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  1. Which ethnic food do Americans need to embrace more?

  2. Which foods do Americans need to stop eating?

You are an inspiration... Im 51 years old and out of work. When I watch your shows, I know older guys can still be cool! THANK YOU!

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You monologue musings are fantastic. Do other writers assist or is it all from the brain of Bourdain?

What do you do to get in the mood for writing?

Any inspirations like Three Stooges and a martini? Nature? Poetry? Meditation? Mushrooms?

Besides just practicing, how can someone become a better writer?

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Did you feel abandoned by the Western Allies when they didnt try to take Berlin?

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Any plans to do a "Baked History" where pot is legal?


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Thank you for the thoughtful answer.

Chinese food still remains a mystery to us,

Yes! It's sad that people think the strip mall, MSG grease pits with fried and glazed everything is actual Chinese food. I used to live near San Francisco and there you could at least get quality Chinese.

Food from Senegal and Ghana is amazing, delicious, complex and interesting. So many of the fundamental flavors of what we call american food, in fact, came from those places. "Traditional Southern Food" so many of those textures and flavors and ingredients can trace their roots directly to West Africa.

Many of the slaves sent to the South were from the West Coast of Africa because they were skilled at harvesting rice, a major crop in the South. Charleston needs a Senegalese Restaurant!

I think about these things, sugar intake

Sugar is the new tobacco and we will be hearing a lot more about that.

I live in the South now and being from California, I miss the Mexican food and culture.

Thanks, and safe travels.