I'm a waitress at an Irish Pub-inspired restaurant called Tilted Kilt. It is similar to Twin Peaks, Bikinis or Hooters. I've been there about 8 months and I often get questions about what its like. AMA!

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/nLRn8bL.jpg Further Proof: http://i.imgur.com/eeLZyg6.jpg

Edit: FYI, anything I say is a personal opinion and not necessarily shared by Tilted Kilt as a company. I love my job and I wasn't paid to do this. Just wanted to shed some light on the business and hopefully change some negative perceptions:)

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thermitepaint156 karma

Do you ever see penistaurants taking off?

notlikethetwins289 karma

I think a hot dog stand would be hilarious.

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My husband and I ate at a Tilted Kilt in Denver a couple of years ago. The server brought out a sundae to this guy who was having his birthday there. After they sang, he blew whipped cream all up in her face and thought it was hilarious. It wasn't too much longer before a manager came over and kicked them out. Ever seen anything like that? How would it normally be handled?

notlikethetwins89 karma

Anything that makes us uncomfortable is immediately handled by our managers by talking to the guest or kicking them out (depending on the severity of the offense). The lines are kind of blurred when it comes to the situation you mentioned. If the girl is alright with it and laughs it off, then it might be acceptable. The basic rule is if ANYTHING makes a girl uncomfortable, its not ok.

jayelwhitedear33 karma

I could tell from her face she was upset - and the guy was so pleased with himself, I just wanted to slap the stupid off his face. He really blew whipped cream and (probably) spit all over her face. I'm glad they got kicked out.

notlikethetwins29 karma

Yeah, I would not be alright with that. Men come in there with a disrespectful mindset and get booted out real quick.

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notlikethetwins142 karma

Robin Thicke makes me uncomfortable...

coveritwithgas61 karma

I've been there once. I wanted a burger. I hadn't heard about it and didn't think about the name. So I walked in. Scantily clad ladies. They weren't the problem, the problem was that I was now the kind of guy who goes into a scantily-clad-ladies bar by himself. I acted super serious, ate my food and got out. Do you get a lot like me?

notlikethetwins67 karma

One time we had a Mexican lady who came in with her kids, and we did the big "WELCOME TO TILTED KILT" greeting and she took one look, uttered a little "oh!" and turned right back around haha.

No one judges you if you go in there by yourself, I promise. Sometimes its just guys grabbing a bite to eat for lunch. Its nice to sit down and have a conversation with them sometimes. But if you start saying inappropriate things, its weird. We're normally pretty good at sniffing out creeps. Don't act serious! Its meant to be fun and relaxing! The girls like a bit of a break from the boredom, trust me.

fluteitup13 karma

Mom and I went to hooters for lunch this weekend. We'd never been there before an wanted to try it. The food was great, we will return.

notlikethetwins23 karma

Come to TK instead! haha

MrArtless28 karma

I know how you feel. I had a gift certificate to Hooters once and went with my dad to eat there. It was so awkward and offensive because the girls obviously don't really like you but they have to flirt with you, so they're uncomfortable, and then it's obvious they're uncomfortable which makes you uncomfortable. And the fact that you know they only do it because some guys like to be pretend flirted with makes you even more uncomfortable, and you hate all the guys there for it and then you just want to leave and I will never go to a Hooters again. Like from the moment she said "and I'll be your Hooter's girl"... cringe. This was a very traumatic experience for me.

notlikethetwins36 karma

Aw, that's not cool at all. I don't "flirt". And I tell the girls that I train that it's not about flirting. It's about making a connection, one that isn't forced. I know that some servers at these kinds of restaurants have that "flirt for the money" mentality, but I find that the tips are better when you just have a normal conversation with someone. People appreciate someone listening to them.

I hope you don't have a crappy experience like that again!

grittex15 karma

Basically my entire experience with American servers was like that. All the girls were overly fake. I had one good server on my whole trip and it was a dude at a reasonably upmarket Italian place.

