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Plus the benefits I assume uber doesn't cover.

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It's the banality of evil. There's a book about it. Most people aren't monsters. They're not cartoon villains. They don't do evil things just to be evil, or for no reason at all. They simply want something someone else has, and they don't think or care about the consequences.

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How out of date were the electronics and particularly the computers typically?

What do you think in general about the disaster responses to the recent hurricanes?

How is berthing and food and life in general on ships like that?

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What were some interesting experiments that were taking place when you were there? What would you do in your downtime other than exercise? Were there any particularly interesting items on the space station? Space pens? I've seen a picture of some of the tool sets used there.

Would you use like, bluetooth headsets when communicating with mission control, or talking to family/friends? Would you use like, paper socks for shoes?

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Have you seen three kings? Can you explain tensile strength of luggage?