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Hello Guys. First off, thanks for doing this. You guys have always been very grateful to your fans and I really appreciate that. Now for the question: I’ve been a fan since I was 16 and I am now in my 30s and going to see you in Portland on Halloween. Have any of you noticed a change in the dynamic of your live shows that may be attributed to fans, like myself, getting older? Also, is there anything special planned for the Halloween show that you’d be willing to give a teaser about? I’m really excited about it if you can’t tell. Thanks again and I’ll see you in a week!

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Y'all got fake poo?

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Is there any one guest star that stands out as really fun to work with?

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He really does seem like a genuinely happy and funny guy.

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You know how some movies and tv shows will do a gag reel at the end of the season? What are the chances of us getting a Drunk History gag reel with the actors cracking up and the story tellers actually gagging?