I've worked in a bar before (I live in NZ) and it's not hard to make a real connection with customers. Everyone is interesting in some way or another; you just have to get good at figuring out what it is that makes them tick. Once you hone that skill you're good to go - and you see the best in people which leaves you generally more positive and open to them.

notlikethetwins24 karma

I live in the South and I had some guys at my table that were from Boston or Philly or somewhere around there and they were flabbergasted at how nice I was. I've never been up North but I didn't realize the stereotype of Southern hospitality was a real thing. I was really polite and genuine with them and they were amazed haha. I think they thought it was fake though, which is my point. A lot of people don't believe that I'm actually that nice. I enjoy being nice and often its taken as "fake" because I guess its rare? I don't know where I'm going with this but maybe they were genuine and it just seemed fake? Is that an American trait? haha

Anyway, every new table is a clean slate and a new friend, in my mind:)

meagorilla4 karma

careful throwing around the "up north" term... we Minnesotans are nice too :)

notlikethetwins7 karma

Omg this is true. I went up to Idaho for a family reunion and I learned that ya'll northerners are sweet as honey! :)

Kaiju-47 karma

This might sound like a stupid question but im sorry in advance if it is, I've just always wondered, Do they enforce a Bra size policy, As in you have to have a specific minum size of chest to work there, Reason i asked is because i was a bouncer at a strip club and they had a policy like that and i found it pretty stupid.

notlikethetwins62 karma

Not at all. Some of the girls don't have much up top. They're hired obviously for their good looks, but personality is a huge part of the job as well.

And fake boobs aren't that common, contrary to popular belief.

Kaiju-22 karma

Have you ever have to get police or management to eject a patron due to them being to Piggish or pervey ?

notlikethetwins70 karma

Not that I know of. The thing about my work is the men (managers, bussers, barbacks, cooks) that work there care a lot about the girls and are not afraid to confront someone that treated us wrongly.

My friend who's a line cook once said "Have someone touch you and watch how fast that kitchen empties out to the front!" Its kinda nice to know we're protected:)

Once we had these guys trying to stick money down the girls skirts and some of our regulars (there were about 8 of them sitting at a nearby table) caught wind of what they were doing. They all stood up at the same time in front of the girls and ordered the pervs to leave. It was pretty manly, chivalrous and awesome, tbh.

Edit: Remembered a story.

Kaiju-8 karma

thats good to hear Btw you are very pretty and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Good luck to you.

notlikethetwins12 karma

Thanks very much! It was my pleasure:)

kylekornkven43 karma

No dig on you or anything, (you are quite pretty), but I was more excited when I thought breastaurant was a restaurant that just served breakfast.

notlikethetwins62 karma

It's ok. I'm opening a boobs and breakfast restaurant. Nobody hates boobs or breakfast. It's a gold mine.

JohnGalt5737 karma

What is the worst pick up line you've heard? The best? The most common?

notlikethetwins62 karma

I honestly don't get pick up lines that often. I get boring, repetitive conversations. I have a tattoo of William Shakespeare's signature that's visible and the first question anyone asks is "What does your tattoo say?...What does it mean to you?...Did it hurt there? blah blah blah" Not a lot of creativity really haha. The best thing you can do is tell a good joke. That's better than any crap pick up line, IMO.

Edit: words

alnluvi9218 karma

that sounded so sincere because I have never heard anyone say that. or any girl for that matter.

notlikethetwins52 karma

Funny= sexy.

It's the Golden Rule of hitting on pretty girls. Looks don't make you stand out (we talk to "hot" guys all the time), personality does.

My very cute friend's celebrity crush is Will Ferrell. Take that as you will, but she thinks he's the sexiest man alive.

alnluvi924 karma

alright I will keep that in mind. I can tend to be very awkward sometimes because when I see a very beautiful girl I get dumbfound and am speechless and can't find a single word to say. Instead I turn into the biggest nerd and say random facts. For example, if I were to be a customer at your "breastaurant" and you were my waitress I wouldn't know what to say. Don't get me wrong I am not a complete and total nerd all of the time since I can be very witty and hilarious at the same time.

notlikethetwins18 karma

Ooh! Random facts are good! I love a good bit of trivia.

Confidence is key! Besides, even if you are quiet, we aren't gonna go to the back and say "Oh gosh, this guy at my table is so quiet, what a loser!" That's just silly!

