Derek Waters

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is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is the creator and star of the Comedy Central series Drunk History.

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You won't feel alone anymore

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us too. that's all credit to our editors. When we shoot re-enactments, since there isn't any sound...we just have the drunk dialogue playing through a speaker so the actor can be hearing it as they move dem lips to it. #secretsrevealed

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Thank you! Ours as well. I really wanna someday do an Edgar Allan Poe story and have John Waters play the legendary poet.

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hahaha! Begging. She's the Queen of drunk history. Wait until you see her Boston episode. It airs July 30th and Winona Ryder, and Michael Cera move their lips to her. It's her best yet!

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Howdy Reddit! Thanks for having me. Anyone out there wearing pants?

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Hi Blake

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It's like having a boner and you don't have to cover it up. U get me

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I was drinking with my dear friend and actor Jake Johnson who you guys might now from movies and the TV show new girl. I knew him way before he was adorkable. We were discussing the great singer Otis Redding, who tragically died in a plane. Jake was telling me how Otis Redding knew he was gonna die before he got on the plane. I just kept picturing Otis reacting to this and looking at Jake, as if to say, "Shut up. I didn't know I was gonna die." So I wanted to re-enact that with Otis moving his lips to what Jake said, but I thought Everyone gets drunk and talks about Music. What's something people don't get Drunk and talk about..History.

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The actors aren't drunk, but the narrators are 100% drunk. They are telling true stories. This shit is real

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Can I ask questions here?