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theArnoldFans14368 karma

Hi K&P, Love it when you guys do the enthusiastic action movie fans "The Valets”…and those characters go off on their admiration to guys like Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis and other action heroes…could you PLEASE, right now on Reddit, tell us Arnold fans what the K&P Valets would say about Schwarzenegger?

theArnoldFans12563 karma

Hi Keanu, What's a great George Carlin memory? Are you looking forward to coming back to the next BILL & TED and shouldn't GEORGE CARLIN be honored in some way...perhaps a RUFUS statue?

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Hi Mr. Bone, What sweater would win in a fight? There have been many famous sweaters worn by you, Cosby, Martha Stewart, Mr. Rogers (from the neighborhood). Who’s sweater would win in a fight? Also, “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” are very popular…might we see an awesome Mr. Bone exclusive Ugly Christmas sweater this year?

theArnoldFans11314 karma

Chris, what do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator? I thought the alien in this movie was scary but no where near as scary as the predator’s on this planet…would you be opposed to putting all of Earth’s predators onto a rocket and sending them away for good into outer space?

theArnoldFans1954 karma

David, I LOVED SABOTAGE! On the red carpet you told me you have a Commando reboot script. Does "reboot" mean NEW CAST with a NEW John Matrix actor or does Arnold get offered the role first?