TheMessAround15 karma

It's a little known fact that smartest animal is a pig. Scientists say if pigs had thumbs and a language, they could be trained to do simple manual labor. They give you 20-30 years of loyal service and then at their retirement dinner you can eat them.

notlikethetwins21 karma

I think scientists already gave them thumbs and a language and called them "Men" haha

I'm KIDDING, guys. I don't think men are pigs. Also, I like this fact, I'm going to use it at work today:)

Edit: word

piusbovis3 karma

I bet it's not really his signature.

notlikethetwins42 karma

People say that a lot too or they bring up the whole conspiracy where he didn't actually write the plays, as if that somehow negates the significance of my ink. I don't really care who wrote it or if the signature is legit (although I did copy it exactly from a page he signed), honestly. To me the signature represents the entire body of work that I have come to love. Its the idea that his words influence us still and he is one of the pillars of Western literature and culture in general. Whoever wrote it was talented and if I can give a little part of my skin to show my love for that person's talent and influence, its worth it.

Sorry, that was long but I have that conversation like every other day haha

twim1910 karma

The whole "Shakespeare didn't write his own stuff" theory came about from someone trying like hell to figure out what to write their dissertation on. It's a stupid theory that sounds legit enough and feeds the human need to see conspiracies in everything.

Do people ever act surprised that a waitress at a 'breastaurant" (btw, I've never heard that term until today and think it's golden!) is conversant in Shakespeare?

And what's your favorite play/sonnet?

notlikethetwins13 karma

Oh yes, some people are amazed that I have a brain. We're not airheads. I'm glad I could expand your vocabulary a bit today! haha

R&J, Hamelt and Much Ado are my top 3 plays. "My mistress eyes" is easily my favorite sonnet.

notlikethetwins4 karma

Thank you! I don't like to let my looks define me, they will fade and I haven't always looked like this (ugly duckling syndrome) but intelligence is something valuable and lasting. I also know that not everyone thinks I'm pretty, which is fine, but people assuming I'm dumb really bothers me.

I love the joss whedon version! The actors really have fun with it. Highly recommend:)

I can't say I've really delved deep into Macbeth but I'll start tonight!:)

piusbovis4 karma

I was just kidding, and well-said. To me it doesn't matter whether "William Shakespeare" or a another anonymous writer penned the words, because at the end of the day someone very talented wrote those plays, regardless of their name or even if it was more than one person. I actually have my own name (or nick name) rather tattooed on my body, as copied from an old bit of my dad's handwriting, so I understand the motivation.

As a tangent, I wonder what Shakespeare would say if he were told that his signature would one day be tattooed upon the skin of a breastaurant waitress?

notlikethetwins9 karma

I love when people get tattoos in a loved one's handwriting. I think it's such a sweet idea!

I would hope he'd be happy that he has fans 4 centuries in the future! He'd probably want to know what a breastaurant was and where he could find one! haha

GodTroller36 karma

I saw a special of undercover boss for your resteraunt. It was pretty funny. Have you ever left your number on a receipt for a customer...or given it out when asked?

notlikethetwins43 karma

It's generally frowned upon to give out your number. But if I was interested in a guy and he asked for my number, I would tell him to leave his so it would be my choice whether to text him or not. I have hung out with regulars outside of work, but not before a lot of "testing the water" to see if he's a creep.

TahoeTweezer18 karma

Do you have any idea how many men you just gave false hope to?

notlikethetwins42 karma

If you like a girl, go for it! Just be normal and non-creepy, and the worst that'll happen is she'll say no.

We get offered dates more often than other girls so we'll usually be really sweet and let them down easy if we're not interested. We'll definitely never be rude if you're not.

An easy way to tell if your server is interested in you is if she's sitting with you almost the entire time. If we aren't interested, we'll usually find a way to get away.

SabergoofTiger25 karma

Is it inappropriate to hit on you while you're at work? I know you're obliged to appease customers, so it seems like it would be unethical on my part to take advantage of that.

notlikethetwins37 karma

It depends. If its an old man who just want to take me shopping or pay me to have lunch with him, then it is. Its inappropriate for them to ask that. If I'm showing genuine interest in you and you invite me to a movie or something normal, its totally fine. I might be a bit suspicious because of other experiences, but sometimes I WANT the guy to ask me.

