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I know how you feel. I had a gift certificate to Hooters once and went with my dad to eat there. It was so awkward and offensive because the girls obviously don't really like you but they have to flirt with you, so they're uncomfortable, and then it's obvious they're uncomfortable which makes you uncomfortable. And the fact that you know they only do it because some guys like to be pretend flirted with makes you even more uncomfortable, and you hate all the guys there for it and then you just want to leave and I will never go to a Hooters again. Like from the moment she said "and I'll be your Hooter's girl"... cringe. This was a very traumatic experience for me.

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not necessarily. Innocent means they couldn't prove he did. Doesn't mean they proved he didn't do it.

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I can answer this; Mr Wizard began talking with Prog about it being there next year right after grand finals.

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she's hideous.

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I watched that show when it aired and I always thought it was unfair that the nce Jewish boy (can't remember his name) who ended up leading the little kids' house never got a star. What do you think?