Also, some movies I have seen hundreds of times, but it is a fairly recent trick I have learned to watch with captions to catch what off camera and background characters are saying, the previous times it just blended into background noise. Your work is enjoyed by many as evidenced by the success of your AMA!

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That is great news. He seems so cool and eccentric but in a good way. I always felt he may have gotten a bad rap after the while BTTF thing. Thanks for the answer.