Our general rule is that the girls safety and comfort is put first and THEN the guests happiness.

aocreata13 karma

so it's pretty much exactly the same as approaching a girl in any cs position, right?

notlikethetwins17 karma

Basically. No one wants to be creeped out.

Hayseus3 karma

But isn't your job somewhat to be flirtatious and accepting of a guy? It might make it impossible for anyone to know if you are showing that genuine interest.

notlikethetwins13 karma

This is true. I generally don't get asked out that much and I think it's for this reason. Guys assume we get it all the time so they don't even try.

jannerick17 karma

I thought kilts were Scottish?

notlikethetwins4 karma

There are Irish kilts, but not the tartan ones we wear. We are an "Irish, Scottish and English" themed pub. Just a general British Isles vibe haha

Gravy-Leg__17 karma

After reading your responses to this IAMA, you seem to have the right attitude to be a successful server.

What's your favorite menu items? What are the slowest moving menu items?

notlikethetwins18 karma

Thanks! I think loving one's job is key to being good at it.

BBQ bacon cheeseburger with garlic fries. Kilt Club with sweet potato fries and cayenne ranch (the sweet and the spicy=yum!). Margherita flatbread add grilled chicken. Irish Dip add bacon and mushrooms. Gaelic chicken with fettucini instead of mashed potatoes.

Can you tell I dream up awesome combos while at work? haha

Hmmm, I can't really think of something that isn't at least decent on our menu. We have a burger with bleu cheese crumbles on it that looks awful to me, but some people love their moldy cheeses! haha

Dick_Swellington_13 karma

  1. How do you prevent nip slips? The very first time I ate at Tilted, when the Hostess bent down to get the menu, it was full tit on display. You know how a girls bra can open up.

  2. Do many customers drop things just to make you pick it up?

notlikethetwins16 karma

Her bra was probably just too big for her. A lot of girls have these bra strap clip things that hold the straps together in the back. And if a girl has a nip showing, its girl code to let her know discreetly.

If they do, I'll just walk away or say something like "Oh, let me get a busser to pick that up for you." Anything to get me away from the table to avoid slapping them haha. Most of our guests are pretty respectful so its not that big of a problem.

Dick_Swellington_10 karma

Thanks. I thought too that her bra was just to big. I was just caught off guard. First time trying the place, and completely flashed in the first 30 seconds. The second question I asked because I seen two different tables drop things on purpose. Rude bastards.

How do you keep those white knee highs clean? Are those schoolgirl shoes comfortable for a long shift?

notlikethetwins10 karma

I bet that was a bit of a shock. And I hope they got kicked out.You don't mess with animals in a zoo unless you're a jerk, why mess with a human being bringing you food and drinks? I'm SERVING you, scumbag, be nice! Blows my mind...

I bleach mine a couple times a week. We have to brew tea ourselves and iced tea is a b-word to get out of white socks!

Insoles are magical. They're the similar to the shoes nurses wear though so they're kinda designed to be comfortable.

Dick_Swellington_7 karma

Yes. I thought it was quite inconsiderate. They did not get kicked out. She played along, but it was obvious she thought they were jerks.

One last question, I promise. The skirts...is it just panties underneath? Or is it the skirt/shorts combo?

notlikethetwins11 karma

Ah the age old "what's under the kilt?" question...

Not exciting, full coverage undies, like boyshorts. Skirts are pretty short so we like to keep it classy and not flash anything that doesn't need to be seen.

Dick_Swellington_7 karma

I always wondered. I figured it had to be something 'not exciting'. Hey, at least you don't have to deal with the dreaded camel toe like Hooters girls. Thanks for answering my questions.

notlikethetwins9 karma

No problem! glad I could shed some light on our wardrobe mysteries for you:) haha

niqdanger12 karma

I ate at a TK once. There was parmesan cheese in my shepherds pie. That is an offence I do not take lightly.

notlikethetwins3 karma

Hey a lot of people like parm on their mashed potatoes! haha. You could always ask for no Parmesan though:)

Ken_Thomas11 karma

I have this running theory that guys who are 'regulars' at places like Hooters and Tilted Kilt, would probably rather be in a titty bar, but they just don't have the guts. Do you think I'm wrong about that?

