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This is an intensely personal question I've often thought about asking you.

You are going to be immortal, man. Long after all of us are dead, the image of you as Luke Skywalker will be like Superman, or Harry Potter, or Gandalf, or Jesus. Even if the films are remade, your depiction of Luke will always be a spectre over whomever is playing him.

Are you humbled by this? Terrified? Typecast? Would you rather be known as a fictional character or the person portraying him?

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Better than Ross though Chandler is still the better character

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This is how little a shit /u/kn0thing gives about the community.

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Could we please talk about Rampart?

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Hey, Derek. I asked you during your last AMA if you had ever been to New Orleans. You responded that you hadn't and you would like to. Since then there had been the New Orleans episode, and my quote about New Orleans managed to make it to the episode, so thanks for putting me on camera! Friends are still texting me saying they saw me on Drunk History. How have you been since the surgery?