I guess it just seems to me like if I want to eat, I'll go somewhere that relies on good food to attract customers. If I want to look at tits and ass, I'll just go to a strip club.

notlikethetwins20 karma

I definitely think you're wrong. Yes, the boobs and the sports are what attract them. The food is genuinely yummy too. But what I tell everyone about my job is that I love it because I get to make friends everyday. What keeps people coming back is talking with them, remembering their name or their drink order. Most of these men are awesome and sweet and just like being around pretty girls and watching sports. Our regulars are great and I like to think that TK is like second home to them. We have fun and joke around and I can honestly call them my friends.

Edit: the grammar police let me off with only a warning, guys;)

boorishbehaviour9 karma

The comparisons to 'rape theory' that have been mentioned are interesting, and it's something I haven't fully thought through in my mind yet - I'm having hard to articulate exactly why I find the notion of these places uncomfortable.

I don't really have a problem with girls (or anybody) using their looks in a certain way - they choose the boundaries and how they feel comfortable...

On a purely subjective level, as a guy, places like this make me uncomfortable, because I know that the whole thing is a sham, designed to play on the fact that I find the person attractive, in order to give them more cash. They aren't interested in me really, and are using sexuality in a way that would appear they might be (whether that is by their own actions, or by the construction of the entire brand experience).

I'd much rather have real, genuine connections than be made to feel like I'm reduced to nothing more than a caveman that only responds to the carnal.

notlikethetwins7 karma

I've said throughout this thread that I make genuine connections to all my guests. Or at least that's my goal. I want to be tipped because I provided great service, a smile, and someone to talk to. Idk how it is at other image-based restaurants but we train our girls not to flirt but to make friends. Sometimes I get better tips from straight women than I get from the men. Great service is great service no matter what you wear.

dmanrulesr9 karma

Do you genuinely enjoy your job? Whats the best and worst part of the job?

notlikethetwins12 karma

I love my job. The worst part is probably creepy men (but that's a rare occurrence) and having to work so much because our turnover rate is insane. There's drama occasionally but most of the girls are straightforward and stuff gets sorted out pretty quickly.

The absolute best part is making friends everyday. I love talking to people and laughing with them so it's the perfect job for me.

thelordismyshotgun4 karma

Why is the turnover rate so high?

notlikethetwins4 karma

Girls come in with the mindset that its all fun and games and we just stand there and look pretty. They don't care for it when they realize its work (not hard work, mind you, but still...). There are other reasons too, but that's a pretty general statement.

oddjam5 karma

How often would you say people judge you for having a job at a "breastaurant"? How do you deal with that?

notlikethetwins9 karma

I try not to tell people where I work only because a lot of people judge the girls that work there. I was even guilty of it before I got the job.

But I love the girls at my work. The overwhelming majority of them are very smart, sweet, hardworking girls that are just there to make money like any other job. I find that servers sometimes make the best friends because they are often very interested in the well being of others. Could just be my biased experience though.

atibabykt4 karma

I used to work at one years ago. Honestly it wasn't awful but once our "new" restaurant wore off tips were low and it wasn't worth it anymore. I was certified T.O.S.T but was never asked to go do training, I was always in house training. I also was never asked to do special events. I was a bit offended that all the other girls were asked to do special events but I asked to do them and never got offered. When I quit my manager was really upset because he knew he was losing a great waitress. I saw him about a year later where he was a GM at a different TK and he apologized about what happened at the old one. He told me why I didn't get picked to do events is because the event manager hated me and the owners nephew (who was also a manager) thought I was a prude because I wouldn't sleep with him. He found all this out after I left and people were talking behind my back. He felt really bad and defended me as much as he legally could. That TK is now closed and his TK is super successful.

I hope you never have to go through what I did and enjoy all the really cool people you meet there!

notlikethetwins2 karma

I'm really lucky to have great management that usually won't take action against a girl for personal reasons. I just do my job and management rewards me accordingly. I know that's not the case everywhere, sadly.

gentlemansincebirth4 karma

First of all,thanks for doing this IAMA.

I'm based in Asia and have only eaten at a handful of "breasturants". I've noticed that the food quality varies, but when it is good..it is damn GOOD.

How long do you see yourself in this profession and what plans do you have for, say, 10 years down the road?

Thanks for your time.

notlikethetwins3 karma

Do they have these types of restaurants overseas? I've always been curious if this is just an American trend.

I only see myself doing this for money while I'm in college. But this job taught me that I love making connections with people, so I've decided to go into sales. I think I'm rather personable and I could do well in sales! So that's the goal for 10 years down the road.

gentlemansincebirth4 karma

I've eaten at Hooters Manila (bad food!), and Hooters Singapore (great food!).

But my first was at Hooters somewhere in Virginia (bad food).

All the best to your future success!

notlikethetwins3 karma

Well, Tilted Kilt is only in America and Canada so I hope you get a chance to come to one some time! I like Hooters alright, but I do think our food is a lot better.

Thanks so much!:)

cp51844 karma

How would you feel about your boyfriend going to breastaurants to become friends with the models there?

notlikethetwins3 karma

That's a hard one because I am a jealous person. But I guess it would depend on the situation. I would be wary, but I think I'd allow it.

rhart63 karma

What percentage of the time would you say you get hit on? What is the rudest someone has been and how did you deal with it?

notlikethetwins11 karma

A lot less than you think! Most guys think that we get it all the time so they don't even try. But I've been told I'm "intimidating" so that might be a reason. I have a friend that gets hit on all the time and several other girls that have guests that bring them gifts fairly often. It depends on how you carry yourself and handle your tables, honestly.

I've been pretty lucky about having nice guests. The worst was this lady who came in with a stink face (some girls do because of the type of restaurant we are and there's nothing you can do to placate them) and she left cash and a card in the check presenter. Now, I assumed (rather naively, I admit) that the cash was my tip and I put the whole bill on the card. She came up and rudely pointed out my mistake and said "You really didn't think we were going to tip you that much, did you?" after I stayed an extra hour just to take care of that table. I cried.

Then occasionally you get stiffed because a guy was hitting on you and you didn't take the bait. That's crappy.

Vongkultrup3 karma

I'm generally an unobtrusive person so my question is:

How much should we talk to you without getting in the way of you getting to other tables? Also how personal is too personal? I.E. What part of town you from? You in school for anything? things like that.

notlikethetwins2 karma

It depends on how busy she is. But don't get offended if she has to cut the conversation short to take care of another table.

I answer general questions. I would answer both of the questions you mentioned. I wouldn't mention the particular neighborhood I live in but telling you what town I'm from or what high school I went to might keep the conversation going.

LiterallyOuttoLunch3 karma

The kilt, the tartan, the sporran. I'm thinking this is Scottish-inspired, not Irish-inspired.

whentheredredrobin2 karma

To be honest, it's a themed pub - you don't go to one of those if you're looking for authenticity!

notlikethetwins2 karma

Exactly. I was too lazy to type Irish, Scottish and English themed. We're all three of those

ThisIsAtlas3 karma

Does working at a brestaurant pay better than a regular restaurant?

notlikethetwins7 karma

I've never worked as a server before this job, but from what I hear from other girls is that it definitely does. Men like to give us money, that's for sure.

It's pretty hit or miss though. Some days I make $150 in 5 hours some days I make $20. All I can do is be as attentive and sweet as possible and hope for the best.

sivaprak2 karma

I thought breastraunt was a breakfast restraunt.

notlikethetwins8 karma

That is not a bad assumption, to be fair. Although a restaurant with boobs and breakfast isn't a bad idea....dibs!

Indian_FromTheEast2 karma

Do you work out? If yes, how often? If no, you're blessed!


notlikethetwins5 karma

I don't work out, I find it extremely boring. I do eat decently healthy though, so that helps. Plus, I'm standing and walking all day at work. That'll give anyone calf muscles!

No, thank you!:)

-Borfo-2 karma

If there was five ghosts and one ghost left a really bad tip but the other ghosts didn't realize it would you blame all the ghosts or just the one that left the bad tip?

notlikethetwins4 karma

The one that left the bad tip. That bad tip would really break my spirit...

7foot6foot2 karma

So how do us guys go about checking you out, I mean I feel like the waitresses will find it creepy if I make it too obvious that I'm checking them out.

notlikethetwins6 karma

Some of them don't try to hide it at all. I can be staring them straight in the face and talking to them and their eyes are fixated on my chest. It's sad that I can say that is pretty normal.

It would make it less awkward probably if you looked her in the eyes while you're talking to her or giving her a genuine compliment about her looks. I mean, we are there to be looked at, but its cool if the guys are respectful about it.

aeongrey2 karma

You're so perfect. It's unfair. It's like I can confess that on a public posting, and no one would think twice. I kinda have a huge crush on you sometimes. #internetsuperstar #bestfuckinbarinvermont

notlikethetwins2 karma

This guy right here, ladies and gents, is the coolest, most genuine, most awesome dude at any tilted kilt in the country. I hope you work on Thursday, you big dumb idiot:)

aydiosmio2 karma

Do you work at the one in Clearwater where those employees were busted for dealing to the customers?

sigh Florida.

notlikethetwins2 karma

Woah. No way haha. Actually, I was talking to my manager and he told me were on of the very best stores in the chain in terms of sales, management, kilt girls and secret shoppers reports. I'm very lucky to be working at my TK.

Brack_Friday_Bunduru1 karma

What do you recommend trying at your restaurant?

notlikethetwins2 karma

If you like pub food, our Irish stew is pretty yummy. I've never picked up a plate of that stuff without the guest almost licking it clean.

I like a lot of our stuff, but right now I'm just really craving our BBQ bacon cheeseburger and a side of garlic fries. Mmmm calories:)

Dry_Gulch3 karma

As an Irishman who is scratching his head at you wearing a kilt, what's in the stew?

notlikethetwins5 karma

We're technically Irish, Scottish and English, sorry haha. There's red potatoes, roast beef, peas, carrots all simmered in a Guinness beef stock:)

Old-Schooled1 karma

I once watched this undercover boss show where it was the owner of the tilted kilt that went to a few of his restaurants in disguise. Really fun to watch :) Did you ever meet him ?

notlikethetwins2 karma

No but my GM knows him pretty well and says he exactly the sweet, fun, gentle giant that he is on the show. I want to meet him one day!

poteaser1 karma

Why do you call it a breastaurant? There is a Tilted Kilt around the corner from me but I have never been there. Should I go?

notlikethetwins2 karma

We wear less clothing than the usual server. It's meant to be a cute little "kilt girl" outfit. I think you should! Like I said, I can't speak for all the locations but I know that my store is always a good time with yummy food:)

CanITouchYourTouchie1 karma

I went to a Tilted Kilt a year or two ago because a friend worked there. Atmosphere was nice and I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I think it had bacon on it and just a little too much mayo, but quite frankly, one of the better chicken sandwiches I had had up to that point. Thanks for being a part of that team.

notlikethetwins1 karma

Mmmm basil pesto mayo:) I know exactly what you speak of

sirdragonbreath1 karma

Have you ever had women in there? How did they act?

notlikethetwins5 karma

It's usually one of two extremes. They're either really, really awesome and laidback or they walk in there with a stinkface that can't be wiped off no matter how nice you are.

Our location has the one of the highest percentages of female patrons, actually so we deal with it a lot. We're trained to focus our attention on the women to make them feel more comfortable and at ease, especially if she is with her SO.

I_want_a_TARDIS1 karma

I know I'm pretty late to the party but maybe you'll answer.

I've been to the local TK a couple times now and the food was always delicious and the service very good. I don't know how it is in your restaurant but in the one where I am it's always relatively cold. This might just be due to me as a European still not being used to the excessive use of air conditioning here in the States, though. Assuming that the situation might be similar where you work, my question is how you don't freeze in those clothes if the A/C is set to such a low temperature?

notlikethetwins2 karma

Good question! It's VERY cold at my work. I do freeze usually. I'm not sure why the temp is so low, I can't think of a good reason to have it that way.

P.s. Love the username!:)

PounderMcNasty1 karma

How big was the biggest tip you've received?

notlikethetwins10 karma

From one person, it was $50 on a apx $30 tab. We had one girl get $2000 from a guest once. He's a very wealthy regular. He went on to tip the bar $500 and every other server that night $100 each.

Jesusfuckeddinosaurs1 karma

Have you ever had any awkward moments with someone coming into the restaurant that you know?

notlikethetwins3 karma

Nah, that's never happened. My mom and dad come in sometimes and they enjoy it. I have friends that see me there and it's not a big deal, honestly.

vtjohnhurt1 karma

Are you friends with any heterosexual men who would (without being judgmental or prudish) feel uncomfortable being patrons in your restaurant? How are they different than your patrons? Would you prefer a patron or non-patron as a partner? Do you take the patrons seriously as men or do you feel that their attitudes towards women leave something to be desired and that they are in some way unsuitable as romantic partners?

notlikethetwins2 karma

No, the kind of friends I have don't mind at all really. I know a lot of girls that are in relationships with people who used to be/are guests. I would prefer if my bf is okay with it and knows I'm trustworthy, he doesn't have to be a patron necessarily. I think what's hard to understand for people in this thread is that most men that come in there are not jerks or misogynists at all. They're just nice normal dudes that like sports and beer and pretty girls. My friend dates a guy she met at work and he treats her like an absolute princess. Not all men are inappropriate at my job. The overwhelming majority are very nice and respectful.

k_pressley1 karma

I go to the one in Cleveland often. The guys in kilts crack me up! My question is were you surprised about the uniform when you applied to work there?

notlikethetwins3 karma

I love when the boys wear kilts! I didn't know what type of restaurant it was when I walked in there, but I thought the outfit was adorable and I got hired on the spot, so I didn't mind it.

slamdancer1 karma

You're lucky that creepy men at your TK is a rare occurrence. I'm dating a Tilted Kilt girl and the girls at her location refer to almost all of their regulars as "the creepers".

Part of the hiring process (at hers, at least, I have no idea if this is local or corporate policy) was the requirement for the girls to create a separate Facebook account so the regulars can "connect" with them. Does your TK do this, and if so, how do you feel about being encouraged to pretend to have some sort of personal connection with your guests outside of work?

notlikethetwins3 karma

No we don't do that. Personal relationships outside of TK are at our own discretion. I choose who I talk to. I know that our store though is one of the most successful stores in the country so it could be that we're just lucky to have a great group of girls and great regulars.

ballzee11 karma

Someone's from Long Beach. How much is The Tilted Kilt paying you to do this?

notlikethetwins2 karma

Haha I knew someone would think that! I genuinely just love my job. I can't speak for all tilted kilts but the one I work at is a great environment:)

masterexploder1 karma


notlikethetwins3 karma

It's difficult to answer that. Because we did sign up for this but at the same time we don't LIKE being ogled at. It's kind of a double-edged sword

just_a_game1 karma

How's the food?

notlikethetwins3 karma

No bias, really delicious! We have to eat off a special healthy menu normally, but whenever I can get an actual meal from there, its heaven. The Gaelic chicken with fettucini is amazing (albeit 2000 calories) and our flatbreads and burgers are awesome too. We have traditional pub food that isn't half bad either.

Lil-Doomie5 karma

Hold the phone: "We have to eat off a special healthy menu normally" ???

Is this something that you agree to during hiring or some sort of employee handbook thing? Do they police this somehow? Physical standards? Or is it just the ol' "We can fire you at any time for any reason" deal?

I also saw the undercover boss for this company and the owner seemed to think that the whole Catholic schoolgirl vibe was a classy, playful kind of family-friendly sexiness but kind of tried to have it both ways when a server told a dirty joke. Dude seemed ok, but also just sort of clueless on treating women as people. Not sure how deeply that permeates the company.

notlikethetwins10 karma

We're hired as models so anything we do to alter our appearance needs permission. Hair dye, tattoos, etc. I don't mind it honestly. Its cheap, healthy and delicious.

Generally, girls like that (the dirty joke kind) don't last long because that's not the appearance we want to have. The girls kind of "weed out" the less classy ones because we are like a little family and the actions of other girls reflect poorly on us. I don't like when someone had a sever they could act inappropriately with the last time they came in and they think its ok to act the same way with me.

Aultimate11 karma

Its really odd I find this AMA. Nt even an hour ago someone told me I should check out a Tilted Kilt on my 21st in a few months.

notlikethetwins3 karma

It's a sign from the universe! You have to go now:)